The One Style Of Kitchen Island That 30% Of Homeowners Prefer - Exclusive Survey

Anyone who is constantly in the kitchen will tell you that having an island is a major advantage. It provides more space for prep work, and cabinets can be installed underneath if you need additional storage. Some people will also install a stovetop or a bar sink onto their island to improve the functionality of their kitchen. A kitchen island can also be a stylish centerpiece due to all the different materials available, such as quartz, granite, marble, concrete, and more, according to Vevano Home.

There are also several shapes and designs you can choose, so House Digest conducted a survey asking readers which style of kitchen island they would prefer for their home. We gave them six options: L-shaped, U-shaped, furniture-style, curved, rolling, and galley. We'll reveal which option obtained the most votes and break down the different characteristics that have led to its popularity. So if you're hoping to introduce a new kitchen island or give your current one an update, check out the most favored style!

Increased functionality

Out of 606 respondents, 29.54% (179 people) chose L-shaped as the style of kitchen island they would prefer for their home, according to our survey. Remodel Works says L-shaped islands look best in homes with an open-floor concept. It's a great tactic if you want to create a sense of division between the kitchen and living area without putting up any walls or entryways. L-shaped islands are also popular because they can expand the functions of a kitchen. One side can be used for cooking, while the other side is used for cleanup. 

In addition, Remodel Works says L-shaped islands can help create a balanced kitchen design that makes it easier for chefs to move about and access their tools and ingredients. Underneath this island, you can also install different types of storage items, such as a carousel at the corner where the two sections of the island meet.

Increase surface area

Second is the U-shaped style, with 20.30% of respondents (123 people) preferring this type of island design for their home. According to Great Lakes Granite & Marble, a U-shaped island is an excellent option for those with a large kitchen. Because of its shape and the space needed to construct it, this shape will most likely look cramped in a kitchen with minimal square footage. However, if it does fit in your space, it provides plenty of surface area for different types of kitchen activities. 

Underneath, there is also space for storage as well as various appliances. One way to take advantage of this shape is to add a table in the middle to create a stunning seating area. 

The following are the other kitchen island style options from most to least amount of votes: Furniture style with 114 votes (18.81%), galley with 82 votes (13.53%), curved with 60 votes (9.90%), and rolling with 48 votes (7.92%)