Accessories That You'll Need In Your Dorm To Stay Warm And Cozy All Winter Long

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It's possible you have a love-hate relationship with your dorm room. It may be close to your friends and within walking distance of the dining hall, but dorms tend to be far from luxurious. Chances are you have a roommate, a single bed, and not enough room for all your clothes. With the upcoming colder weather and shorter days, you'll probably be spending more time in your room and inside in general. Why not transform your dorm room into a cozy, adorable sanctuary away from the cold?

Housing is a major player in the college experience. For some, dorm rooms are a person's first time living away from home and that can be really exciting; however, dorms are notorious for being cramped and bare. According to Insider Higher Ed, the living conditions for students can affect grade point averages, emotional health, and their sense of belonging within a college community.

Rest assured, there are quite a few easy additions to your room that you and your roommate are bound to love. Transform your space and get the most out of it with these cozy and comfortable accessories that will carry you through the cold weather.

Upgrade your lighting

The days are shorter and darker in the long winter months. One quick and easy accessory for your dorm room is some sort of added lighting. Anything to brighten your space and stimulate your internal clock will add a sense of comfort and liveliness to your room. Fairy lights are an easy and inexpensive option if you need a little extra magic. According to Electronic Hub, a string of delicate lights are perfect for hanging around your picture frames, across ceilings, and along the corners of your walls. Using a few Command Hooks, you can hang a few strings from your shelves or bookcases or cover your walls and ceilings. These lights can also be added to glass jars for a delicate look or you can line doorways and windows for a welcoming feel that you and your friends will love.

Added lighting, from desk lamps and nightlights to larger floor lamps and wall mounts, will create a cozy and inviting environment in your dorm room. According to LED Lighting Info, certain lights can even improve your memory, improve your study habits, and help you focus better, overall. Any lightbulb or lamp that mimics daylight will make a perfect study space that will make your room comfortable and functional. Blue lights and white lights achieve a similar look to daylight and will keep you focused and keep your internal clock on track during darker days. Swap out those yellow light bulbs for something cooler and feel the effects kick in.

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Create a gallery wall with awesome frames

Dorm rooms are designed with function in mind. They are easily cleaned, take up little space, and can often lack that certain something that makes you feel at home, especially when the holidays are right around the corner. One way to get that cozy, comfortable feeling is to surround yourself with photos of friends and family, along with art that you love. An easy way to showcase your personal style is with a gallery wall. According to The New York Times, a gallery wall works best when it's carefully balanced and displays a mixture of styles and mediums.

One of the most important features of a gallery wall is the frames you choose. For a gallery wall, consider mixing it up and then find matting that matches to create a cohesive look. You can be more expressive with your frames if the matting pulls everything together. An embellished or antique frame, such as the Sunlit Vintage Picture Frame or a Baroque Picture Frame with some extra flair can go great with a mixture of black and white frames or other neutral colors. Gallery walls are all about your style. Choose frames that call out to your particular taste and don't be afraid to try a few unexpected pairings until you find exactly what works. With gallery walls, you can be creative and the frames can be art in their own form that will add an extra touch of style to your room.

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Add some fluff with throw pillows

Nothing screams comfort like some plush throw pillows scattered around your room for a little extra cushion. Your dorm room likely lacks a headboard and other luxuries but a few carefully selected pillows can soften the room without making it feel too crowded or disorganized. According to Caroline on Design, the trick to choosing the right throw pillows is to really think about how you plan to use them. Are they purely decorative? Are you searching for comfort? Your dorm room probably doesn't have the space for decorative pillows, but functional is another story. Consider a fabric that is sturdy and comfortable, such as cotton or linen for your pillows. The LiBcmlian Grey Throw Pillow Cover is a perfect example of stylish and functional. The stitching details are fun, but the color won't show stains and the cotton will wash well and be comfortable. Consider a color that is neutral if you are worried that your room is too cluttered or chaotic.

Styling your dorm room with throw pillows can be overwhelming, but the process can also be exciting. You don't have to match your pillows and you don't need a ton of them. A few bold colors and patterns paired with a neutral blanket or wall color can create a focal point in your space that is unforgettable. Consider complimentary colors and or monochromatic color schemes to create a finished and refined look in your dorm room. Throw pillows are also a fun way to add texture to your room. Find a pillow with some added texture that you can't keep your hands off for a playful addition. Be creative with your pillows!

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Layer up on blankets

Speaking of cozy additions, throw blankets are another way to soften your room and keep it functional. If your dorm room is feeling drafty this winter season, then a few blankets to wrap around you while you study or watch movies is the perfect addition.

According to TCL Interiors, one of the best things about throw blankets is that they look great when you just throw them. Forget folding — throw them over your bed, over a chair, or over a blanket ladder and you're good to go. A strategically tossed blanket looks elegant and intentional, even in a dorm room. Another great thing about throw blankets is that they offer a lot of variety in a room that can begin to feel stagnant. You can easily swap them out every few months or add seasonal prints that fit the occasion.

Throw blankets are meant to be used, which means you don't have to be afraid of going big! Try something bold, such as the Cozy Bliss Luxury Super Soft Striped Faux Fur Throw Blanket, which is extra plush and will draw you in the second you spot it. Or choose something that will truly become a part of your decor, such as polka dots, stripes, or personalized prints that are unique to you.

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Floor cushions are comfortable and extra seating

In most dorm rooms there will never be enough seats for study groups, movie nights, or other small gatherings. You likely have one chair and a narrow bed, but that doesn't mean you can't add your own comfy seating options that will have all your friends ready to hunker down. A small couch or even a chair might feel too crowded in a small room, but don't forget about floor cushions. According to Wilson Dorset, floor cushions are the ultimate seating option for any room because they offer so much flexibility and encourage your friends and guests to get really comfortable. Floor cushions can easily be stored under beds, in closets, or even stacked in a corner, which makes them a great option for dorm rooms and small apartments.

A floor cushion can warm up your room with lush fabrics and fun patterns, and with the right blanket and pillow, they create an ideal lounge area. Consider a truly flexible option, such as the Intelligent Design Edelia Foldable Poly Chenille Lightweight Lounge Floor Pillow Cushion, which will suit all of your seating needs. A cushion that can be rolled, folded, or layered up is as versatile as it gets.

When it comes to fabric for floor cushions, it's a great idea to find something durable and possibly stain-resistant. If your cushions are on the floor or rug, there's always a possibility that they'll get a little dusty or dirty down there, not to mention possibly stepped on. Wool is a sturdy and cozy choice but can be expensive. Cotton is always a resilient choice that can be cleaned and won't break down too quickly.

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Customize your walls with dorm-friendly wallpaper and decals

Most dorms are donned in paint that's white, gray, or some other bland and boring color. Another way to personalize and brighten your space this winter season is to invest in some dorm-friendly removable wallpaper or wall decals. PB Teen suggests creating an accent wall in your room, this way the decor won't be too overwhelming or over the top, especially if you have a roommate. The peel-and-stick options for wallpaper and decals are as easy as they sound and they won't damage your walls.

There are endless patterns and designs to choose from when it comes to wallpaper. Watercolor Floral Peel & Stick Wallpaper will attract attention as a feature wall or even on a closet door cover or on the face of your dresser. Choose something bright and bold if you want more color and personality or you can also create a headboard, a background for your gallery wall, or add depth to your room with an awesome ceiling. Even a small backsplash behind your desk can liven up your dorm room. Wall calendars and dry-erase boards can also be a great addition to your dorm room. These are the perfect accessory for your to-do list or a place to prominently display your goals to keep yourself motivated in the colder months. Stay organized this season and make more time for cozy movie nights or comfy reading sessions.

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Add curtains for a softer touch

Your dorm room almost certainly includes very basic window treatments or some kind of boring functional blinds. Completely upgrade your space and make the room softer with curtains.

Your awesome decor is not the only reason to include curtains in your dorm room. Home Decor Bliss explains that curtains can be a great way to keep out the cold and block out distractions while studying, and that black-out curtains can even help you sleep better. Curtain rods are likely not provided, which means you will want to measure very carefully and invest in some sturdy Command Strips to get started. You may also consider hanging curtains so they start above and drop below the actual window to make the room feel larger than it is.

Curtains do not need to be bland or generic. Choose a deep rich color that will liven up your space and pay attention to detail. Pompom Green Full Blackout Curtains and similar curtains have extra details that will really take your room to the next level.

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Always have a hot drink on hand

A hot drink goes hand in hand with the colder months. If you're living in a dorm the dining hall probably won't be open twenty-four seven and you never know when you'll need an extra jolt or just a warm treat on a cold day. According to NBC News, kitchen appliances can be a great addition to your dorm room, but you'll want to make sure that they are safe and allowed in your particular dorm. However, small appliances such as coffee makers, electric tea kettles, and Keurigs were practically made for your desk and will do wonders for your daily routine.

Adorable and functional, a Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker will fit snugly on your desk or dresser and satisfy your caffeine craving. Other appliances, such as an electric kettles can be great for tea and coffee, but they're also ideal for instant hot chocolate, instant hot cider, and maybe even the occasional cup of noodles. Anything to fight the cold in a chilly dorm room will be a welcome reprieve. Espresso machines, for those extra late nights and super early mornings, are also available in dorm-friendly versions.

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The perfect study chair

College life is full of fun times and good friends, but there are also a lot of long study sessions and time spent at your desk. Nothing will distract you from work faster than a terribly uncomfortable dorm room chair that will have you cringing at the sight of it. One item you should invest in for your dorm room is a great desk chair that will make typing and reading more comfortable and relaxing.

There are a few things you should be looking for when it comes to a good ergonomic chair, according to Spine Health. First and foremost, you'll want a chair that has good lumbar support. This means the lower back is supported with some sort of curve that goes along with the natural curvature of your spine and allows you to sit comfortably for longer amounts of time without straining your lower back. This also means you'll need a nice backrest as well. Although there are ergonomic chairs with no back, more popular versions have a wide back for long-lasting comfort. The Swivel Mesh Midback Computer Chair with Lumbar Support and Flip-up Armrests has all of the support you'll need and it swivels, which will make studying that much more comfortable. If you are searching for a more stylish chair to go with your decor, you could consider a lower back support pillow that will also support your lumbar spine and can be stashed when you're not using it.

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Get the right scent without candles

Living in such tight quarters isn't always the most ideal situation, especially if your space doesn't exactly smell the way you want it to. According to Hopkins Medicine, smells travel to a certain part of our brain that directly communicates with our emotions and can affect our moods. Aromatherapy, which is the practice of using smells to heal and treat the human body, has been practiced all over the world for hundreds of years. Adding the right scent to your space can not only make your room more enjoyable and cozy but they can also help you focus, brighten your mood, and relax you in times of stress.

If you're thinking of scents you may be jumping to the idea of candles. However; candles are an open flame and can be dangerous and against the rules in a dorm room. In addition, certain candles are made with poor quality ingredients and can be bad for your health if they're being burned in a small area. A great alternative to candles are essential oil diffusers, such as the Aroma Diffuser for Essential Oil Large Room Diffusers Set. They are available in almost every shape and color and additional patterns and fun designs too. You simply add a few drops of the essential oil you choose to some water and the room will pleasantly fill with your chosen scent. However, if you are in a dorm room in close proximity to a lot of other people, be conscious of allergies and powerful scents that may disturb your roommates or hallmates.

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A mini projector for all your movie nights

Your room is a sanctuary and if you love a good movie marathon or Netflix binge session, then consider adding a mini projector to your space for added excitement and comfort. These mini projectors are great because they can really display a large image and they can replace TVs if you want to conserve space. All you need is a smartphone and a blank wall or a sheet to hang up and you can transform your room into a mini theater. According to Amazon, the Mini Projector, PVO Portable Projector is great for young adults who want a break from tiny screens that can strain their eyes. This particular tiny but powerful gadget can stream your favorite movies and shows with an 800 x 480 display resolution.

Whether you are watching a recorded lecture or having a holiday movie marathon, small projectors will not go to waste. The best part about projectors is that they are portable. Grab your projector and head to your lounge area or even off campus and never crowd around a tiny screen again!

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