Marlene Ridgway

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Leland, North Carolina, United States
Davis & Elkins College.
Getting Creative With Leftovers, Healthy Eating, Meals With Simple Ingredients
  • For a story entitled, "Private Chefs" for Keller Williams Luxury International magazine, Marlene interviewed and worked closely with six award-winning private chefs from around the world to explore their trade secrets.
  • After personally experimenting with recipes that are gluten and dairy-free but still delicious, Marlene has perfected copycat recipes for Tagalongs and Twix Bars, and makes her own oat milk at home.
  • Marlene is dedicated to fresh seasonings when cooking and has curated a hearty herb garden that grows back every year on her back patio, which includes fresh basil, mint, rosemary, cilantro, scallions, lemon balm, and thyme.


Marlene began her journey as a writer at a young age, always writing stories and entering contests. After graduating college, Marlene began writing for several websites and magazines, including The High End magazine and, where food was often a topic of her writing. Always reading, and with a love for food, cooking tips, and meal prep, Marlene has personal experience and a passion for trying out new recipes and experimenting with exciting foods and cooking techniques. In addition to her Bachelor's Degree, Marlene has published a novel, been published in Appalachia: Stay or Go - Volume 20, and writes her own blog, Written By Marlene.


Marlene focused her sights on becoming a writer and pursued that goal during her time at Davis & Elkins College, where she studied English, became the Chief Operating Officer of the student newspaper, and tutored other students.
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