Marlene Ridgway

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Leland, North Carolina, United States
Davis & Elkins College
Indoor Plant Care, Cleaning Hacks On A Budget, Minimalist Interior Decorating Tips
  • For an article titled "Less is More," Marlene interviewed Alix Lawson, a London-based interior designer and founder of her namesake interior lifestyle brand that embraces a minimalist aesthetic and explores new trends.
  • After personally experimenting with several minimalist home decor projects, she has perfected her home office to reflect minimalist ideals that look good and increase productivity.
  • Marlene loves organizing her home, tackling DIY projects, exploring different types of decor, and tending to her collection of houseplants that range from herbs to succulents.


Marlene began her journey as a writer at a young age, always writing stories and entering contests. After graduating college, she began writing for several websites and magazines, including The High End magazine and Unique Homes, where interior design was often a topic of her writing. She has a lot of personal experience with and a passion for new home projects and experimenting with the newest trends. Marlene has published a novel, been published in "Appalachia: Stay or Go - Volume 20," and writes her own blog, "Written By Marlene."


Marlene focused on pursuing her goal of becoming a writer during her time at Davis & Elkins College, where she became the chief operating officer of the student newspaper, and tutored other students.
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