5 Fun And Savvy Tips For Arranging Your Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are timeless, cozy pieces that can add style to any room in your home, but don't get them confused with those regular blankets you use to cover the entirety of your bed. Since they're much smaller in size, throws are not the best option to sleep under all night long because they won't keep you warm enough. Instead, throw blankets can be used to make great decorative statements, says Casper. In addition to using them as accent pieces, you can use throw blankets when you take a nap or when you're curled up on the couch watching a movie. 

They come in a plethora of styles and are made of different materials, often cashmere, wool, or fleece. You can use a bright yellow throw to liven up a muted interior. On the other hand, a blush pink throw would blend seamlessly into the background of a bolder room. Lands' End notes that throw blankets can be used as protective covers, especially if you have pets that shed or children that spill things. It's much easier to wash a throw blanket than trying to remove stains or fur from your sofa upholstery. Whether you have a pile of throws in your closet or want to buy a few to try them out, styling them can be a little challenging, so we've gathered up some tips on how best to arrange your throw blankets.

Use a basket

Possibly one of the easiest ways to arrange your blankets is to keep them in a basket. If you like this look, you could consider placing blanket baskets in the living room, den, and even all of the bedrooms. Baskets have become a staple for storing everything from blankets and extra pillows to miscellaneous items you have in your room. They're not only used to store things; they also fill up extra space in a nice way, according to Geembi. You can easily move them around your room to see where they look best. Storage baskets come in various styles to fit your interior, but most importantly, they're durable, so they'll last you a long time.

Blanket baskets can be found in all sorts of materials, such as cloth, wicker, and wire. Wicker baskets are the sturdiest and the priciest, but they're also versatile and will match most interiors, per Geembi. From gray to brown to multi-hued stripes, there are many different colors and patterns you can buy. You can keep the entire throw blanket inside the basket, or let half of it drape over one side to show off the design. Your throw blanket will have its own home tucked away in a corner, yet still be easily accessible.

Arm of the couch

A great way to spruce up a bland couch is to use a throw blanket. You could try something in a fun tone like melon orange, or if you like patterns, you could go for a floral print. When you place a throw blanket in your living room you don't want it to look messy, instead you want to go for a neater look. It'll make your arm rest comfier, and you won't have to get up from your couch to grab it from your closet.

A stylish throw can also be a great attention grabber for guests when they enter your living room or den. If you're worried about it taking up too much space, try folding it in different ways so it'll appear smaller on your couch. For a clean look, Bloom in the Black suggests folding the blanket into thirds long ways, then in half the shorter way, and draping it over the arm of the couch. It's effortless, takes 30 seconds, and will make your space look more casual.

Hang it up

If you enjoy the look of wooden ladders as décor in your bedroom or living room, then you can use one to display some of your throw blankets. Blanket ladders aren't only meant for blankets though; you can use them to hang artwork or plants, claims The Farmhouse Life. Some folks even like hang a few clothing items. They're adaptable and stylish, and you can choose whichever wood finish fits with the theme of your space.

For a stylized look, use throw blankets that have a decorative touch like a tribal or zigzag pattern. Sometimes when you fold thicker throws they can be too bulky to fit on the step, so stick to lighter blankets, such as fleece or cotton, which will fit well and won't slip off the ladder rung. You definitely want to avoid heavy blankets that could cause the entire ladder to fall over. If you enjoy the look of a heavier blanket, The Farmhouse Life suggests buying non-slip furniture pads to go on the bottom of your ladder. The added grip should help prevent it from slipping under heavier weight.

Back of the couch

You can try styling your throw blankets on the back of your couch since it's just as effective as draping them over the arm. This is a great design element that will make your couch look elegant and put together. Displaying throws on the back of your couch can practically transform it without having to get a new one, according to Chris Loves Julia. Simply switching out the color of your throw from time to time, or going from say a floral to a checkered print pattern, is enough to give your couch a refreshed look. Also try rotating your throw blankets from each room to mix it up.

There are different ways to arrange a blanket on the back of your couch that will add texture to your space. Chris Loves Julia suggests folding your throw in half long ways and tucking it behind the pillows as a way to display it on the back side. You can also fold it in thirds the long way and in half the short way, then drape it off-center. It'll hardly take up any space, and it can be situated in the middle or on one end of the furniture. Play around with the placement to see which look you like best.

Foot of the bed

Incorporating throw blankets into your bedroom is easy, especially if you put one on your bed; whether that be at the end of it or even along your headboard. Lands' End states that weaving a blanket through the bedposts and pairing your blanket with a matching pillow will tie the whole look together. Start at one end of your headboard and wrap the blanket over and under the pole until you reach the other side. For a more elegant look, drape a throw blanket over a canopy if you have one in your room. You can switch up the look by laying it flat across all the posts or choose two posts to lay it over for an open airy feel.

If you're indecisive between two blankets that are similar, there's nothing stopping you from draping both. Lands' End suggests layering two complementing throw blankets to give your bed a chic look. All you need to do is layer them on top of each other at the foot of the bed and fold the top over to show both blankets. It'll make your bed look like a plush cloud and make the entire bedroom feel extra soft and dreamy.