15 Of The Biggest Tile Trends Of 2022

The tile throughout your home isn't only for function — it's for style as well. Whether you're adding tile to the floors or to the walls of your home, it's a great way to make a statement with permanent fixtures in your home. With plenty of tile options, especially for material, it can be overwhelming knowing which one to choose.

A good place to start is with the material, which can be affected by where you plan to place the tile. Floor tiles require a durable material like ceramic or porcelain so they won't break or crack from the weight and pressure of people walking on them, according to Rubi. But on the walls, you have more options, including more delicate materials like glass. Tile is also a great opportunity to infuse a space with some color, pattern, and texture. This is quickly becoming the go-to feature that many designers are using to add a statement to their client's homes.

1. Terracotta

Terracotta is a fire clay-based ceramic that has a beautiful orange-red appearance. The material is timeless, which makes it a great trend to invest in. It adds an earthy element that can ground a room. And since it's a popular material, tiles come in a variety of shapes, so you can add plenty of texture to a room.

2. Contrasting grout

One of the biggest trends doesn't have to do with the tile itself but with the grout in between. Choosing a grout that contrasts with the tile color can highlight the unique shape of a tile and is a great option to use with more geometric or decorative shapes.

3. Zellige

Zellige may be one of the biggest tile trends of the year. This is a Moroccan tile that's made and molded by hand with non-refined natural clay. Thanks to its handcrafted nature, it has imperfect edges that add plenty of texture. And the glaze used adds a brilliant shine that makes a statement.

4. Bright colors

Simple black, white, and tan tile will never completely go out of style. But more and more, people are opting for vivid colors to add a statement to their rooms. Blues and greens are always a classic option. But shades of pink, orange, and yellow have also grown in popularity.

5. Classic stone

Stone is another trend that is incredibly timeless. Materials like marble and stone add a lot of elegance to a room. Or opt for more modern stones like slate. Contrast the sleek look of stone with unique layout patterns. Stone is a great option for both modern and traditional homes.

6. Square grid

This tile trend bridges the gap between retro and modern. The checkerboard pattern calls to mind a style that was popular decades ago, but many designers are updating the look by using fun colors rather than black and white. Others use one color for a unique spin on subway tile.

7. Vertical installation

Another trend you'll see everywhere is a vertical stack installation. This trend sees long rectangular tiles laid vertically on the wall rather than horizontally. Not only is this a more modern look, but it also emphasizes the height of the ceiling and can make it appear higher.

8. Textured tiles

Most tiles have a flat surface, but that can easily look monotonous. Textured and beveled tiles have become more popular for the visual interest they add to a room. Tiles with lines carved into them add a unique touch as well.

9. Hand-painted tiles

For anyone opting for lots of color and pattern, hand-painted tiles are the best option. Whether they're made by small artists or manufactured for a large company, hand-painted tiles add plenty of decorative detail to any room they're in.

10. Shades of green

Bright colors are becoming more popular in interior design. And one that most people are loving is green. This hue can be calming and reminiscent of nature. Both dark shades like forest and hunter greens, as well as lighter shades like sage green, have been trending for tiles.

11. Triangular tiles

Geometric shapes feel modern and can add a lot of texture to a room. Triangular tiles are funky and fun. Using different colors, you can create lots of patterns or opt for one color to show off the shape.

12. Slab tile

Slab tiles give the appearance of a seamless look up on the wall. Instead of multiple small tiles, this trend uses one large piece of natural stone. Slab tile is dramatic and the perfect way to add natural texture.

13. Patterned tiles

You can use tiles to show off your personality. Patterned tiles are an easy way to infuse style into a room. From classic geometric prints to funky swirls, you can find one that speaks to you.

14. Matching tiles and grout

Yes, contrasting tiles and grout is also a trend. But matching tile and grout is a popular option as well. It creates a more solid surface, especially when used with larger tiles. It can help you achieve a slab look without purchasing a slab of natural stone. There are also grout dyes that help you get as close to the color of your tile as possible.

15. Ribbon tile

Ribbon tiles are long, thin rectangular tiles that add a distinctive modern look. They can provide a lot of texture and highlight the width or height of a room. Many people use this as an accent on a fireplace or in a shower. You can also use them in a bigger space by tiling an entire wall.