Ivana Trump's Seriously Lavish Townhouse Is On Sale For $26.5 Million

Ivana Trump was a successful businesswoman, fashion designer, author, media personality, and socialite. Born Ivana Marie Zelníčková, she became the first wife of former president Donald J. Trump in 1977, and together, they had three children, Donald John Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump. On July 14, 2022, Ivana Trump fell down the staircase in her home and tragically died as a result of her injuries. Her house cleaner and personal aide later discovered her, and her death was ruled an accident by New York City's medical examiner (via CNBC).

After taking some time to grieve and sort out other priorities, Trump's family has placed her former home on the market. For the low, low price of $26,500,000, you could be the next resident of 10 E 64th St.! This extravagant six-story mansion is located in the Upper East Side Historic District in New York City, just steps away from Central Park and Madison Avenue. Built in 1897, the home features 8,725 square feet indoors and 700 square feet of outdoor space — absolutely massive for New York. But the story doesn't end there; inside the home, you'll find several more expected and luxurious details.

Ivana's divine feline parlor room

With five bedrooms and six bathrooms spread across six floors (via Zillow), the home is undeniably vast. Some noteworthy construction details include a large curved staircase, grand elevator, huge basement, garden, and Swedish sauna; the whole home also contains exorbitant amounts of plush carpeting, gold detailing, moody wallpaper, and bright, warm colors. The interior design isn't up to everyone's taste, to be sure, but it is certainly unique and extravagant — perhaps to be expected from a former fashion designer. After all, many designers, including Roberto Cavalli, are also quite fond of animals and bold animal prints (via Decoholic).

One of Ivana's most eye-catching rooms is a parlor decked out almost entirely in leopard prints and motifs. The room features a massive window with silk drapes, a black marble fireplace with ornate gold filigree, and two large built-in bookshelves. Several large pieces of furniture, an ottoman, rug, and even wall panels are covered in leopard print fabric (or real furs? Who knows!). The cherry on top: a massive painting of two leopards duking it out. Whether you appreciate this room's design or you see it as a total catastrophe, you're joined by hundreds of other internet onlookers.

Opulent or overwhelming?

Some people found it off-putting that the former owner died in the home, but most were too distracted by her extravagant tastes to consider it. Although the cosmetic details of 10 E 64th St. can be changed by its new owner, the inside is so overwhelming that many people wouldn't know where to start. Almost immediately after it hit the market, Zillow Gone Wild's Instagram account picked up the real estate listing. It wasn't long before baffled commenters took to the keyboard. "It burns the eye," one commenter wrote, and another said, "Money doesn't buy taste, clearly."

Although most viewers agreed that her estate is the "epitome of gaudy," some commenters jumped to Ivana's defense. One wrote, "This is a refined taste based on aristocratic house design of the 1700s-1800s." The commenter then cuttingly claimed that "taste" for all the haters probably looked like "a minimalist white and beige room with a table in it. That's not taste." Whether you love or hate Ivana's over-the-top interior design, the lucky new owner of this $26.5 million home will just have to decide for themselves.