15 Must-Haves To Update Your Home Office

In this day and age, it's common for many households to have a home office. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the United States Census Bureau, in 2021, around 27.6 million Americans were working from home. This tripled from just two years before in 2019, when only around 9 million Americans worked remotely.

Since so many people work from home, more often than not, they have some sort of home office. Remote workers aside — many choose to have an office anyway to help keep their day-to-day life in order. This can vary from a desk in the corner of the living room to a completely separate room dedicated to this space. However, many areas may not be the most convenient for remote workers and office users. While it's common for many home offices to have basic necessities such as a simple desk and a standard monitor, there are many ways to bring your office space to life. From a fancy-styled keyboard to desk drawer organizers, here are 15 must-haves to update your home office.

1. Dual monitor

Having one monitor becomes a thing of the past when you experience having two. With two monitors, you'll have additional space to have tabs open and work more efficiently. Amazon sells this two-pack of 24-inch monitors for $500. It also comes with an HDMI, dual stand, wireless keyboard and mouse combo, and a gel pad. 

2. Fancy styled keyboard

A standard keyboard is boring and out of style. To further update your office, buy a brightly colored modern design. Amazon sells this NPET K10 pink gaming keyboard for $21. It contains LED backlit keys with four different modes and a spill-resistant design. 

3. Mini fridge

It wouldn't be an office without a mini fridge, now would it? This gadget is super helpful when needing a quick drink throughout your working day. Amazon sells this Chefman model in four different colors for less than $40. It can hold six 12-ounce cans and can be used as a fridge or to keep beverages warm. 

4. Comfy swivel chair

An office update comes with a new upgraded chair as well. If you're in need of a padded cushioned design, Amazon sells this modern mid-back swivel chair for $133. This dark gray model can be adjusted to fit at your desk comfortably, contains armrests with padded material, and has a tilt function. 

5. Plenty of light

It goes without saying that you need a light source when you have an office. You can find this white LED lamp on Amazon for $21. It includes five different light modes as well as five different brightness levels. In addition, it has sensitive touch control, an automatic 45-minute timer, and a type-C USB port. 

6. Adjustable desk

Say goodbye to a standard desk and hello to an adjustable model! Amazon sells this 55-inch wide electric design for around $250. This model can sit as low as 28 inches and rise as tall as 45 inches. In addition, it has four memory presets so you can quickly adjust from sitting to standing. 

7. Laptop cooling fan

If you have a laptop in your office setup, you can update it by investing in this laptop cooling fan on Amazon for less than $21. It is equipped for laptops that are as small as 12 inches and as big as 17 inches. It also has five different adjustable heights as well as two USB ports. 

8. Motivational decor

Everyone needs an inspirational quote sometimes. You can easily display inspirational quotes by incorporating them into your office décor. Amazon sells these four-piece quote art prints for $14. Each of the four individual pieces sits 8 inches wide and 10 inches tall. 

9. Locked safe

When updating your home office, consider upgrading how you store important documents. Amazon sells this digital electronic safe for $31. To operate this safe, you choose a three to eight-digit security code to set. However, there is also an emergency key included in case you forget the code.

10. Paper shredder

On the other hand, if there are important documents that you no longer need, you'll need a way to dispose of them safely. Fortunately, Amazon sells this paper shedder for less than $40. This gadget can shred up to eight pieces of paper at once and has four mode control switches that include on, off, reverse, and forward. 

11. Drawer organizers

If your desk has many drawers, another convenient upgrade is to add drawer organizers. You can get this 13-piece set on Amazon for $22. They come in five different sizes, can be stacked in deeper drawers, and contain grips on the bottom, so they don't slide when you open and close drawers. 

12. Back massager

If you sit at your desk for an extended period of time, you'll likely experience back pain at some point or another. Thankfully, Amazon sells this heated back massager for less than $90. It contains three levels of vibrating attributes and deep kneading technology, both of which are operated by a wired hand-held control. 

13. Desk fan

Sitting in one area all day can get tiring and possibly too hot. Therefore, when updating, consider adding this bladeless desk fan available on Amazon for less than $40. Operated by a USB adapter, this fan has three different speeds as well as five LED colors. At 11.8 inches, it is also touch-controlled. 

14. Dry erase board

Don't forget, when updating your office, to update how you organize your daily schedule as well. Amazon sells this magnetic dry erase board. This design contains the days of the week as well as three empty slots at the bottom for additional notes. Three fine-tip markers, one eraser, and 10 magnet icons are also included. 

15. A few plants

Finally, what's a new office without a plant or two? If you don't have a green thumb but want some plants, Amazon sells this four-pack of faux plants for less than $14. Each has adjustable leaves and sits at 7 inches tall, allowing them to sit comfortably on many shelves.