This Simple Trick Will Help Keep Your Drawer Organizers In Place

If you've been committed to living a clutter-free life or are looking to get more organized, you're not alone. A recent study by mDesign, conducted by OnePoll, found that 63% of respondents wanted to be tidier in their homes, and 74% said they found organization extremely satisfying. One of the easiest ways to start is with those pesky, messy drawers throughout the home.

Drawer organizers, simple sectioned inserts that divide the space in your drawers, are a popular way to tidy up your space. It's a lot easier once everything has its own designated place, whether you're organizing your kitchen or giving some order to your sock drawer. They can be made out of just about anything — metal, plastic, bamboo — but they all face one similar issue. The sliding. If you open your drawer with too much gusto, suddenly everything is out of place after shifting around from the movement, and you're right back to square one in your organization.

The hack to fix it

Luckily, there's a simple hack to prevent this sliding from happening and preserve your oh so satisfying organizational system, even with repeated use throughout the day. If you have an organizer that's perfectly fit to or about the same size as your drawer, this doesn't present much of an issue, but smaller organizers tend to careen around the space as you close the drawer and make a mess. 

The answer? Museum gel. According to A Jones for Organizing, this clear material is a soft plastic that's used to secure items to a surface without causing any damage. It's great for earthquakes, valuable vases, and, you guessed it, securing drawer organizers. This substance is a unique material because it's reusable, heat resistant, and doesn't leave any oil or glue marks. A small container is usually less than $20, and you only need the tiniest dots on the bottom of your organizer to make sure everything stays in place.

Other uses

If you decide to invest in museum gel for your drawers, you may be wondering where else you can use this seemingly magical substance. The answer? Just about anywhere you want to keep something in place. According to A Jones for Organizing, it's best for sticking things down on a horizontal plane — no posters, please — but the limits are practically endless beyond that. If you have kids or pets, use it to keep a vase or lamp on the table, or keep the china in your cabinets in place until your next formal dinner. It's especially useful in areas prone to earthquakes — protect your belongings ahead of time so you don't have to sweep up broken ceramic the next time one rolls around.

Sliding organizers may put a damper on your drawer's satisfying reveals, but sometimes the solution is easier than you think. A little dot of museum gel goes a long way, and it can help keep the rest of your home in tip-top shape, too.