How To Fix A Sagging Couch

Oh, the family couch. It's always there for us in the good times and the bad, through sickness and Superbowls. We regularly use our sofas for everything, from eating dinner and socializing to watching movies and cuddling with our pets. They happily roll with the punches, squashes, and sittings, but their cushions and the whole structure can lose shape over time. Soon enough, you find yourself sinking into the corners and fighting to stay above the armrests. Unpleasant, right?

When the old couch becomes too uncomfortable, buying a new one may seem like your only option. Unfortunately, like almost everything else right now, the price of these furniture pieces has climbed in recent years. Now, it seems almost impossible to find a comfortable seating solution for under $2,000 (via Michael Helwig Interiors). So before you toss the ol' reliable saggy couch out to the curb, check out these easy methods to fix it!

Knock some air into pillows

Cushions with down feathers or polyester filling are some of the worst offenders when it comes to sagging. Their airy, lightweight filling makes them soft and breathable, but they don't hold up well to repeated squishing. Luckily, it's pretty easy to shake some life back into down and polyester pillows — literally. Start by grabbing it by its edges and smacking it against the couch, tabletop, or floor. Keep rotating and smacking until the filling feels evenly distributed. Next, grab opposite corners of the pillow and pump your fists in and out. This will help pull the stuffing back into the corners.

Sleep Advisor suggests placing a tennis ball in a tube sock and throwing it in the dryer with your couch pillows for a more hands-off method. Tumble them for about 10 minutes on a no-heat setting, and voilà! Perfectly fluffed cushions every time. If you want to get the kids involved and help them burn some energy, have a pillow fight! The whole point is to knock some air back into the cushions' fibers by whatever means necessary.

Refill your foam cushions

Every family's couch has one coveted spot. It could be the corner seat, near the ottoman, or the closest to the TV. However, psychological research shows that we really are creatures of habit when it comes to sitting territory. We love to sit in the same place every day because it makes us feel more secure and in control of our environment. In fact, students who sit at the same desk every day tend to have an easier time focusing on lectures (via Quartz). Still, all this territorial comfort comes at a price.

Foam couch cushions become warped after repeated use, creating a well in the middle of your sofa. Reshaping them can feel like an impossible task, especially when you're trying to undo years of wear and tear. You may be able to get by with flipping and rotating them, but the best way to revive them is to replace the foam inside. Most modern sofas have cushions that easily zip off for cleaning, and you can purchase new upholstery foam at your local fabric store. A whole foam cushion set shouldn't cost much more than a few hundred dollars — still much cheaper than buying a brand-new couch. While at it, give your cushion covers a good wash with mild soap and water. When all is said and done, your saggy sofa will feel as good as new!