Subtle Ways For Pirates Of The Caribbean Fans To Pay Tribute To Their Favorite Movies In Their Home

When you fall in love with a movie or a film franchise, you may be interested in showcasing your admiration for it in your home. But you don't want to overhaul your aesthetic and style, especially if you love what you've done. Luckily, there are a ton of subtle ways you can pay tribute to your favorite movies without adjusting everything to accommodate it. Here, we're going to share how you can show off your love of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films in clever ways.

Why do people love that franchise so much? There have been pirate movies before, not to mention countless books with pirates as the main characters. According to Penn State, people love pirates because deep down, we all have a desire for dangerous adventure and thrilling exploration. The franchise gave us an infamous character with the same desires. Will Turner gets swept into the world of pirates in order to save his love. And, while certain pirates are depicted as ruthless, this film series gave us anti-heroes we loved to root for. So, if you're looking for ways to display some pirate decor in your home to honor your favorite film franchise, here are some tips for you.

Pick a dedicated color scheme

One of the first things you should do before running to the store to swipe all the pirate decor you see is to pick a dedicated color scheme to work with. This will help you focus on specific decor items as well as give your home a cohesive look and feel. You have a few options if you're picking colors inspired by "Pirates of the Caribbean." You can go with Captain Jack's signature red and black or Elizabeth Swann's neutral base tones. Or, you may prefer Will Turner's earthy shades of gold and brown. Whatever you choose, take some time to think it through and note what will work with your current color scheme.

Once you know who you're going to draw inspiration from, the next step is selecting how you're going to incorporate the colors into your home. Using the color wheel to choose your color scheme is a pro trick that can help you find hues that work well together. Space Joy notes there are four primary ways to select colors in your home. The first is monochromatic, where you stick with different tones of the same color. You could also use contrasting colors to make a wall pop or include neighboring shades on the color wheel for a more subtle analogous look. Finally, you can use colors that naturally complement each other to create vivid visual interest. What matters is picking a color scheme you love and one that represents your passion for the film.

Bring in wood elements

Another way you can show off your love for the franchise is by bringing in natural wood elements. Pirate ships were primarily made of wood, especially in the time period that the film is set in. So, bringing wood elements into your home, whether it's through furniture or decorative items can make you feel like you're living in the captain's quarters of a pirate ship. Take inventory of your current furniture and see if you can replace anything with natural wood. Dressers, for example, are great to swap out, as are desks. The best part is that you can often find unique, quality wood furniture items in antique shops and consignment stores.

When you bring natural wood into your home, you're not only paying tribute to your favorite film, but you're reaping a ton of other benefits as well. According to Marilou, natural wood is strong and resistant to simple damage. Natural wood also regulates the temperature in your home by reducing excess humidity. And outside of it being more sustainable, natural wood is easier to maintain and brings a sense of warmth into your home. So the next time you need to replace a piece of furniture, consider buying a wood-built replacement.

Hang up inspiring sea views

If you're not yet in the market for new furniture, there are other ways you can pay tribute to "Pirates of the Caribbean." The fastest way is by purchasing art inspired by the ocean. Pirates spent the bulk of their days out at sea and so it makes sense to choose artwork that makes you feel like you're out there with them. Sometimes Sailings highlights the various types and wide variety of ocean-themed art you can use, including options handmade from paper and interesting mixed media pieces. You can also find unique, three-dimensional pieces for a stunning display.

The type of painted art you choose will vary depending on your personal style. Watercolor paintings will give off a different vibe than oil or pastel pieces. Black and white photography provides a modern touch while a vintage map can fit well in spaces with rustic decor. That's why it's important to shop around when looking for ocean-inspired artwork. You can even find pieces with a pirate ship in the middle to add that extra touch. By hanging ocean scenic art, you're going to feel like you're on the high seas even in the depths of winter.

Add some sand and seashells

When pirates aren't out at sea, they're usually holed up in some local beachfront spot. What do you think of when you picture a beach? Water is probably first, but then you might imagine sand and seashells. These are two things you can decorate with that will make your home feel like a comfy resting stop for pirates in between sailing. While decorating with sand and shells, be cautious about how much you use as too many can give your home a light beach house vibe instead of the dramatic pirate theme you're going for.

According to Beach Life Bliss, when creating sand and seashell decor, focus first on where you plan on displaying them. Because of their versatility, you can put them anywhere from your kitchen counter to the bathroom. Other popular spots might be centerpieces on your dining room table or on side tables and hutches. A nifty piece you can create involves nothing more than a vase, a bit of sand, and a collection of shells. 

Get crafty with rope and twine

We mentioned before that bringing in natural wood is a great way to make your home feel like a pirate ship. But there are other natural elements you can use that aren't as bulky and make for great DIY projects. Cotton rope and twine are ideal items you can easily use to create your own unique decor pieces while adding a pirate ship feel to your home. 

You can use rope and twine to create plant hangers, woven baskets, and one-of-a-kind artwork. And the best part is using these items means you're reaping a ton of benefits. As West Coast Paracord notes, natural cotton rope is non-toxic and safe for homes with pets. It's sturdy, eco-friendly, and customizable. What you can create with it is pretty much limited to your imagination. You can also find it in many different sizes and colors, which is helpful if you're going with a specific color scheme.

Update your bedding

Another quick and fairly cheap way you can pay tribute to "Pirates of the Caribbean" is by simply updating your bedding. There are a ton of pirate-themed sheets you can buy and they range from cartoonish to subtle sophistication. Depending on your personal style, you may not want bedding that has character faces on them. However, you may be interested in ones that showcase pirate flags or use the color scheme of an ocean.

What you want to focus on when choosing pirate-themed bedding is not just the detail of the sheets, but the comfort of them as well. When you're buying sheets, you don't need to sacrifice comfort for style. According to Moon Organizer, your bedroom, specifically your bed, should be a place you can relax and unwind. If your bedding is uncomfortable, you're going to suffer from poor sleep. Plus, softer sheets can help you relax and release tension from your muscles. So while you may want to get yourself some pirate-themed bedding, make sure it is comfortable for the purpose intended.

Flag-inspired throw pillows and blankets

If you're having a difficult time finding bedding that is both pirate-themed and comfortable, there is another way you show off your love of pirates in the bedroom. And that's by using decorative throw pillows and blankets. There are many ways you can bring in a pirate vibe using these options. For example, you can buy a throw pillow that's made to look like a pirate flag, or you can get a blanket that has your favorite character printed on it. They're easy to store away and you can mix and match them to your heart's content.

A Blissful Nest praises the use of throw pillows because they are super flexible to style and decorate with. You should stick to following two major rules when decorating with them — focus on how many you need and their size. This is where knowing your color scheme will come in handy, as you can buy a few that match that shade. This also makes it easier to arrange throw pillows in various settings around your home. You can keep them in your bedroom for a month and then add them to your couch to inject the pirate vibe into a new space. 

Spruce up your dining ware

We all have that one mug we love drinking our morning coffee from or dishes that make a meal more special. One clever way you can honor your love of "Pirates of the Caribbean" is by having a mug, glass, or dish set decorated with characters, colors, or quotes from the franchise. If that's not your style, you can buy more subtle beach or ocean-inspired dining ware instead. This is a great way to not only pay tribute to the film while investing in a useful and practical item.

But what if you already have plenty of dining ware? Remember, it's fine to have a backup set of dishes. This is especially important if you're someone who entertains a lot because a person you didn't invite inadvertently shows up and you may need that extra set. It also goes without saying that you can add another mug to your set if it has a special meaning for you and you actually use it.

Create your own treasure chest

This is a fun and creative way to really pay tribute to your favorite film. Pirates mainly seek buried treasure, so why not bring one into your home? You can do this in a few ways. The first is finding a natural wood trunk that resembles a treasure chest. You'll find these more in antique stores and consignment shops, though you might be able to find them online as well. If that option isn't in your wheelhouse, you can always create a treasure chest out of a plain old box.

Another simple way to create your own custom treasure chest is by purchasing an inexpensive plastic one. Make Life Lovely suggests this as it's already in the shape you're going for. The main supplies you'll need are acrylic paint in the color scheme of your choice, a brush, and sandpaper. Once you've sanded down the exterior of the chest, you can then use the paint to give it a more weathered treasure chest look. How you use your new chest will vary. This themed storage space is an awesome spot to stash extra blankets, off-season clothing, or your favorite jewelry items.

Protect your surfaces with coasters

Another quick and easy way to bring pirate decor into your home is through coasters. Like mugs, this offers you a few wins. For starters, coasters protect furniture surfaces from getting damaged by ring stains. Plus, you can buy ones that are pirate-themed. Your options are pretty much endless, especially if you shop on sites like Etsy. You can find coasters that are different colored pirate flags or you can buy ones that have character faces or quotes.

But one thing people often complain about when it comes to coasters is their drinks sticking to them. If you want to ensure you keep your pirate-themed coasters safe, there are a few tricks you can try. Allrecipes recommend using your pinky to hold the coaster down and lifting the glass with the others. They also suggest looking for stone quartz or knit options as they are the most popular non-stick type of coasters you can buy. What makes these a great tribute is that they're necessary additions to the home and you can buy them in whatever design you want.

Go all out for Halloween

When bringing pirate-themed decorations into your home there is one time of the year that's perfect for going all out. If you find yourself buying and storing a lot of pirate stuff throughout the year, Halloween is the time to put it all on display. In fact, you can completely transform your home into a pirate haven during the spooky season. No one says you have to put up the typical scary decorations like ghosts and goblins. Halloween is the perfect time to really show off your love of "Pirates of the Caribbean."

And there are so many ways you can do it. If you're handy with wood and a hammer, you can build a small pirate ship to display in your yard. This is what a contestant did during the Home Depot's Halloween Style Challenge. If an elaborate pirate ship isn't workable, you can transform your walkway into a plank or boat dock with signs like "Ye Be Warned." A blue tarp can make the perfect fake ocean and some dry ice can give it an ominous feel. No matter your Halloween decor strategy, it's definitely the ideal time to really show off your love for your favorite pirate films.