Home Accessories You'll Want If You're A Hufflepuff

According to Harry Potter Wiki, the Hufflepuff common room is the coziest compared to the other three houses' common rooms. The Hufflepuff common room is more than just plants and circular designs, but is also an oasis of sunniness and warmth, with its shades of gold, yellow, and black. Relax and sink into the Hufflepuff's overstuffed sofas and armchairs when you need to take your mind off work or drift into a restful nap where you dream about being a Hogwarts student. If you're still dreaming about getting your acceptance letter in the mail, transform your own home into a Hufflepuff haven. You can do so by pulling themes and elements from the House's common room and weaving them into your own apartment or home.

From playing with yellow and black shades to sprucing your house up with plants and nature motifs, you will be feeling less like a Muggle in no time. You don't have to be a wizard to establish home design magic. Work with these home décor items to create your own Hufflepuff space.

Leave plants hanging in style

Since Hufflepuffs are known for their herbology practices, the interior of the common room is decorated with hanging plants. How can hanging plant décor work in the home without looking too retro or overdone? Find plant hangers that fit your own unique style, as stated by Plant Décor Shop. Go for a rustic vibe by hanging potted plants on driftwood hangers. Install them on the kitchen ceiling above the windows for an outdoorsy effect. These hangers were commonly used with Hufflepuff design and have a naturalistic vibe. For a modern look, purchase geometric plant hangers to house plants hanging from the living room ceiling. Keep the rest of the living room furniture sleek, with straight-lined, structured furniture, including coffee tables and shelves in chrome, marble, and matte finishes.

When utilizing hanging plants in a room at home, there needs to be enough space (via AeroGarden). People who live in small apartments may struggle to find a corner to put their potted plant, so hanging the plant is a better option. Make sure the hanging apparatus is strong and durable enough to hold the plant's weight. The hanging plants need to be in a spot where sunlight is abundant but won't dry out the plants. Hanging plants are less messy than having regular potted plants situated all over the home, and they're a way to get in touch with nature, even if you don't have the greenest thumb. 

Bring in the sun with yellow curtains

Yellow is one of the colors that are associated with Hufflepuff. While some people may shy away from using it in home design because they find the color too light, yellow curtains are an effortless way to brighten up any area, as said by Spiffy Spools. Decide whether you'd prefer yellow curtains that are opaque or transparent. Living rooms and dining rooms could do well with transparent yellow curtains to allow sunlight to pass through more easily. Doing this makes the space more inviting, especially when gathering for dinner. 

For bedrooms, it's best to select yellow curtains that are opaque to prevent the sun from coming through, enabling people to sleep better at night. Yellow curtains are a great option to instill a pop of cheery color in the home without overly committing to the bright shade. 

Black countertops in the kitchen are chic

Hufflepuffs have the color black in their crest, and hints of the color are evident in their common room's design. Black can look chic and welcoming in the home without seeming too dark and dreary. Make black a dominant color with kitchen countertops, as Arch City Granite & Marble noted. Find balance by keeping the rest of the kitchen's design in neutral or white colors. Wood elements tie nicely with black, and wooden bottom cabinets beneath a black vinyl countertop would look classy without trying too hard. Go for marble or granite finishes for black countertops to elevate the kitchen.

Don't want to commit to matte black countertops? Why not install black cabinets instead? Black cabinets direct the eye towards the top of the kitchen and act as a frame against a counter. Construct a counter in a neutral color like cream, ivory, or beige.

Spice up plants with yellow planters

Don't skimp out on brightly colored planters for your home's plants. Go with yellow planters to embody the essence of Hufflepuff design. Yellow glass vases are uncommon but will look unique as potted planters, as per Vases HQ. Glass is durable and long-lasting but will need to be dusted regularly to maintain its shine and to be clean. Imagine how aesthetically pretty it would look to have a yellow glass planter on top of a window bench in the living room and see sunlight bounce through the glass to reflect flecks of yellow on the walls.

Go the DIY route by painting an aluminum soup can yellow and treating it as a planter. Craft multiple yellow painted cans to decorate along the top of a backyard or porch ledge. This will brighten up outdoor areas and look cute without seeming too kitschy. 

Craft a floral tiered tray

Let your inner Hufflepuff herbologist shine by crafting your own floral tiered tray. To start, Home Stories A to Z recommends arranging faux florals in a stemless wine glass. Choose stemless wine glasses in metallic finishes of gold, rose gold, or copper to stay with the warm color palette established in the Hufflepuff common room. Purchase a three-tiered tray at a home décor store, or check out secondhand shops and antique boutiques for one. Place one stemless wine glass with faux flowers on the top section of the tiered tray. Do the same with the bottom section of the tray, but add additional décor, such as faux pumpkins on each tier. 

This crafted floral tiered tray would look excellent as a dining room table centerpiece, on a bedside table in the primary bedroom, or top of an entryway table. Floral tiered trays are different than the average potted plants or floral printed accessories because you can change items from the tray from season to season and choose your own seasonal flowers and herbs.

Use earth tone tiles

To keep with the naturalistic vibes, natural-colored tiling is another way to incorporate Hufflepuff aesthetics. According to Emilgroup, earth-toned tiling is both traditional and contemporary. For people who want to start small by adding porcelain tiles at home, it's best to use tiling on bathroom or shower walls. Since bathrooms are often overlooked, a peek of beige tiling surrounding the countertop and mirror walls is a no-fuss way to bring neutrals to life. Stay with a natural aesthetic by placing a fuzzy, evergreen bath rug on the floor with matching evergreen curtains. Doing so won't overpower the beige wall tiling and will portray an outdoorsy theme. Beige and green work harmoniously because green adds life to the beige color without overwhelming the neutral shade.

Does your kitchen need a makeover? Add some brown porcelain tiles as a backsplash. This will look natural and subtle without seeming too industrial, like how some tiling could look in a room. Keep the rest of the kitchen in neutral tones by having a dark wooden dining set with chairs with a wooden island. 

Black patio furniture is inviting

Black patio furniture won't look intimidating if done right, but having a completely black set may look too masculine, noted Maria Killam. Since black and white work well with one another, start simple with decorating patio furniture by placing black and white striped throw pillows and blankets on a cushioned bench. For those who want to be more adventurous, go with black and white striped patio awnings, tables, and chairs. The look is cohesive and can be classy, given the right accessories.

Add shades of green or yellow with patio furniture to stay with Hufflepuff's love of nature and botanicals. A light yellow or beige patio bench will look cozy with a few black and moss-colored throw pillows on top. For a cozy feel, wicker or rattan patio side tables are natural and great for the outdoors. Find a big enough wicker table that could be used during parties for large gatherings. Add other elements of black, like basic black salt and pepper shakers, on the table for effect. If black is too overwhelming, you could always add a decorative black tablecloth on a patio table and change it out whenever needed.

Yellow couches are a focal point

Before settling on a yellow couch for the living room, decide what shade would look best, as per Impressive Interior Design. A yellow coach is inviting and will make anyone want to sit down after a stressful day. From neon yellow to mustard yellow, choose a shade that not only works for your own personal preference but also mixes with the other living room furniture and décor. Pay attention to the wall space above the couch. Since gold and yellow look good together, hang up gold-framed mirrors and pictures on the walls. Silver-framed mirrors are also fine but aren't as noticeable as gold-framed ones.

Since badgers represent Hufflepuffs, hang a couple of framed pictures of painted badgers on the walls. Go cutesy by placing stuffed animal badgers on the yellow couch or on side chairs placed on either side of the sofa. Young children will love to snuggle up to the furry creature when hanging out in the living room. 

Use black marble

According to Marmomac, black marble is versatile and looks polished in any room setting. Without risking making a room look too dark, use black marble sparingly so room spaces don't look too small or feel congested. For instance, black marble floors in the primary bathroom work against wooden bathroom countertops and neutral-colored walls. The black marble bathroom floors add a spark of richness without overwhelming the space. 

Black marble also looks exquisite in kitchen settings and will elevate a "blah" kitchen to a mature, modern vibe. Install smooth black marble countertops or a black marble island to pair with sturdy wooden chairs or stools for family and friends to have a place to sit. Elevate ceiling space by installing dark wooden beams, or go towards wood that's more in the "yellow" family to enable the kitchen's ambiance to feel softer and cozier. Decorating with Hufflepuff accessories could be accomplished by bringing nature's colorful earth tones to the forefront of home design, dashing in bits of yellow, and using black in a way that doesn't feel morbid or sterile. Most importantly, have fun with design, and add your own touch of "Potter" magic.