Chip And Joanna Gaines' Best Advice For Choosing Colors In And Outside Of Your Home

One of the most difficult decisions about remodeling and updating a home is selecting the best paint colors. Much like how trends in style change, how you feel about certain shades may also change over time. For instance, while that trendy hue from last year now seems dated and overdone, you don't want to continue spending big bucks to update your home's aesthetic. Of course, there are countless ways to choose the right color, such as reviewing past trends or simply going with a natural hue that matches the architecture of your home, explains Yawata Co. Then again, you can always keep things simple. 

HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines know a lot about color choices and how to avoid using the wrong shades for any space. While no perfect solution exists for everyone, there are some tips and tricks to help streamline the selection process. Here is some of the best advice from the home improvement gurus on how to choose interior and exterior colors wisely.

Focus on timeless color choices

As trends in color and style change, one of the biggest concerns for many people is the need to frequently update any walls or exterior siding. When standing near the paint counter at a local home improvement store exploring all the different options, that trendy orange or emerald green may seem like the perfect addition to your home because it's "in." But experts say to think long-term and focus on timeless hues.

In "The Castle" episode of "Fixer Upper," Joanna has to choose the best color for a metal awning that will be installed outside the beautiful stone home's entryway (via Realtor). Her first thought is to go with metal instead of fabric, as it's less likely to need updating every few years. When it comes to color, she compares two different options against the natural tones of the home, ultimately deciding on black since it feels "timeless and original." This way, the homeowners don't have to worry about updating it for years to come.

Choose classic, coordinating colors

Aside from selecting what you love, also consider the way certain colors either offset or complement each other. Depending on the style and overall planning of a room, you can use them as a tone-setter, too. The key, of course, is finding the right balance for the style and hue that works for the way you want the space to feel. Try out a few different options to determine the most desirable look. Some colors are more motivating, while others set a somber tone.

In the same "Fixer Upper" episode, Joanna wants to create a classic but also moody card room on the property. However, she only has the ability to create something fresh and new on two surfaces in the space: the carpeting and the fireplace. To create the desired "moody" look, she chooses a dark black stone for the fireplace and a plaid pattern with gray hues for the carpeting. In this unique design, both colors work to create a fun feel for the living area.