25 Savvy Ways To Decorate The Foot Of Your Bed

Oftentimes, the foot of the bed just becomes wasted space. If this is the case for you, perhaps you'd rather do something more useful with this area. Kathy Kuo Home says that the end of the bed is the perfect place to include some functional furniture pieces. Further, the best items may be those with multiple uses, such as a storage bench. These pieces could be extra helpful for those who have small bedrooms, as many don't take up much room. 

At the same time, there's nothing wrong with only focusing on the appearance of this space. If you already have enough room in other areas of the home to store all your possessions, you could just include decorative pieces that really bring out your specific style or make your bedroom feel extra cozy.

Below, you'll find 25 ways to decorate the foot of your bed. While all of these ideas have both practical and aesthetic qualities, the first 10 focus more on functionality, while the last 15 would just be used to decorate.

1. Add a bench

This functional bench would not only add extra seating but could also be the perfect place to take off and put on your shoes.

2. Focus on practicality

To make it even more functional, choose a bench with storage, which could either open from the top or have cubbies on the side. 

3. Include a storage chest

A storage chest will act like a storage bench but have a more rustic or industrial appearance. These are great for holding bulkier items like throw pillows and blankets. 

4. Dedicate the space to work

If your bedroom doubles as an office, you could place a desk at the foot of your bed. And, if the space between the bed and the wall is pretty tight, you could keep the office chair in the corner when not in use, as demonstrated in the image above. 

5. Fashion a sitting area

If you want to make the most out of this space, include a couch, coffee table, and television. This will convert this room into a bedroom and living space. 

6. Play with symmetry

Placing two identical chairs at the foot of the bed will make your bedroom's design more symmetrical. To anchor all the furniture, make sure you add a large area rug. 

7. Devote it to entertainment

To make your bedroom the perfect place for relaxation, include a bed frame or entertainment stand that hides a television inside. 

8. Place multiple baskets

Baskets can be used to store practically anything, including blankets, pillows, books, clothing, and shoes. Wicker ones will bring in an earthy and bohemian look

9. Fill the space with two stools

Two stools could replace a long bench at the foot of the bed. If you share your bed with a significant other, you could each have your own stool. 

10. Build an area for your pet

If you want to spoil your furry friends, build them their own miniature bedroom in this area. To do this, add a pet bed, toys, and other fun items.  

11. Lay down a rug

Moving onto purely decorative pieces, the first choice is an area rug. This would be a great solution for those who don't want to take up any available space in their bedroom. 

12. Use a pouf ottoman

While you could sit on this piece and use it functionally, because it's so small and stout, it would probably be used for mostly decorative purposes. A round pouf ottoman is a great space-saving alternative to a bench. 

13. Drape a blanket

Another simple way to decorate the end of your bed is by draping blankets off the side, which will create a cozy atmosphere. These could either be folded or, for a more organic look, thrown. 

14. Stack throw pillows

Another way to incorporate comfortable vibes is by stacking large throw pillows. While mostly decorative, these could also provide extra back support if you want to sit up in bed. 

15. Decide upon a simple side table

A decorative side table could be placed on either side of the foot of your bed. When choosing the right one, make sure the height doesn't exceed your mattress. 

16. Display items on a tray

Whether you add a bench, table, or any other flat surface to the end of your bed, accentuate it by adding a tray and filling it with decorative pieces like candles, books, and plants. 

17. Create cohesion with a vase

Another idea for decorating this space is by placing a vase on a flat surface. To create cohesion in your bedroom, include another element that's made out of the same color and material, such as the vase on the left-facing side table in the image above. 

18. Follow a color scheme

Benches, tables, throw pillows, and blankets are all great ways to complete your color scheme, as they could easily bring in a pop of your accent tone. 

19. Illuminate the area with lanterns

If you're trying to create a bohemian or extra homey atmosphere, add multiple lit lanterns to the base of your bed. 

20. Arrange a group of candles

Another way to illuminate the foot of your bed is with a group of candles. When doing this, the safest option would most likely be faux candles, since they will sit quite close to your bedding. 

21. Flaunt your book collection

Those who love books may want to display their collection. This could be done in a number of ways: simply stack books, place them in a basket, or purchase a short bookcase. 

22. Keep it simple with plants

Plants are an easy way to bring liveliness to your bedroom. They could be displayed on a table, inside crates, or right on the floor. 

23. Hang curtains on a canopy bed

If you have a canopy bed frame, create more interest by adding curtains and tying them at the end of the bed.

24. Choose a bold bed frame

To draw more attention to this space and make it appear more stylish, choose a bold bed frame, such as the wooden example above. 

25. Display a floral bouquet

Those who love the smell of fresh flowers in their bedroom may want to display a bouquet on a short table at the foot of the bed.