Why You Should Add Sconces Over Some Of Your Artwork

Love collecting art? Then make sure you're properly showing it off! You've probably paid a pretty penny to create a stunning ensemble of artwork, so why wouldn't you want to appreciate its beauty? According to Hanging Investments, new artists typically sell their work for about $200 to $800, while those who've been in the business a bit longer usually sell their artwork for $1,000 to $5,000. And if you want something created by a true professional, you may find yourself spending at least $10,000 on a piece.

Is the artwork hanging in your hallway looking a bit drab compared to when you first saw it? Well, we believe hanging a few sconces will give you the artistic, elevated look you're going for. There are so many different styles and finishes to choose from; you're sure to find something that will not only create the visual presentation you'd like for your art pieces but something that will also complement your current design aesthetic, and we'll explain how.

Create an interesting visual

If you've got a piece of art that you absolutely adore, Gray Malin suggests using wall sconces to truly make it a focal point. Shining a bright light on anything is sure to bring attention to it, and this can be an especially helpful tactic for those who want to add interest to their fine art. Installing a wall sconce above the piece is also an opportunity to introduce a new design element, such as texture, shape, or color.

Speaking of color, Interior by Jacquin says introducing a wall sconce can help create a harmonious design. For example, if you have gold accents throughout the room, adding gold sconces around your art is sure to make it stand out while also creating a sense of rhythm in the space. Installing these lighting options is also a way to add some structure to frameless art, which will create more dimension to ensure it doesn't appear flat against the wall, and instead becomes an important factor within your home d├ęcor.

Our top picks

Now that we've explained the benefits of installing wall sconces around your artwork, we'd like to show you which ones we believe will get the job done! The Light Rods LED Sconce from West Elm is a simple, linear design that will highlight your artwork without creating a distraction. The fact that it's an LED fixture is a huge benefit because the bulb is capable of staying on for 25,000 hours. This means you won't have to worry about being conservative with your light, and you can leave it on for long periods of time when guests are over.

If you want something more interesting, we suggest looking at the Sculptural Glass Faceted Sconce that is also from West Elm. This light fixture will introduce a new hexagon shape into the space and add interest to your artwork if needed. We believe this would be a good option too if you need something that will frame your art and create dimension.