You Can Stay In A Virginia Airbnb That Is A Remodeled Caboose

If you have a travel-related bucket list that includes stays at particularly quirky destinations, you may want to add this Airbnb stop in Virginia that is sure to be right off the rails. It is located on Apple Ridge Farm, which is a not-for-profit camp geared toward providing an inclusive outdoor experience and educational after-school programs for underserved kids in Roanoke, Virginia. This scenic mountain property is settled on almost 100 acres of land full of enchanting forests and unparalleled hiking trails.

This site is also home to not one but three train cabooses that were donated to the farm by generous members and companies in the community, according to The Roanoke Star. The project of moving the cabooses was not a small feat but was achieved with the help of local companies who donated their time and effort so that the organization could utilize the unique train parts in the most creative way. Once the job was done, Apple Ridge Farm turned the three cabooses into gorgeous living spaces where folks from all around can now rent on Airbnb and stay on the expansive property. 

According to the listing on Airbnb, the spots can be rented out for multiple-night stays and all of the money goes right back into supporting the programs and property run by the not-for-profit organization. Now let's take a look at the truly distinctive accommodations that would make for a one-of-a-kind vacation.

Outside the train caboose rental available in Virginia

Once you arrive at the mountainous area where Apple Ridge Farm is located, you can make your way up the scenic gravel-laden pathway for almost half a mile. Take in the tree-filled sites on your way to a clearing where the three cabooses lay in wait for their guests. With gorgeous surrounding views of Blue Ridge Mountain, these accommodations can house up to six guests depending on which caboose you choose to stay in, according to the listing on Airbnb. The exterior of the train cars is freshly painted with bright red, yellow, and blue colors, which juxtapose wonderfully among the natural hues of the surrounding landscape. Attached to one caboose is a wooden patio where you can lounge and enjoy the sun during the day and then at night be treated to a stunning night sky filled with twinkling stars.

There are plenty of outdoor amenities to enjoy while you are making your stay on the property. This includes pickleball, basketball, and tennis courts as well as a baseball field. For outdoor dining, you can settle in among the picnic tables and enjoy a cozy fire at night nestled beside a rustic fire pit. For more sightseeing, you can hike on four miles of trails that wind throughout the expansive property where you can visit the Dark Sky Observatory and Greenhouse.

A modern interior awaits you inside this caboose

Once you step through the door of this converted caboose, you are met with a charming minimalist living area that sends off some serious cozy cabin vibes. Soft carpeting lines the floor and there is a simple futon couch that is set just below the main queen-sized bed, according to pictures found on the Airbnb listing. Natural light pours through the adorable windows that are located at the top of the structure, filling the room with glowing warmth. Although the quarters are fairly tight, there is enough room for a small fridge, coffee maker, and microwave.

A quaint breakfast table stays at the ready for when you enjoy your complimentary breakfast. The bathroom is stylishly tiled and includes everything you could possibly need for your brief stay, including a hairdryer, emergency kit, and a tall shower. If you are thinking of bringing your furry friends then make certain to read the booking information carefully as only caboose numbers 1 and 2 are pet friendly. So if you are a train buff or rail enthusiast and you want your holiday budget to go toward a good cause while you stay in a unique abode, then you should make your way to Apple Ridge Farm and stay at the Caboose B&B.