25 Unique Rentals On Airbnb For A One-Of-A-Kind Vacation

If you're bored with basic houses and hotel rooms when vacationing and traveling, consider a unique place to stay. Airbnb is rife with strange and unusual spaces to spend a few nights. Some of them are so weird you'll wonder how they came up with the idea to turn the space into a home and rent it out to travelers, but you'll be glad they did once you check them out.

There are all sorts of quirky options, whether you want to visit a big city, go camping under the stars, or escape to a beach house. There's a little something for everyone, whether you're adventurous or glamorous. But no matter where you go, all the Airbnb spots have one thing in common: The accommodations are wild. There's more than meets the eye to many of these rental spots, so be sure to check out all of the photos and background info.

1. Stay on the side of a cliff in Campton, Kentucky

Stay in a treehouse that is like no other with this cliff-dwelling cabin. This extreme living situation sleeps up to four guests and is reserved for the highly adventurous. You can't be afraid of heights while staying here!

2. Stay in a hobbit house in Shenandoah, Virginia

Live life like a hobbit in this fantasy-inspired home. Up to four guests can enjoy the wood-burning fireplace, hot tub, and gorgeous scenery.

3. Stay the night in a silo in Troy, Texas

This unique stay not only lets you sleep inside a farm silo, but you also get to see all of the farm animals. This tiny home is beautiful, and the relaxed country life is a great vacation destination.

4. Stay in an ark in Springfield, Tennessee

You will feel like the Bible character Noah, just without all of the animals or dangerous flooding, when you spend a night or two in this unique Airbnb. Up to four guests can enjoy this private getaway.

5. Pyramid living in Clear Lake, Iowa

You don't have to go to Egypt to fulfill your dreams of visiting a pyramid. You can just stay the night in this one. With multiple floors, this neat space sleeps up to 16 guests.

6. Make your dome dreams come true in Joshua Tree, California

Enjoy the desert from inside a dome. You can get a full view of the night sky while in the glass container or close the curtains when you need some privacy. The dome has room for three guests.

7. Sleep in a floating hut in Key West, Florida

Float on the water in a neat little tiki hut. This boathouse sleeps two and is perfect for a private getaway. This unique Airbnb has lots of amenities, including the use of inflatable paddleboards and a double hammock.

8. Plunder a pirate ship in Lyndon Station, Wisconsin

You won't have to walk the plank when you spend the night in this neat pirate ship home. You and your six guests will feel like you can sail the high seas, even though you're not on the water.

9. Stay in a home made from storage containers in St. Augustine, Florida

This unique abode is built from nine storage containers, according to Atlas Obscura. You can enjoy the artistic decor inside by making this your vacation destination. The home sleeps up to six guests.

10. Relax in a fairytale castle in Austin, Texas

This unique Texas home is whimsical inside and out. Be sure to read the whimsical history of this home while you're booking your stay on Airbnb. You'll surely feel like a magical being inside this house.

11. Soar in the sky house in Union, Washington

You and up to 11 guests can feel like you're flying above the rest of the world in this unique sky house. It's like hanging out overnight in the sky needle. You'll have to walk up 98 steps to get from bottom to top.

12. Stay in a potato in Boise, Idaho

If you love potatoes, you may be thrilled to find out that you can sleep in one. This unique Airbnb offers a great getaway for two. Included in the stay is a cute cow to pet.

13. A night in a train depot in Luverne, North Dakota

Train lovers will enjoy staying in an old train depot converted into a home. Up to eight guests will be able to check out the wilderness from this unique house.

14. Camp in a cool caboose in Cupertino, California

Another great booking for train lovers is this neat caboose house. It sleeps up to four guests and offers lots of fun outdoor adventures in the area. 

15. Try treehouse life in Elizabethtown, Illinois

Treehouses aren't just for kids. So if you've dreamed of embracing the childhood wonder of treehouses, this Airbnb will make your dreams come true. Outfitted for adults, this tiny home sleeps up to four guests.

16. Slumber under a pile of dirt in Page, Arizona

There's no need for a tent when you can camp in this unique earth house. It looks like a mound of dirt with a door, but it's so much more inside. Be sure to read all of the safety info about camping in the desert.

17. Experience covered wagon life in Sandy Valley, Nevada

Here's your chance to feel like you were alive when Western Expansion was happening. But you won't have to worry about fixing wagon wheels; this covered wagon is a stationary place to crash.

18. Live in a lighthouse in Pocasset, Massachusetts

Lighthouses no longer have the importance they once did, but being able to stay in one is still pretty cool. You can rent this lighthouse and see what it would have been like to control the light that kept ships from running ashore.

19. Sleep in school in Geary, Oklahoma

One-room schoolhouses are mostly a thing of the past, but you can rent one that was renovated into a home. This is a great getaway if you're looking for a rustic experience, as the house has an outdoor shower and there's no internet.

20. Vacation in a UFO in Redberth, United Kingdom

Here's your chance to feel like you're out of this world, but without any scary aliens doing experiments on you. This nifty UFO sleeps up to four guests.

21. Escape to a private island in Belize

If you've ever wished you could live on your own private island, this Airbnb in Stann Creek Dist, Belize, has what you're looking for. You can go alone or bring up to five more guests with you. It's a great place to get away from it all.

22. Bed in a bamboo cottage in Bali

This bamboo hut in Bali, Indonesia, will have you feeling like you're lost on Gilligan's Island. Up to four guests can enjoy this peaceful abode on a one-of-a-kind vacation.

23. Relax in a windmill in the Netherlands

Enjoy the view from the third floor of a majestic windmill. With three floors to enjoy, this unique Airbnb has room for up to six guests. 

24. Enjoy the delight of a gingerbread house in Geyserville, California

While it's not edible (which would probably be a nightmare during rainy days), this delightful gingerbread house offers a unique vacation spot for any fairy tale lover. This tiny house sleeps up to two guests.

25. Sleep at a saloon in Tetonia, Idaho

You won't get kicked out of this saloon for passing out at the bar. Instead, this Airbnb lets you experience a little bit of the wild west in comfort. The cabin sleeps up to four guests.