The Best Products At Lowe's To Help You Organize Your Garage

Having a garage in your home is great way to protect your family's cars from the elements, reduce the risk of break-ins, and make that dreaded grocery haul a little more convenient. However, it also provides a useful secondary space for storage that's away from the main house. According to a survey by the Wall Street Journal and Home Innovation Labs, 84% of people use their garage to protect their vehicles, but a whopping 93% use it as storage.

Despite this, the garage is one of those areas that's often forgotten about when it comes to organization. Instead, it's used as an easy catch-all space, but all those piles of sports gear, gardening supplies, and tools from past projects can quickly add up and create quite a bit of clutter. To help you avoid this fate, we rounded up our top picks from Lowe's to help you make sure your garage is just as organized as the rest of your home. Keep reading to learn what items we suggest based on customer reviews, value, and usefulness, and more.

Fleximounts Adjustable Height Overhead Garage Storage

If you're running low on floor space in your garage, you may feel like you don't have many options to stow your items. After all, fitting your car in tends to take up quite a bit of room. Luckily, there's another option that capitalizes on the often-wasted real estate right above our heads.

This Fleximounts Adjustable Overhead Garage Storage is designed to mount to the ceiling to hold just about anything you need. Reviewers gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars, and were impressed by its sturdiness and ability to handle quite a bit of weight; one reviewer even hung from the bars after installation and had no issues. The adjustable height allows you to cater the size of the unit to fit over your vehicles or existing shelves while still getting the maximum amount of room possible. The only caveat is that reviewers said it was a bit difficult to install, but for about $200 it's a pretty good deal that will last for years once you finally get it up there.

Gladiator GearTrack 12-Piece 48-in Multipurpose Storage Rail System

Tired of leaning your brooms, shovels, and sports equipment against the wall and hoping they won't topple? Consider a storage rail. This Gladiator GearTrack 12-Piece 48-in Multipurpose Storage Rail System has everything you need to get started — two pieces of wall-mounted channel, end caps, and hooks to hold just about anything. It's about $65 for this kit, but if you're looking to expand your storage down the line, it's compatible with other Gladiator products and accessories that you can use to cater the system to your needs.

Reviewers are a big fan of this product, giving it an almost perfect rating of 4.9 stars across 135 reviews. They say the system is sturdy, easy to install, and simple to customize. All you need to do is mount it to the wall and slip the hooks into the channel. From there you can easily slide things along to fit the size of whatever you're hanging.

NewAge Products Pro 6-Piece Steel Garage Storage System

If you're really looking to bring your garage to the next level, look no further than this NewAge Products Pro 6-Piece Steel Garage Storage System. It's pricey — $3,639.99 to be exact — but if you're looking to use your garage as a workspace or to do auto repairs, it has space to store everything you need. This system has two large lockers with shelves, three smaller cabinets, a tool drawer, and a stainless steel work top. Fortunately, the entire brand is built to fit together and give you the ability to customize your own garage.

This unit has earned 4.9 stars over 82 reviews on the Lowe's website. Customers say that it's sturdy and high-quality, with useful features like drawer dividers, organizing bins, and an interlocking design that lines up with no issues. It's a big investment, but it's a top-of-the-line choice if you're looking to transform your garage into a functional space.

Craftsman 2000 Series 26.5-in W x 34-in H 5-Drawer Steel Rolling Tool Cabinet

If you're still looking for dedicated tool storage but you want something more low-profile than a full system, this Craftsman 2000 Series 26.5-in W x 34-in H 5-Drawer Steel Rolling Tool Cabinet might be for you. It's the perfect medium between a full locker and a hand-held tool box; there are five drawers made out of sturdy steel to hold all of your stuff with convenient wheels so it's still portable without having to throw out your back. Plus, it's only about $250, a major contrast to the several thousand dollar New Age system.

Customers gave this toolbox 4.6 out of 5 stars across 617 reviews, with some even transforming the toolbox into a dedicated workspace with storage by adding a workbench over the top. The only gripe that reviewers had was the lack of dividers in the drawers, but they still agree it's a good quality piece for the price.

Gladiator Steel Heavy Duty 4-Tier Utility

Sometimes, it's best to just stick to the basics — and a simple shelving unit like this Gladiator Steel Heavy Duty 4-Tier Utility is an easy way to do just that. This unit can support 2,000 pounds per shelf or 8,000 pounds if the weight is evenly distributed, so there's no worry about damage even if you're storing your heaviest items. It's also easy to assemble — no tools required, you just snap everything into place. For about $250, it's a sturdy essential that will last for years to come. Reviewers agree, giving it an impressive 4.8 stars across nearly 700 reviews on the Lowe's website.

Garages are a great multi-purpose area that can be used to store just about anything, but without a little organization, it can turn into a crowded mess. These products can help you bring some order to your space and get you the best bang for your buck. After all, the truth is (usually) in the reviews.