Why You Should Never Put Fake Plants On Display For An Open House

The average property in the United States spends about 25 days on the market, according to Zillow. This number varies depending on your location and real estate conditions. However, a general rule is that urban and suburban residences sell quicker than rural houses. Still, you probably don't want to waste time sitting with an unoccupied home and should do everything you can to sell it.

To that end, how you stage every room matters when you are preparing for an open house. For one, you want to show homebuyers both the potential of the space and that you took good care of it. Additionally, if your rooms are too unique, you could decrease some homebuyer interest. There are also red flags that everyone looks for as they walk through your home; buyers will pick up on the overuse of fake plants and may make conclusions based on their presence. They may be easy and convenient to use while staging your space, but they can ultimately be one of the reasons your home lingers in the listings.

Fake plants reflect lack of upkeep

Fake houseplants can give potential homebuyers negative impressions. Their presence can signal that you haven't taken good care of your house because you couldn't even keep natural plants alive, according to Engledow Group. Additionally, homebuyers make sure to look at more than the house's aesthetics; if something breaks once it is legally their home, it's their problem to fix it on top of a new mortgage. Seeing a home full of fake plants could be a red flag that the homeowners are trying to hide problems with the house.

Decorating with plastic plants also suggests that your home can't sustain live ones. People love natural light in their homes just as much as plants and would hate to live with only cold artificial lighting. Real plants add warmth to the space, making it more inviting to attract potential buyers, according to No Vacancy Home Staging

Other than hinting that there is something wrong with the house, fake plants can also make things look dirty. Plastic collects dust and looks unrealistic, so adding them to your décor may hurt the presentation of your home.

What plants you should use

Using real plants to stage your home is often the best option. Be sure to include healthy plants that can thrive in your space because a dark room filled with plants can feel artificial. 

Ferns are a great option because they add a lot of texture to the décor. You can style them in pots or hanging baskets, according to MHM Professional Staging LLC. They also suggest using succulents and cacti to add different colors and unique shapes to your home. There are even plants you can use to make a room appear larger; floor plants, like palms, are good at drawing the eye up, which creates the illusion of more space. 

However, if you need to purchase plants to stage your open house, it's better to stick to small ones. Why? The larger they are, the more expensive they will be. So before buying any, you can see if any of your family or friends will let you borrow their plant collection for the open house.