Almost 40% Of People Agree That This Is The Best Place To Relax At Home - House Digest Survey

Having a sanctuary in your home that allows you to retreat after a long day of work is a must to clear your head and de-stress. Of course, your entire home can't be converted into a calm environment due to its several important functions, but you can always find a little corner or room to create a safe space. For example, some people create a calm space by incorporating neutral colors in a space rather than overstimulating hues. According to The Ridgewood Blog, finding a calm space in your home is crucial to maintaining a healthy mind, and if you don't take the precautions necessary to calm your senses, the stress you feel can eventually negatively impact your body. 

However, your current stressor may be pinpointing a location to convert into a relaxing chamber. Luckily, House Digest has conducted a survey asking participants where their favorite place is to relax at home. We gave them six options: cozying up in the bedroom, unwinding in the family room, relaxing outside, taking a relaxing soak in the bath, tinkering around in the garage, and cooking or baking in the kitchen. We'll reveal which location was voted as most relaxing and explain why.

A relaxing hangout space

Out of 612 respondents, an astounding 38.07% (233 people) chose unwinding in the family room as their favorite place to relax, according to our survey. This is no surprise; a comfy sofa, television, and board games are some of the few things you can usually find in this space. However, there are several other ways to turn your family room into a cozy sanctuary, such as filling it with natural décor, according to Shop With Me Momma. It's suggested to create a pleasant smell with a potpourri bowl by mixing flowers, essential oils, and orris root.

Choosing the right colors is also important; a bright yellow probably won't be as calming as a pastel blue. You'll also want to stick to neutrals, such as white, cream, and beige, or earthy tones, such as olive green. The right accent pieces can also make or break your space, and Shop With Me Momma suggests incorporating large pillows, footstools, and cozy throw blankets in your family room. Let's not forget area rugs, specifically made of wool, which is said to be soft to step on and easy to maintain.

Soothing slumber

Coming in second is cozying up in the bedroom, with 28.10% of respondents (172 people) choosing it as their favorite place to relax. Who doesn't want their bedroom to feel cozy? This is where you can peel off your work clothes and switch them out for loungewear before crawling into your warm bed and shutting off the outside world. But what are the essential factors of a cozy bedroom? HGTV suggests opting for darker paint colors rather than light pigments. This can not only create decorative contrast but also develop a moody yet mellow vibe.

The aforementioned blanket tactic is also useful here, and HGTV advises tossing a few faux fur throws onto your bed to create the perfect spot for a cozy slumber. It's also mentioned to implement a dimmer switch to control the brightness of your light fixtures and the feeling of your space.

The following are the other options from most to least amount of votes: relaxing outside with 104 votes (16.99%), cooking or baking in the kitchen with 38 votes (6.21%), taking a relaxing soak in the bath with 37 votes (6.05%), and tinkering around in the garage with 28 votes (4.58%).