Choosing The Right Broom For Every Cleaning Task In Your House

Brooms come in all shapes and sizes. A homeowner is likely familiar with the standard, kitchen-style broom and perhaps even the whisk broom and a push broom for use in the garden. However, these are only a few options for keeping property clean and shiny. These three broom types are important tools in a typical homeowner's life and cleaning routine. But with the addition of a few other cleaning tools in this category, you can take the cleanliness of your property to a whole new level without having to apply significant elbow grease or commit a huge amount of time when seeking to deep clean a section of your home.

The Columbian notes that there is a specialty tool for just about any task a homeowner might need to perform when cleaning and maintaining their property. This is even true for sweeping tasks. In addition to the standard types of brooms, you may be familiar with; there are a few other sweeping tools that can help you get your job done quickly and without hassle or headache. Continue reading to learn more about five essential brooms that can help you with various home maintenance tasks.

The standard broom (sometimes angled)

This is the one that's likely already sitting in your kitchen or closet. The standard interior cleaning room uses straw bristles or some synthetic material to create the dust-moving capabilities that you are probably already familiar with. The WebstaurantStore notes that a traditional broom, sometimes known as an Amish broom, likely uses corn straw or another natural fiber for the bristles. The standard broom is typically operated without bending over, meaning its handle extends up to stomach or chest height. Similarly, the pushing face and bristles of the broom tend to be roughly 8 to 12 inches across, providing sizable pushing and pulling capacity without being overwhelmingly large and unruly.

A standard broom can incorporate a straight face or an angle between the handle and bristles. Angled brooms can be used in the same way that a straight-edged, standard broom is used to sweep. However, angled brooms are better for reaching into corner sections and tight spaces that might lie beneath overhanging cabinet floor kick areas and other tight corners that are difficult to access without the proper tools. A standard broom in either configuration is a must-have in any household. These brooms are the go-to utility when sweeping up a mess in the kitchen or on any other hard floor surface in the interior of your home. 

Push brooms

As its name implies, the push broom cleans through a pushing motion rather than a pull. While a standard interior broom can be pushed in certain instances, its main functionality is pulling dirt to a central pile you've created throughout the sweeping task. Push brooms are primarily outdoor tools but can also be used inside. Push brooms are often larger than typical indoor sweeping tools, and their bristles are made of a stiff nylon material perfect for large, rough grains of dirt, grass, leaves, and any other debris found outside in your yard. The Ultimate Washer raves about this tool, noting that it's an essential piece of equipment for any homeowner.

A push broom may also incorporate a longer handle than a standard broom, and this long handle helps add additional force to the sweeping task. Push brooms are an excellent addition to the home garage and can be used to clean up after doing yard work, after a building project inside the garage, and much more. Specialized interior push brooms are also great for cleaning up large tile or hardwood floor segments. If you have rooms that resemble cavernous spaces, a push broom can make quicker work of any cleanup than a standard, pull-oriented model.

Rubber brooms

A rubber broom is a specialty cleaning product that is useful in several areas. Many homeowners might not already have a rubber broom in their arsenal, but rest assured there is a significant advantage to adding one. Don Aslett notes that a rubber broom can be used as an effective means to remove the light buildup of snow on your front porch or driveway but that this external use is only one of many great benefits. Rubber brooms incorporate durable rubber bristles instead of the typical nylon or straw construction. As a result, they produce a firmer scrubbing force. They can be used to scrub deep into the fibers of your carpeting, especially when using carpet shampoo to cleanse the surface. Rubber brooms also make for an excellent grout-scrubbing tool when revitalizing a bathroom or kitchen.

Rubber brooms won't be very effective at moving surface-level dirt like a standard broom. Still, the scrubbing potential and squeegee action that you can incorporate with the backside of the broom's blade make for a unique and vital asset in the cleaning rituals of any homeowner.

Whisk brooms

A whisk broom is another type of broom that many people possess already. Whisk brooms are equipped with a dust-catching bin and are the perfect tool for collecting swept-up piles of dirt, dust, and other debris. When sweeping up leaves, grass, or even moving snow from your driveway if you live in a northern region, you are likely to rely on a shovel to pick up and dispose of anything you've swept or otherwise moved into a pile. This part of the thorough process is essential, and the cleaning task can't be considered finished unless the debris pile is removed from the area. The shovel performs this function outside; a whisk broom is a go-to tool for this part of the process when considering indoor cleaning.

With a whisk broom, you'll bend to floor level and sweep the pile into your collection tool, via Home Questions Answered. Then you need to dump the contents into your trash can and repeat the process until the entire pile is gone. For homeowners with mobility issues, specific alternatives come with elongated handles and angled mechanisms so that you can sweep up remnants without bending down to accomplish the task.

Water brooms

A water broom is the last type of cleaning device on this list. Water brooms are hooked up to a hose and provide a constant jet of water across the length of the broom's dimension. A water broom is a type of pressure washer device that can quickly clean tasks on outdoor surfaces. The typical water broom has wheels on either end of the length to move the cleaning space. Then, in the broom's primary area, water jets directly pressurized water down against the surface below. This type of cleaning device can be a highly efficient means of stripping away any staining you may have placed on a driveway, sidewalk, or pool deck, via Pressure Washers Direct.

Water brooms don't bring about the same immense pressure that a standard pressure washer brings. So they offer an excellent cleaning solution for different surfaces, including wood, concrete, and pavers. Of course, using a water broom indoors isn't a fantastic idea; however, they make for an excellent addition to the toolbox of a homeowner who enjoys a substantial amount of outdoor space on their property. Water brooms are fast and highly effective at stripping away ingrained dirt and much more.