The Best Products At Target To Help You Organize Your Garage

Garages often take the brunt of our home's most clunky and chaotic items, from old appliances to camping gear and kids' outdoor toys. All too often, we take a "shut the door and forget it" approach to our garage space, but a messy garage isn't just unsightly. Garage door specialists at Door Systems explain that a cluttered garage can also be dangerous; blocked walkways, falling objects, fire hazards, chemical spills, insects, and venomous snakes are some serious concerns. Does your garage look like a tornado blew through it? Are you tripping over bicycles, boxes, and flower pots? A quick trip to Target may be just the thing to reclaim some square footage and enjoy your garage again.

Most people don't think about Target when planning to reorganize their garage, but Target offers a surprising number of smart storage solutions. Grab your keys or head online to check out our top picks for the best garage organization products from Target — and add some other fun items to your cart while you're there!

Strong and spacious shelves

Good shelving is foundational to a well-organized garage. The Organization House strongly recommends investing in raised, water-resistant shelving and cabinets. Your shelving material may not seem that important in the garage, but garages are often prone to wild weather and temperature changes. Raised metal shelves are best for keeping your items dry, and they won't warp from moisture. Compared to wood or fiberboard, raised wire shelves are also more resistant to dust buildup, vermin, and insect nests. 

These 5 Tier Wide Wire Shelving units by Brightroom are some of Target's best-selling products for organizing your garage — and for good reasons. For only $80, each shelf offers a substantial amount of storage space, and customers were pleasantly surprised by their sturdy construction. These shelves come in two colors, modern black or shiny chrome, to complement your garage aesthetic, and they look great when lined up together. Perfect for lifting tote boxes, gardening tools, and other supplies off of the ground, these shelves from Target are a real bang for your buck. 

Smart storage totes

Storage totes are one of the most practical ways to collect all of your garage clutter. For items you don't need to access as often, they're ideal for tucking things out of sight. Storage totes can also bring a more cohesive, minimalist vibe to your garage space and help you find what you need more quickly. You can fit more items on your previously mentioned storage shelves when they are neatly packed into totes, and DIY Frenzy even shows you how to suspend your lightweight totes from the ceiling and free up more floor space.

The $27 Extra Large Wheeled Latching Storage Tote from Target is a perfect solution for people with a lot of bulky garage clutter. The lid locks tightly into place and provides two sturdy, slip-free handles on both sides, ideal for heavy camping gear, tarps and tents, old books, air mattresses, and more. These totes also have a large pull handle on one end and two wheels on the base, making it easy to move without breaking your back. Purchasers love that the tote fits a large number of items, stacks easily, and is convenient to wheel around.

A handy toolbox

A good toolbox is essential in every person's garage. Whether you've got just a few screwdrivers or a whole arsenal of tools, keeping them organized is key to maintaining a clutter-free garage. Plus, you won't have to scramble to look for the right tool in an emergency. Although other materials like aluminum have benefits, Whats Magazine explains that plastic toolboxes are ideal because they are lightweight, easy to clean, and relatively affordable. With proper care, a high-quality plastic toolbox can last for decades. 

This Blue Ridge Tools Tool Box from Target is an excellent choice. It offers ample space for your most frequently used tools, with a large lower compartment, a pop-out tray organizer, and small accessory compartments built into the lid. Next time you're working on a project, helping a friend move, or repairing something for a neighbor, the latching lid and handle will make it easy to take your tools on the go. For less than $20, customers rave about its durability and convenient built-in organization. 

Groovy handle grippers

According to Cooper Pest Solutions, reducing clutter and freeing up floor space is one of the best ways to prevent mice and other pests from settling in your garage. When brooms, rakes, hoes, and spades are piled up in the corner, they can become a cozy nesting place for spiders, mice, and other vermin. Leaving these items on the floor can also surprise you with some embarrassing "Tom and Jerry" moments (handle smack to the face, anyone?). 

Instead of tripping over tools and battling with cobwebs, keep your brooms, hoes, and rakes off the floor with these Command Broom & Mop Grippers from Target. These damage-free grippers are super easy to stick on your garage walls, and each hook can hold up to 4 pounds. Wall grippers are the perfect solution for storing long, awkward yard tools, but they can also be great for holding kids' toys like baseball bats and jump ropes. When it's easy to access your broom, you'll be able to sweep your garage more often, reducing the amount of crumbs, bird seed, and dog food on the floor that may attract pests. Two hooks only cost about $15, and you'll want more once you realize just how convenient they are!

A clever storage cabinet

Not everything in your garage can or should be blindly stored in totes. According to Garage Living, cleaning chemicals and combustible liquids are some of the most dangerous items in your garage when they're improperly stored. If you can't clearly see them, there's a good chance that your chemicals could spill and mix, emitting toxic fumes and flammable vapors. Even so, tons of bottles and sprays aren't very aesthetically pleasing when they're left out in the open.  

This Sterilite Adjustable 4-Shelf Storage Cabinet With Doors from Target will help you contain garage clutter and protect your chemicals from sunlight and accidental spills. Sterlite's $265 shelving units can also be fitted with a standard padlock to keep children extra safe. Beyond storing liquids, these shelves are also incredible for organizing tools, toys, and gardening supplies. Each storage cabinet features adjustable shelves so you can set the shelf height to your preference. Customers love how the shelves give their garage a clean, cohesive feel and keep their chemicals and other hazardous items safely tucked away.