The Best Holiday Gifts At HomeGoods In 2022

When it comes time to cross all those names off of your holiday shopping list, you may feel like there's no way to balance your budget and your sanity. That's why many folks turn to big box stores like HomeGoods, which offer heavily-discounted items. But sometimes when you're elbow-deep in a bin of markdowns you lose sight of what is actually a great value, thanks to the psychology of discounts, says CBC. That's when we prioritize savings over actually buying what we want. 

To avoid falling into this trap, we poured over HomeGoods gift options for 2022. There we found the best deals for a variety of styles and budgets so you'll have all winners under the Christmas tree. And to help you even further before you face the battle lines at the mall, we've compiled a guide for the best times to shop at HomeGoods and grab the greatest deals; that way you can make the most out of your time and holiday shopping budget. 

1. Velvet geometric pattern throw pillow

Throw pillows are something a lot of people neglect to buy for themselves because they often already have some that are adequate, if not super stylish. That's why we love giving them at the holidays as a gift — especially textured, groovy ones like this funky velvet pillow. Listed for $39.99

2. 51 x 67 cashmere throw

Nothing says luxury like cashmere, making this 100% cashmere throw blanket an incredible holiday gift for anyone on your list. And with the extra pretty gift box and ribbon, you don't even need to wrap this beauty up — just slap a bow on it. Available for $149.99. 

3. Whiskey globe decanter and glasses

While we wouldn't recommend this for the budding geographer in your life, we love this clever globe whiskey decanter for anyone who appreciates presentation when they pour a drink. It comes with two matching glasses for $29.99. 

4. 8-piece plus cotton bath towel set

One of the best ways to make a bathroom feel more luxurious is by investing in some lush bath linens. So give the gift that loved ones can use and appreciate every day with this super soft, plush bath towel set. Available for $39.99. 

5. 24 x 40-inch arched mirror

Mirrors are fantastic as wall décor gifts because they don't offend any design sensibilities. The unique arched mirror is a nice twist on classic wall-mounted options, and has a glamorous twist with the gold metallic frame. Available for $79.99. 

6. Tabletop shuffleboard game

Especially when it comes to the holidays, getting gifts that will keep the kids occupied without ruining the holiday décor are much appreciated. That makes this tabletop shuffleboard set, available for $19.99, a slam dunk. The board measures 12 inches wide x 38 inches long. 

7. 4-piece old fashioned cocktail kit

This cheeky Old Fashioned set is listed for $16.99 and includes a rocks glass that reads "Call Me Old Fashioned," a stirring spoon, and a sugar cube muddler. It's great for those who like their beverages on the rocks and with a side of humor. 

8. Pinstripe pet tent

While your friend's pooch may love their fur-covered mattress on the ground, their owners may not. This stylish tented dog bed passes as darling décor and has plenty of cushion for furry friends. Listed at $49.99. 

9. Kate Spade Celebrate That! Occasions coffee table book

A great gift for the host with the most, Kate Spade New York's Celebrate That! Occasions hardcover coffee table book will help them celebrate and make the most out of every occasion. Available for $19.99. 

10. Geometric candle holder

With five slots and bedazzled candles, this gold-finished geometric candle holder would look great on an office desk or as part of a holiday display. The candle holders are available in blue or gold glitter, and are listed at $39.99. 

11. Crosley portable record player and album crate

Vintage lovers and music fanatics rejoice! Crosley's portable turntable and natural wood album box is at HomeGoods for $49.99. Great for your friend who always has their headphones in or wishes CDs would make a comeback. 

12. 1 liter whiskey barrel

If there's anything we've learned over the years, it's that there's no such thing as too many ways to store your whiskey. This wooden whiskey barrel has rustic charm, and would be a ton of fun to pour for. Available for $19.99. 

13. Minimalist portrait pair

Don't shy away from buying wall art as a gift, especially with these tasteful fine line minimalist portraits. The rough-edge parchment is also an extra detail that you won't find on a lot of comparable prints. Listed for $29.99. 

14. Banana Leaf Woven Vase

This banana leaf woven vase has the perfect organic touch for any space, and comes in a great size at 16 inches deep x 21.5 inches high. That means it would look great on the table or on the floor next to the fireplace. Available for $39.00. 

15. LED rainbow light in acrylic box

Struggling to find something that is both cool, fun, and decorative for the teen on your list? You can't go wrong with this LED rainbow accent lamp. It would be a happy addition to any teen or tween bedroom. Available for $19.99. 

16. Walnut wood board game set

Nothing beats décor you can play with. This gorgeous walnut game set includes everything you need to play chess, checkers, and backgammon. It will look gorgeous on the coffee table, or nestled in between couch cushions for some intense Christmas morning tournaments. Listed for $59.99. 

17. Dreamlight candlestick holders

These gorgeous floral, surreal glass candlestick holders are made in Germany, and would be a stand-out gift for any budding interior designer. Wrap them up with some taper candles and tea lights to win gift-giver of the holidays. These are sold separately: The taller model is available for $11.00, and the shorter holder for $14.99

18. 2-tier acrylic and gold bar cart

This darling 2-tier acrylic bar cart is a great buy for any glam lover. It can, of course, be a display for the champagne and flutes, or work as a stunning utility or book cart in a small space. Available for $199.99. 

19. Rose quartz infused room spray

While your friend may turn their nose up at the artificial air fresheners of yore, give them the gift of sumptuous fragrance with this rose quartz-scented room spray. Listed at $10.00. 

20. Alabaster bookend set

These alabaster bookends are quintessentially classy, with their stunning marbled streaks and abstract shapes. They're perfect for modern design lovers and bookish pals on your list. Available for $59.99.