The Best Gifts For Gardeners In 2022

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Do you experience a feeling of happiness and relief after digging in the soil or watering plants? According to Psychology Today, gardening can benefit mental health in a lot of ways. It helps us be present in the moment, embrace the imperfect, and connect with the world around us. Gardening is great for physical health too! Sunshine provides Vitamin D, pruning and planting are good exercise, and we tend to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables when they come straight from the garden.

Although it's rewarding in a lot of ways, gardening isn't always a cheap hobby. In fact, for every hour they spend in their garden, gardeners end up paying about $70 for supplies (via Accessible Gardens). Soil, seedings, tools, and equipment can quickly add up, so if you know an avid gardener, they'd love to receive gardening gifts! But what are the best gifts for gardeners? How can you pick a gift that's unique and useful? Before you head to the nursery or hardware store, get some inspiration from our list of awesome gifts for gardeners.

1. A pair of handheld pruning shears

This pruner by Fiskars is the perfect practical gift for gardeners at any stage, and it's only $20.99. The steel blades will stay sharp even after months of use, and the non-slip grip makes it easy to reach branches from every angle. 

2. A knee-saving kneeling pad

Working in the garden can really take a toll on your knees. Luckily, this kneeling pad by Red Home Club on Amazon is just the thing to keep them comfortable all day! Plus, it comes in several colors, including blue, red, black, pink, and more. 

3. A handy garden cart

The medium gardener's supply cart by Gardener's Supply Company makes it easy to tote around soil, mulch, tools, and large planters and can hold up to 400 pounds. This $459 cart comes in your choice of vibrant colors, including red, avocado green, and wood-grain brown. 

4. A pair of comfortable gardening gloves

Good gardening gloves are an absolute essential. Treat your favorite gardener to these rubberized gardening gloves by Hunter. Colors in stock may vary, but for $38, you can pick up these comfy mitts in black, red, or yellow. 

5. An apron with plenty of pockets

Who said digging in the dirt couldn't be stylish? This canvas garden apron by Anthropologie has a flattering cut and multiple pockets for all their gardening tools. For just $38, gardening has never looked so good. 

6. A cool greenhouse cabinet

Building a greenhouse on your own can be a challenging and expensive project. Luckily, this wooden cold frame greenhouse by MCombo is great for protecting precious plants through winter — and much cheaper than the alternative at $219. 

7. A helpful gardening calendar

The Old Farmer's Almanac gardening calendar on Amazon will help them keep track of planting times, harvest season, holidays, and more. At just $9.99, this is the perfect gift for neighbors, coworkers, or gardening friends who have it all. 

8. A set of quirky herb markers

Does your recipient love cooking with fresh herbs? Give their garden a fun and cutesy touch with these herb markers by Vintage Garden Art on Etsy. For $30, they'll get a set of six unique silver markers made from recycled spoons. 

9. A pair of sturdy gardening boots

Gardening can be a very messy but rewarding hobby. These gardener short rain boots by Hunter will keep their feet protected from any rain, mud, and muck that comes their way. Priced at $110, these durable boots come in both men's and women's sizes. 

10. A nifty soil pH meter

Need an excellent gift for the loved one who has gardening down to a science? This soil pH meter by Atree on Amazon is only $9.99, and it'll tell them exactly how much moisture, sunlight, and acidity their plants are experiencing. 

11. An eco-friendly newspaper pot maker

The newspaper pot maker by Carrot Design on Amazon is an eco-friendly gardening essential. At just $16.99, this little tool is perfect for starting seedlings, and the biodegradable newspaper pots can be planted straight into the soil. 

12. Baskets for a bountiful harvest

Does your gardener always have an abundance of vegetables? For $29.95, this set of two onion baskets by Williams-Sonoma will give them plenty of storage for onions, garlic, potatoes, or anything else they harvest this season. Plus, they look downright adorable. 

13. A blooming butterfly garden

Who doesn't love a spring garden filled with butterflies? Help your favorite gardener attract pollinators with this butterfly garden seedling kit from Deckerrdseeds on Etsy. For just $25, they'll receive six fiber pots, six soil pellets, six markers, and six cans of seeds.

14. An adorable insect hotel

Butterflies aren't the only pollinators that are great for gardens. This triangle insect hotel from Anthropologie will attract bees, ladybugs, and other helpful little critters to their garden. For $56, this is a gardener's gift that keeps on giving.

15. A unique citronella lantern

Bees and butterflies are wonderful, but some bugs aren't so welcome in the garden. This personalized citronella lantern by Uncommon Goods will emit a soft, lemony scent to keep mosquitoes and wasps away from human-occupied areas. 

16. A delicious garden-to-table cookbook

Is there anything better than fresh, homegrown produce? For $30.99, "The Garden Chef" on Amazon will give them plenty of recipes and serving ideas to make the most of their bountiful garden. 

17. A functional folding wheelbarrow

The folding wheelbarrow by Bosmere on Amazon is perfect for gardeners who don't have much space left in their garage or shed. This $83 wheelbarrow is strong enough to move gravel, mulch, and more, and it tucks away nicely when not in use. 

18. A pair of ingenius grow lights

Let's face it; most gardeners also have a hefty collection of indoor plants and seedlings. This pair of $53.99 LED grow lights by Hytekgro on Amazon will keep their little friends feeling happy and bright all year round. 

19. A terrific tumbling composter

Every gardener knows the power of rich, nutritious compost, but a compost pile can be annoying to flip. For just $64.50, this dual chamber tumbling composter by FCMP Outdoor on Amazon makes it easy to churn up old scraps and replenish the soil in their garden. 

20. A cozy gardener-off-duty hoodie

This warm and cozy thank a pollinator pullover hoodie by Raygun is the perfect gift to complete their gardener-off-duty outfit. For $59, they'll have a soft one-of-a-kind hoodie, and a portion of your purchase will support pollinator-friendly gardens across the nation.