Are Smokeless Fire Pits Worth The Money?

Gathering around a fire with friends and family is one of the ways to foster outstanding bonds that will last a lifetime. You might not know this, but the warm and fuzzy feeling you get around a fire is an evolutionary phenomenon that has helped humans for centuries manage stress, according to research by the Department of Anthropology at the University of Alabama. However, in reality, if you have been around fireplaces long enough, you surely know that smoke from the fire always has a way of ruining the experience.

 Whether it is the thick smoke getting into your eyes or leaving your hair and clothes with an unpleasant burnt smell, the smoke from regular fire pits does take the fun away from the adventure of an outdoor campfire. However, all is not lost yet; there is a way of enjoying your time by the fire without having to deal with smoke — a smoke-free fire pit! This brilliant invention allows you to enjoy the fire without smoke and equally burns wood or any other fuel of choice more efficiently. So how good are smokeless fire pits? Are they a worthy investment for your home? Read on to get the answers to these and more.

How do smokeless fire pits work?

From basic science, you need fuel and oxygen to keep a fire going. Smoke is a by-product of the combustion process that happens when there is incomplete combustion in the fire pit. According to Backyard Toasty, some of the reasons that may cause incomplete burning of fuel like wood are excess moisture or even improper stacking on the pit. With this in mind, a smokeless fire pit design facilitates the complete burning of wood where the resultant effect is the proper use of the said fuel allowing it to last longer. A smokeless fire pit is built with two walls: The outer one has holes at the bottom, while the inner wall has several on top. 

Immediately wood is lit inside the pit, and oxygen is forced through the space amid the two walls. When it gets hot enough, it rises to the top and is driven between the holes in the inner walls. With the additional supply of preheated oxygen, the flame gets hotter, burning off the remainder of the smoke particles before they find their way out of the pit. While this is true, it is also important to mention that a smokeless fire pit is not as efficient in eliminating all the smoke; however, it does a great job of significantly reducing the amount of smoke coming out of the fire pit.

Advantages of a smokeless fire pit

A smokeless fire pit will be ideal if you love your time by the fire. However, you should also know that the benefits of these pits go beyond just keeping the smoke at bay. One of the less-mentioned benefits of smokeless fire pits is that they help protect your flame from the wind. Wind can easily send the embers on a traditional fire pit flying randomly, which can be dangerous to children who do not know what to look out for. The hollow smokeless fire pit design keeps the flames burning inside the confines of the double wall. Another noteworthy benefit of the smokeless fire pit is fuel economy. 

As mentioned earlier, since the design of this pit facilitates complete burning, the fuel in question goes a long way compared to when used in a regular fire pit. Also, you will get more consistent heat because of enough ventilation and proper airflow. Instead of spending the rest of your evening trying to keep the flame alive, you get to stay warm and enjoy the moment instead. Another benefit from enough ventilation is that it is easier to start the fire and get the flames dancing, via Backyard Scape.

Disadvantages of a smokeless fire pit

While this type of pit comes with many upsides, it is also necessary to mention that it has a fair share of disadvantages. One of the main downsides to this type of pit is the cost. Of course, you don't expect to get the extra conveniences for free, and you should expect to pay more than you would for a traditional fire pit. The cost will depend on several factors like the size and fuel type, just to mention a few. 

Another shortcoming of this fire pit design is that it produces less radiant heat. Because of the construction design, much of the heat from the smokeless fire pit goes upwards, leaving little warmth for those circling the fire pit to enjoy. Because of this, you will need to move a little close to the source of heat, limiting the number of people who can circle around the fire at a given time, via Ordinary Adventures.

How to pick the right smokeless fire pit

If this is your first time shopping for a firepit, you will be shocked by the sheer number of options. While having plenty of opportunities to select from is good, it can quickly become a nightmare if you aren't aware of precisely what to go for. Weight is one of the most important things you need to look out for before picking just any other pit from the store, and this will go a long way in determining how portable your fire pit will be. If it is too heavy, moving it around will be inconvenient, especially if you live alone. 

Another thing you need to consider is the cost; remember, the bigger the pit in terms of diameter, the more expensive it will be. Ultra Outdoors recommends having a budget to avoid splurging on too costly units. Also, don't forget to keep an eye out for the accessories the pit comes with. Today, fire pits provide more than heat; some provide extra functions like cooking. So if you would like to get more out of your fire pit, be sure to go for the options with additional cooking accessories.

So is a smokeless fire pit worth the cost?

It is essential to acknowledge that fire pits are not for everyone; some people might not have the space, while others don't enjoy the experience of gathering around a fire. However, if you are a campfire enthusiast, a smokeless fire pit might take your outdoor experience up a notch and protect those around the fire from the harmful health effects of wood smoke. Remember, the smoke from burning wood is more than a nuisance for those camping around the fire. While you might not die from smoke inhalation in an outdoor setting, the particles in the smoke matter can result in respiratory illnesses like bronchitis, via the United States Environmental Protection Agency

Other than that, a smokeless fire pit might be a good option if you love your turf so much that you cannot stand digging and destroying a section of it. Get a portable one that you can quickly move outdoors whenever you need to use it. There is no doubt that a smokeless fire pit comes with many advantages; this unit is a good investment for outdoorsy people who will use it more than a few times.