11 Rattan Planters That Will Perfectly Complement All Of Your Houseplants

With boho and earthy styles taking over the design world, one material that has solidified its place in most homes is rattan. This fabric is often mistaken for other materials used for woven furniture, like seagrass or bamboo, but it's an entirely separate plant. According to Amanda Lindroth, rattan is a type of climbing palm tree native to tropical climates. As a bonus, it's also a lot more durable and sustainable than other natural materials of its caliber.

Rattan is most commonly woven into wicker furniture or other weaved patterns, but similar to bamboo, the woody material can either be separated into fine, malleable, and weavable strips, or used as sturdy logs for furniture construction. Furniture makers aren't the only ones who enjoy the many benefits this material has to offer, though. Many houseplant aficionados love using either rattan planters or stands to hold their houseplants. Like bamboo and macrame, the fabric's natural and light woody color goes wonderfully with lush green foliage. Most rattan planters are meant to hold or display a potted cultivar since the material itself isn't water resistant, but it undoubtedly adds a wonderful decorative touch to any room, boho or not.

1. Urban Outfitters Rattan Standing Planter

Urban Outfitters raised plant stand comes in two different sizes, with the medium option costing $79 and the large size costing $99. The raised planter has three legs that jut out diagonally in a mid-century fashion, accentuating the retro material.

2. Ikea Kaktusfikon

Ikea's Kaktusfikon rattan planter costs $30 and has an internal plastic sleeve to protect the natural fibers from water damage. It also has handles to easily move around larger, heavier plants. It could also double as a basket if your plant outgrows the container.

3. West Elm Adobe Rattan Planters

West Elm's Adobe line of rattan planters comes in five options — extra small, medium, large, low wide, and double — providing an option for all your needs. The planters' price range from $79 to $199. The rattan is thicker and unwoven, with a slightly more modern design.

4. Opalhouse Large Woven Footed Planter

This Opalhouse rattan planter from eBay costs $25 and has a more boho, all-natural look. The rattan feet are low to the ground, and the basin made of woven rattan is low and wide with rounded edges.

5. CB2 Burnt Rattan Planter

A sturdier option from CB2, this collection of rattan planters comes in small, medium, and large, ranging from $50 to $169. The rattan ropes around the planter and has a darker, burnt effect. There's a tin liner inside each container to protect the wooden material.

6. Urban Outfitters Rattan Tiered Plant Stand

This rattan planter is also from Urban Outfitters and costs $199. The triptych-style structure has a planter on each panel at a different height, which allows you to compactly fold it into one panel or unfold it into three. It comes in both a natural rattan color and a black option.

7. Home Goods Rattan Woven Plant Stands

Home Goods describes its two-piece planter set as both rustic boho and contemporary. The plant stands have a larger, cleaner weave with looped rattan feet, costing $70.

8. Joss & Main Moores 2-Piece Rattan Pot Planter Set

A more truly rustic and boho option is Joss & Main's Moores two-piece planter set, which costs $210. The rattan is woven into a wicker design for the cylindrical planters, and the looped feet are made of metal.

9. Abrahams 2-Piece Wicker/Rattan Pot Planter Set

This Abrahams set of two rattan planters from Wayfair costs $218. The two different-sized planters have long, sturdy legs and a slight art deco design in the wicker weave.

10. Kirkland's Home Natural Rattan Arch Weave Basket Set

This set of two rattan baskets from Kirkland's Home has a vertical arch weave and costs $90. While they aren't marketed as planters, they're low and wide enough that you could easily slot a potted cultivar into them.

11. West Elm Adobe Rattan Hanging Planters

West Elm also has a hanging version of the Adobe rattan planter, which comes as a set costing $99. The set includes small and large sizes, each with its own hanging cords and hardware.