59% Of Readers Agree This Is The Piece Of Furniture Worth Splurging On - Exclusive Survey

When it comes to furnishing our homes, with all the options out there we might feel somewhat overwhelmed. For example, if you are a new homeowner and have a whole house to outfit, what items should you spend good money on? Danetti suggests that instead of furnishing your space as a whole, try just focusing on each room individually; this will prevent you from feeling stressed out by multiple choices and styles. They also suggest starting with your investment pieces.

What would be considered an investment piece? Large furniture options such as a bed and mattress, sofas, and dining sets are certainly items that you intend to keep for a long time. To that end, spending money sourcing quality pieces that are fit for purpose and of good quality is well worth your time and effort. Here at House Digest we conducted an exclusive survey of 612 people and asked them: Which piece of furniture is worth splurging on?

Mattresses took the top spot

Mattresses came in first with a landslide 59% of the vote. Out of the 612 people we asked, a whopping 360 all agreed that splurging on a quality mattress is a great idea. It's no surprise though, as according to Dreams, we spend around 33 years in bed on average! That's over a third of an average lifespan. With this in mind, finding the perfect mattress for you makes sense, and it is definitely worth spending a little extra money to get the right fit for you. Places like Bedstar offer online quizzes that analyze how you sleep and how soft or firm you prefer your mattress to be, in order to help you select the right one for your needs.

Second place went to sofas, voted for by 22% or 136 people out of the 612 surveyed. Express stated that sofas last around 12 years, and during their lifespan the average person will spend 7,482 hours sitting on it watching television — and many more hours reading, having telephone conversations, napping, and cuddling. With this in mind, it is easy to see why sofas snatched second place.

The best of the rest

Coming in third were dining tables; with over 10% of the vote, 64 people plumped for this option. Sitting down for meals in a sociable way is something  all of us spend a chunk of our precious time doing, so investing in a comfortable dining set that fits our needs is a wise choice.

Next on the list were bed frames and headboards; 27 people out of the 612 surveyed decided that these pieces of furniture are worth splurging on. This option ties in with the mattresses nicely, as if you are spending a good amount on the perfect one you'll want to support and show it off with a good bed frame and headboard. Heveya goes so far as to say that your bed frame can impact the life span of your mattress, so choosing the right one will ensure that you reap all the benefits your mattress is meant to provide.

Bringing up the rear were desks with almost 3% of the vote, with 17 people choosing this option, and in last place were coffee tables with only 1.3% of the vote.