One Michigan Home For Sale Boasts The Last Thing You Would Want To Find In A Kitchen

According to Zillow, this home for sale in Ferndale, Michigan, is described as unique, but we're just looking at it and thinking, "Huh?" From the tiger print wallpaper to the bright red bathroom, it's got an eclectic design for sure. But what really catches everyone's eye are the urinals in the kitchen. Yes, you read that right — urinals in the kitchen. No, not hidden off to the side, but rather right smack dab in front of the kitchen sink.

Not only are we concerned about the sanitary issues a design choice like this can cause, but also the minds behind those who thought this was a good idea. If you don't believe us, we have the photos to prove the perplexing interior that has jaws dropping. While it only hit the real estate market a few days ago, social media users are already having a field day by leaving hilarious comments (via Twitter). Yet, we can also sense the hint of confusion and panic behind them. Keep reading to learn what everyone's thinking, as well as other design features you've likely never seen anywhere else.

But why

Currently listed for $165,000, this home is more than six decades old, according to Zillow. And we bet the original builders never imagined there would come a day when any future homeowners would install urinals in the kitchen. In fact, there are two of them placed underneath the newly installed wet bar and across from the kitchen sink and nearby stove. It's unclear the reasoning for this installation, but it certainly looks like a spot where you can take a leak and enjoy a cocktail at the same time.

Meanwhile, the kitchen appears to lead to a black door, which is all banged up with dents for some mysterious reason. Other interesting features include a hooked-up television in the shower of the full bath, so that "you'll never miss a play." There is also a bathroom painted bright red, and Instagram user _shell_shock is perplexed over why no one is commenting on the suspected beer tap above the toilet (via Instagram).

What people are saying

If you got a kick out of seeing urinals in the kitchen, you'll love the countless comments left on social media. "Right in front of my salad?" asks snuggleguns, who honestly has a point (via Instagram). Indeed, it's hard to imagine someone relieving themselves while another person is cooking only a few feet away. Other users, like endless_void, rightfully wondered if installing them increased or decreased the overall value of the home.

"There is a point when convenience outweighs style. The bar in this house has reached this point," said Instagram user tom_conselli. However, we'd like to argue that the urinals in the wet bar have not only already reached this point, but have far exceeded it. Meantime, amandabmomof4 speculates the homeowners may have been the type to "need to hear the water run to get going." Finally, some people, such as @kathybayhan, hope they're not urinals, but rather something meant for dogs due to the doggy door seen in the photo.