How To Choose The Perfect Freestanding Tub Style For Your Space

We've got one thing to say to those who want to elevate the style of their bathroom: freestanding tub. According to Laurysen Kitchens, freestanding tubs come in many styles, such as the traditional clawfoot and contemporary egg shape, so you're highly likely to find a design to fit your aesthetic. It's also a way to create a focal point in the bathroom if that's what you're currently lacking; add a statement light fixture above or a giant art piece behind and you'll be able to create a visual unique to your home. Additionally, they're also pretty easy to install with the help of a plumber.

However, before even thinking about hiring a plumber, you must decide on the perfect freestanding tub style and ensure it will complement the current design of your bathroom. Shopping online or walking through a store can be quite overwhelming when you're confronted with countless options, so we suggest understanding what you're looking for before you begin your search. Don't know how to start? We've found a few tips to help you out.

Understand the current design of your bathroom

In order to figure out which freestanding tub style will best suit your bathroom, you first have to identify the current aesthetic of your space. Is it traditional? Full of small details and curved lines? Or modern: a configuration of straight lines and abstract decor? Once you've pinpointed the theme of your bathroom, search for freestanding tubs that have similar characteristics. 

According to Modernize, single-ended tubs can be used in traditionally designed bathrooms. They have a headrest on one side of the tub and a pretty simple design. If you want to dress it up a bit, we suggest purchasing one with a clawfoot feature, which can also be complementary to your traditional decor. For something more modern, we suggest taking a look at the double-ended freestanding tub, which instead has two headrests. It's also wise to look over finish options, because a stainless steel tub may be what gives your modern bathroom that wow factor.

Size matters

It's also important to think about size. It won't matter how stylish and complementary your new freestanding tub is if it makes the space look overcrowded. It'll throw off the balance, take away from the relaxing atmosphere, and impact your ability to move freely. According to Tyrrell and Laing, the length of a freestanding tub is usually around 55 to 72 inches. So, before you choose what you believe is the perfect tub, first measure your bathroom and ensure there will be at least one foot of space between the tub and all surrounding walls.

We'd also like to note that the height of freestanding tubs is usually around 15 to 22 inches. It's important to be aware of this to avoid accidentally blocking or overpowering any decor or furniture you've planned to place around it. This may include a side chair, table, bench, or something artistic, such as a sculpture.