The Holiday Trends That Are Overused And Outdated In 2022

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The holidays might be all about tradition, family, and the festive spirit, but that doesn't mean they're immune to fads. If you're part of the 72% of people that decorate the interior of their homes for the holiday season (via You Gov), you've likely seen a few trends come and go in your décor choices, whether you're trimming the Christmas tree or lighting the menorah for Hanukkah.

When it comes to festive décor, sticking to nostalgic, traditional options is almost always a safe bet — after all, what's better to give off that feeling of childhood wonder than handmade ornaments passed down through the generations — but if you find yourself drawn to the Target holiday section year after year, there are a few fizzling trends that you should look out for. Keep these bygone choices in mind the next time you shop, and you're sure to love your decorations years down the line, even as the popular styles change.

Stark minimalism

The minimalist revolution has been taking the world by storm. After the wave of Marie Kondo-style decluttering, an increased focus on mental health in design, and the resurgence of neutrals and earth tones in color palettes, nearly 60% of Americans describe their style as minimalist (via Study Finds). While this may be a great method to reduce visual stimuli and encourage productivity, many people are turning their backs on the less is more approach in holiday decorating.

The problem? It's all a bit bland. Faceless wooden reindeer and all-white accents may fit in with the popular color palette, but they don't do much to spread holiday cheer. Instead, look to pieces with more personality. Vintage shopping is a great way to find long-lasting and unique décor, but any pieces that carry fun memories and relate to your family will always make a major impact. There's no need to completely cover your living room with glitter and lights, but a few special items around the home won't destroy your streamlined aesthetic.

Excessive text

The easiest way to make something holiday-themed is to slap on a few festive words. We've all seen them — "believe," "love, light, and latkes," "merry and bright" — but as public opinion turns against Rae Dunn mugs and inspirational wall decals, it's best to stick with something a little more subdued. According to Purdue University, fun and decorative fonts can bring personality to text and alter the reader's perception of the words, but they fade in and out of popularity just as quickly as other trends.

Instead, pick up holiday pillows in festive colors and patterns you can use year after year, like cozy sweater knits and true reds. It's like wearing a graphic tee shirt — a funny slogan may last you for the season, but a plain white tee will never go out of style. If you're still committed to the signs and decals, look to something vintage-inspired that has withstood the test of time, like this Norman Rockwell Tin Wall Art from Target. All in all, the easiest way to ensure something won't be out of date by next December is to avoid the trends and stick to the classics. Your wallet, and your future self, will thank you.