The Easiest Way To Hang Stockings Without Nails

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One of the most important places to decorate for the holiday season is the fireplace mantel. Typically, stockings are used to adorn this area of the home, and to hang them, most utilize nails. However, this will leave visible holes throughout the rest of the year, not to mention that the nails could also be difficult to remove. Additionally, when prying them off with the back of a hammer, you risk damaging your mantel even further. 

Luckily, there's a better hanging solution: command hooks. According to Positively Splendid, these are the best option because they can easily be removed and won't cause any damage. However, to get the best look, you'll also need to hide them, which is typically done with garland. If you're not planning on using garland or another large decorative piece this year, there is another option: stocking holders, which come in a number of designs. Below, you'll find some tips on how to hang stockings with adhesive hooks and holders, as well as some of the best places to purchase these items. 

If pairing with garland, choose command hooks

As stated, command hooks are a great way to avoid creating holes in your mantel. However, they're not the most beautiful pieces, so it's best to hide them behind garland or another decorative element. House Of Hepworths hides them behind the decorative top of their handmade stockings. They place the hooks on top of the mantel so they're harder to spot, but if your garland typically runs along the front, place the hooks there as well. Another tip? Try placing one hook on either side of the mantel and running a taut piece of string along the front, to which you can attach the stockings.

Furthermore, even those who don't have a mantel could make this work. For instance, Four Generations One Roof hides the hooks behind the mounted television above their fireplace. Other ideas include attaching them to the wall or a piece of furniture. 

Command hooks can be purchased from places like Amazon and Walmart and come in a number of different sizes. You'll need to make sure you purchase ones that can withstand the weight of your stockings once filled with gifts and goodies.

The other option is stocking holders

However, if you're not using garland or something else that would cover up the command hooks, stocking holders may be your best bet. These are heavy decorations with hooks that sit directly on top of the mantel or another flat surface, per Wayfair. To help them stay in place, you could secure them with command strips, which could be purchased from Walmart.

There are quite a few stocking holder options on the market, and they usually come in packs with multiple pieces. For instance, Amazon sells a set of four silver snowflakes for $34.99, Target has four in all your favorite Christmas designs for $17.50 (currently on sale), and Walmart sells a pack of two candy canes for $15.99. Another option is to make the holders yourself; The Handyman's Daughter suggests wrapping small pieces of wood to look like presents. Another idea is hanging all the stockings from knobs attached to a long, weighted box, which could be set on top of your mantel.