Jonathan Scott & Zooey Deschanel Show Off White House Holiday Decor In Upcoming HGTV Special

This holiday, Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel are taking HGTV viewers where they've never gone before... the White House. According to People, the dynamic duo will be hosting HGTV's "White House Christmas 2022," where the couple will take us inside the White House to highlight its gorgeous holiday décor, including its 77 Christmas trees, 300 candles, 12,000 ornaments, 1,600 bells, and more than 83,000 lights that adorn the property. Each decoration is inspired by this year's theme, "We the People," which was created to help us remember our country is better united than apart.

Speaking of unity, for the first time ever, the White House has added a menorah to its official holiday décor, which was designed using leftover wood from the building's construction during the Truman era, Insider states. While the White House has thrown Hanukkah celebrations in the past, this is the first year a menorah has been a permanent part of its holiday collection. Needless to say, this is a big year for everyone.

Decking the White House halls

During "White House Christmas 2022," viewers will get a peek at the making of the holiday magic, including the gigantic Gingerbread White House, made from 20 sheets of sugar cookie dough, 30 sheets of gingerbread dough, and 30 (yes, 30) pounds of chocolate. The gingerbread replica will join the sugar cookie version of Philadelphia's Independence Hall, where the nation was born many years ago. Follow Scott and Deschanel as they sprinkle their own holiday zest on the White House (and if you listen closely, you might even hear Deschanel singing), per HGTV.

Scott and Deschanel won't be the only ones trimming the trees and decking the White House halls; the First Lady, Jill Biden, will also be joining in on the festivities as she guides the couple through each beautifully-decorated room, People explains. Tune into HGTV this Sunday, December 11th, at 6 pm ET/PT, or stream on Discovery Plus. It's a holiday special you won't want to miss.