How To Steal Chloe Bailey's Cool And Modern Style For Your Own Home

Chlöe Bailey, half of the eponymous sister duo Chloe x Halle, has become famous in her own right. From her role as the athletic college student Jazz on Freeform's "Grown-ish" to her blossoming solo career as an R&B musician, it's no secret that this young star has gained quite a bit of success at only 24 years old. Now, she's adding a trend-setting interior decorator to her long list of achievements.

In her recent Open Door interview with Architectural Digest, the musician gave the cameras a rare peek into her stylish apartment in Los Angeles. Her style strikes the perfect balance — modern but still personal. Sleek, but still zen. We can't all be Oscar-nominated musicians, but we can certainly learn a few tricks to live like one. Keep reading to learn how to achieve Chlöe Bailey's balanced interior design in your own spaces — maybe just without the fully-stocked music studio instead of a guest bedroom.

Bring in personal touches

Before you even make it into the main area of Chlöe Bailey's apartment, you'll know it's hers. Photos and artwork throughout the artist's career line the long hallway, from a custom oil painting given as a gift from her friend to moments captured at music video shoots. "As we walk down, you kind of see my life almost, in a way," she said in her interview with Architectural Digest.

Modern design is beautiful, but the sleek lines and minimal textures can make everything feel impersonal if it's not done correctly. Incorporating touches that speak to you and add some personality help avoid this issue, whether it's a few family photos or décor that bring back fond memories. It doesn't have to be a shrine to your personality, but something as simple as a few frames here and there can take the look of your space from a staged house to a lovely home.

Invest in multi-purpose furniture

Instead of using her second bedroom as a place for guests, Chlöe Bailey converted it into a music studio. This situation might not come up in most of our lives because many of us can relate to a lack of space. According to Rent Cafe, apartment size has decreased by about 5% on average over the last decade, while rent has risen almost 30%. Add in an increasing number of adults working from home, and you're left with quite a few people prioritizing office space over a guest bedroom.

To solve this issue, Bailey included a sleeper sofa in her studio to give guests a place to stay overnight. Her choice, the Marin Sleeper Sofa from West Elm, proves furniture can be stylish and functional. Opting for a sleeper sofa can give you additional flexibility in smaller spaces and allow you to convert a workspace into a bedroom in just a few minutes.

Stick to a color scheme

Chlöe Bailey maintains a consistent color scheme throughout her home: gray, warm-toned white, blue, and yellow. Doing this gives everything a cohesive feel and allows you to play with different textures and patterns without overwhelming the space. "Yellow's my favorite color. Well, yellow and blue. So you can tell the common theme around my home," she says in her Architectural Digest interview.

If you're looking to do the same thing in your space, pick one bold color to base the look around, then add neutrals and something complimentary to complete the palette. This can be especially helpful if you're working with an open floor plan like Bailey's apartment. Without strict lines and walls as barriers between rooms, spaces can feel disjointed if they're different themes. Bringing in similar colors and elements creates a flow throughout each area and makes picking out new decor much easier if you're looking to change things down the line.

Keep it simple

Chlöe Bailey's bedroom is the perfect example of giving one piece a chance to shine. Her intricate white scalloped bed frame was gifted to her by her godmother, so she used it as the focal point in the room. Everything else was kept simple, from the sleek lines on her storage cabinets to the minimalistic lamps on either side of the bed.

When it comes to the bedroom, the simple route is often better. According to the Sleep Foundation, reducing clutter and prioritizing organization in your bedroom can help improve sleep. The same goes for warm colors and personal touches that evoke fond memories. Bailey incorporated both of these into her space, utilizing mustard accents in the pillows and throws and bringing in her gifted headboard. To get the same benefits, consider investing in additional storage to stow away your everyday essentials, and play around with warm tones like rust and brown in your bedding and décor.

Add some greenery

On Chlöe Bailey's patio and her sun-soaked apartment, Bailey includes pops of greenery with cut bouquets and potted plants. Following in her footsteps can be a fun way to bring some nature indoors, but it also has substantial psychological benefits. According to Affinity Health, houseplants can improve mood, help with concentration and memory, and increase productivity — big perks for such a little investment.

With Bailey's intense schedule of tours, filming, and red-carpet appearances, however, the real thing isn't always possible. "I love plants," she said to Architectural Digest. "And fake plants. I'm never home, so I just don't want to be a bad plant mommy." Bringing in some fake foliage can have some of the same benefits as growing your own without the stresses of constant care and keeping your pets away. With the quality of reproductions nowadays, your guests will be none the wiser.