Rounds Rugs That Will Look Perfect In Your Space

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Finding the perfect rug to fit your home can be challenging when so many options exist. Its color, size, and shape can affect the outlook of the room, which is why most interior designers recommend choosing your rug first before decorating the rest of the space, claims Mansion Global. Then, you'll be able to decide the couch style, wall color, and other embellishment styles based on the colors and texture of the rug. Often, folks opt for a squared rug to match the flow of the interior's right angles, but a round rug adds flair and style to a mundane room.

There are different ways to style a round rug, but the most crucial tip is knowing where to place the carpet. When you figure out the right way to situate it, you'll want to put one in every room. Rugs can elevate any spot, such as the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. You can add as many rugs to a room as you want by layering them, but if they don't have the proper placement, they can look awkward. For this, Mansion Global suggests putting larger furniture, like a couch, on the entire rug or at least more than half of it. We know it can be tough stepping outside of our comfort zone when decorating, but the results tend to exceed expectations, so we rounded up 20 round rugs that could fit perfectly in any interior.

1. Absida teal 6-foot round rug

The Absida teal rug is the perfect abstract modern rug. Its mirrored arches change colors from rosewood to copper, both of which pop against the teal background. Style a dining table by placing it on the rug. This rug is available in two sizes: 6 feet for $249 and 8 feet for $349.

2. Morin performance shag ivory and burnt orange rug

The Morin performance shag can cozy up any room in the house with the plush ivory and burnt orange fibers. It's a simple rug, but a great statement piece with geometrics, like the half moons, rectangles, and stripes spread along the rug. The 5-foot round rug is $174.

3. Modern round area rug

This elegant green and gold rug will spruce up any modern living room adding the perfect contrast to neutral tones. It would look perfect under the living room's glass countertop coffee table, wouldn't it? Originally $349.99, you might catch it on sale for at $239.99.

4. American retro round rug

This stunning multi-hued geometric American retro rug boasts various neutral shades with multiple neatly stacked diamond shapes. It fits an industrial-style interior with wood features, neutral colors, and leather furniture. This rug is available in sizes from 80 centimeters to 200 centimeters in diameter and ranges in price from $16 to $105.

5. Full moon rug

The perfect jute rug exists with this beautiful berry-colored rug that will stand out in a contemporary-style interior design. It's woven from natural fibers and handmade nylon stitching. Sizes are 6 by 6 feet or 8 by 8 feet for $289 to $429.

6. Safavieh polar rug

If you enjoy a simple cozy look, the Safavieh polar rug is extra thick and resembles a cloud. This fluffy white rug will make you want to walk barefoot around your living room all day to feel the softness. There's a 5-foot version for $107.24 and a 9-foot option for $291.37 when on sale.

7. Floral round rug

Brighten up a tedious room with this colorful floral rug from Amazon. It works perfectly for a kid's playroom or bohemian-style den with blue, orange, green, and red hues. The rug is 4 feet of fluff for $28.99. Pair it with a neutral-colored chair and colorful throw to tie the look together.

8. Clust handmade tufted wool rug

Create a delicate look with this pink and ivory wool rug in a chic space. For example, the pink rug would make a striking accent piece next to a coffee table or the foot of the bed. It's on sale for $118.99, originally $174.93 for the 5-foot size.

9. Natural alma jute rug

If you prefer a neutral tone, this alluring natural jute rug will add warmth and style to your living room or dining room. The spiral detailing on this jute will spruce up your contemporary-style space. The 6-foot size comes in at $237.70.

10. Libaoge round area rug

This ocean-themed round rug will turn your bedroom or bathroom into an underwater oasis. The large sea animals surrounded by parts of a map would complement a nautical theme or Cape Cod interior. The rug comes in an array of sizes; the 3 by 3-foot size is $44.49.

11. Abigail Del Mar rug

Neutrals are great for keeping things sleek and clean, and this monochromatic brown rug will stand out in any room's interior. It'll add the perfect modern touch with dark and light brown shades. Place the rug under the couch for it to peep through and grab everyone's attention. It's available in one size for $148.07.

12. Bari gray round rug

This gorgeous soft blush rug boasts floral accents against a light gray and pink background that will transform the dining room, living room, or bedroom. Incorporate it in a shabby chic interior that flourishes in pink, gray, and neutral tones. It comes in various sizes; the 4-foot round rug is priced at $140.

13. Claro handmade tufted wool rug

This handmade Claro pink and ivory rug resembles the Clust rug mentioned earlier, except this Claro rug has round edge embroidered flowers instead of a straight line motif. The floral rug would make an excellent accent piece in a kid's bedroom. The 5-foot round rug is on sale for $125.99, originally $174.93.

14. Gemstone round rug

This beautiful gemstone rug has various shades of green spread across the entirety that would make a bold embellishment in an all-white interior. Likewise, it would complement white or wood furniture in a living room or bathroom. It starts at $100 and comes in various sizes.

15. Woven tango blue round rug

How about a dreamy blue rug with white triangle detailing? It's eclectic and would look great inside a kid's bathroom. This rug is made of a soft pile perfect for anyone to walk on or for kids to lay on. It's $59.88 for the 4-foot round rug.

16. Safavieh gray rug

The gray modern ombre tonal rug complements any modern interior by adding sophistication and flair to the room. Pair it with pastel-colored furniture like this pink armchair. It comes in multiple sizes; the 9 by 9-foot rug is $318.42.

17. Round cotton lion rug

This round rug with a cute lion face would cozy up a kid's jungle-themed room. It's made of 100% cotton, so it'll be soft enough for children to walk and lie on. You could also place it in the kid's bathroom and match it with a lion shower curtain. The lion rug is $69.99.

18. Hana tiger orange rug

For a vintage-style interior, this beautiful Yumeji Takehisa-inspired rug adds charm, especially in the dining room. It's designed with orange and gray hues plus a few pops of red that show a modern-retro look. It's $249 for the 6-foot size.

19. Cape Cod Victoria braided round rug

Cozy up your home office with this gorgeous soft blue braided rug. It'll take your nautical theme interior to the next level. The fringe trim adds a boho accent and extra pizazz to your space. Walmart sells the round rug in numerous sizes; the 3 by 3-foot round rug is $21.

20. Handmade tufted round rug

Designed by Ted Baker, this exquisite multi-hued rug will make the best finishing touch to any maximalist interior. Constructed from wool and viscose, the colors that make up these faces are bold. Everyone will be talking about the rug wherever it's placed. It's $239.99 for the 3-foot diameter.