20 Modern Nautical Themes That Won't Make Your Bathroom Look Cheesy

Nautically themed rooms can be calming and look modern and sleek. Curbly defines nautical design as anything that reminds you of the sea. To this end, nautically themed rooms typically contain wood, rope, and metallic elements. The walls, cabinetry, and tiles are typically beige or tan to reflect the sand or blue like water. They can also contain things that look like driftwood, sea glass, sea creatures, boats, or waves.

When designing a modern beachy room, you'll want to make sure you don't lean too heavily into the theme. When this happens, coastal rooms can end up looking cheesy. To avoid this, you'll want to focus on adding elements that remind you of the sea instead of using tacky beach decor. For instance, you could trade out a bright "beach" sign for an abstract painting of rolling waves. Below, you'll find twenty modern nautical bathrooms to inspire your own design.

1. Wavy tiles

This bathroom features many nautical elements: metallic gold accents, blue floors, and blue cabinetry. The blue tiles laid out like rolling waves provide a beachy, calm vibe. 

2. Contrasting blue and white

The sharp contrast of blue and white in this room makes the design really stand out. The blue walls and light beige flooring remind the observer of a serene beach scene. 

3. Sea blue tiles

This bathroom has blue tiles all along the floor, walls, and tub. These tiles transport you straight into the ocean. The wooden vanity also adds another nautical element. 

4. Boho beachy wood

Even if you're not a fan of the color blue, you can still have a nautically themed bathroom. Wood floors and accent walls can create a beachy feel that reminds the observer of driftwood. This boho bathroom also has woven laundry baskets and plants that add more coastal elements. 

5. Sea green walls and beige ferns

This bathroom has lots of beachy elements. The sea-green walls, wooden towel rack, metallic gold mirror, and beige ferns are all nautical features that make this bathroom stand out. 

6. Sand inspired

Sticking to a tan and beige color palette can also create a beachy feel. This bathroom looks warm and inviting — and it has tan elements that look like sand. 

7. Minimalist light blue

This minimalist bathroom is super simple and chic. The light blue tiles on the walls, along with the natural light from the window, make it feel airy. 

8. Fun patterned blue floors

This bathroom has many nautical elements, including a blue wall, a gold mirror, a wooden vanity, a metal faucet, and a show-stopping blue patterned floor. It has the perfect level of sealike features without being over the top. 

9. Loud blue tile

You could also add fun blue tile behind your vanity. This bathroom has many of the same beachy elements as the last one, with gold fixtures and wooden elements. 

10. Earthy stone elements

For a darker, more moody feel, try adding stone elements to your bathroom. To make it beachy, mix the gray stone with wooden and wicker elements. All the different textures in this bathroom add levels of intrigue.  

11. Rope hanging shelves

To make your space more nautical, try adding a rope-hanging shelf made of wood. These shelves look great above the toilet — and they add extra storage space. 

12. Muted blue cabinets

For a subtle coastal look, try painting your cabinets a muted blue, almost gray color. This bathroom also has a wooden bench and lots of plants, which transport you into a nature scene. 

13. Wicker and white

Adding wicker will also make your bathroom more nautical. This otherwise modern white bathroom now has an interesting texture with wicker baskets and green plants. 

14. Marble and gold accents

For a luxurious look, try mixing blue paint with marble and gold accents. This bathroom mixes a sleek, modern style with nautical elements. Marble is a great material to use because the streaks can look like waves. 

15. Wood, white, and blue

For a simplistic look, use light wood, white, and light blue in your bathroom. This space feels calm and relaxing. 

16. Metal faucet

This bathroom features a copper faucet, a metallic tissue holder, and a wooden mirror — all elements that make it feel nautical. Adding black to your space, like this black sink, will make it moodier. 

17. The deep sea

For a bold look, mix dark blue paint with white and light wood fixtures. This bathroom has a dark wall color that makes the wooden vanity really stand out. 

18. Wooden furniture

This bathroom is modern and mostly white, but it still has beachy elements. The wooden chair, woven basket, tan tiles, and copper duck decorations really make it feel coastal. 

19. Tan tiles

Tan tiles on the floor will also make your bathroom look like a sandy beach. Once your tub is full, it'll be like you're walking right into the ocean. 

20. Luxurious wood and blue

Wooden floors with blue walls can also make a space look coastal. This beautiful bathroom mixes blues, tans, grays, and whites.