Repair Anything At Home With These Specialized Products

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It's inevitable that something in your home will need repair. Whether that's an appliance that is no longer working properly or a minor fixer-upper, you'll always find something that can be touched up. Why does this happen more often than you think? Because our homes are being lived in. They're doing constant work and so you may need to give it a little tender loving care every now and then by repairing something. But the good news is you don't always have to call in a professional.

Yes, you should bring someone in for larger repairs, but for those small ones, you can easily do it yourself. All you need is a dedicated product for the repair you're looking to do. According to Lifehacker, we have everything we need at our fingertips. If you need something specific, all you need to do is order it online or take a drive to your nearest hardware store. And today we thought we'd give you a hand by showing off a few specialized products that are perfect for those little repairs in your home.

3M Small Hole Repair Kit

When you're setting up a new house or apartment, you may want to personalize the space by hanging artwork. This can be anything from family portraits to handmade paintings. Or it may just be mainstream artwork you purchased that fits your personality. Whatever your preference is, hanging art can instantly give your home a personalized feeling. But wall art often leads to holes in the wall, and if you want to move anything in the future, you don't want those pesky little things exposed.

That's why we suggest getting yourself a small hole repair kit. It includes everything you need to cover those holes, including primer and a sanding pad. However, one way to avoid too many holes is by planning where your artwork is going. Lifehacker recommends using paper to create mock-up-size frames. You can then tape them to the wall to see how you want to display them. This helps you keep the holes to a minimum, though you'll still have the repair kit if something goes array.

Door-Ease Lubricant

There is nothing worse than squeaking door hinges or cabinets that don't open quietly. Over time it's natural for hinges to lose their lubrication, which is what causes the creaking in the first place. And since you frequently use doors and cabinets, they're expected to wear down and require some maintenance. According to Facilities Net, hinges should be looked at every six months. Certain types of doors may hold for a year, but a general checkup every six months is recommended.

In order to fix the hinges, you need lubricant. It's what keeps the equipment working smoothly without the loud squeaks or creaks. And one of the most convenient products you can own for this type of repair is this Door Ease Lubricant Stick. It's a no-mess way to give your door hinges the lubrication they require to keep working properly. You can even use this with cabinet hinges, sliding door tracks, window panes, and curtain rods. And its small size makes it easy to store away in a junk drawer for quick access.

Non-Toxic Drain King

Clogs are one of the leading causes of water damage in homes and, as Roto-Rooter reports, this type of damage can become quite costly if not taken care of immediately. But some products that are designed specifically for clogged drains can be expensive and are often filled with chemicals many people don't want in their homes. Luckily, there are plenty of non-toxic ways you can clear clogs.

One such product that can help with clogs is the Drain King. It's a water pulsating valve you hook up to either a hose or your faucet. Once the water is running, it produces a powerful pressure that works to remove clogs naturally by breaking away what's causing them. It's non-toxic, and far cheaper than liquid drainer cleaners. Other methods you can try include a sink plunger, baking soda and vinegar, or a wire clothes hanger. Depending on the size of the clog, you may need all of these options, or just a few.

Gorilla Tape

Tape is a convenient product that is used for many things in a home. It's used to hang up children's artwork, repair ripped pieces of paper, wrap gifts, and keep certain reminders at eye level for you. Tape is essentially a staple in any household. But for certain repairs, regular tape simply won't cut it. You need something stronger that will endure elements like rain and snow, especially if it's something that is outside. That's where Gorilla Tape comes into play.

Gorilla Tape is an amazing product that can help fix a ton of minor repairs around your home. According to United States Plastic Corp, Gorilla Tape is twice as thick as duct tape, which means it will last longer, particularly if used outside. Other major benefits of Gorilla Tape include its versatility. It sticks to just about any surface including wood, brick, plaster, and more. So if you're looking for something to keep a repair together until you can get it professionally fixed, Gorilla Tape is your go-to product.

Guardsman Water Mark Remover

Water stains can be difficult to remove, especially if they've been sitting on a surface for a while. Sometimes you may think a cup or glass won't stain the surface you have it on, but it always pays to be diligent and use a coaster no matter what. Still, it is possible to remove water stains as long as you're willing to use a little elbow grease and some patience. And the best product to help you is the Guardsman Water Mark Remover Cloth. These reusable cloths get rid of marks and blemishes and they leave no streaks behind. You can also use them on metal and chrome.

They're good to have on hand since you just never know when you might accidentally get a stain on a surface. If you wish to prevent water stains from appearing in the first place, you'll want to take the necessary precautions. Use olive oil and vinegar to prevent stains and remove any you currently have on your surface. This combination is particularly effective on wood. For other surfaces, you'll definitely want to use the Guardsman cloths as they're made to fix other surfaces besides wood.

KILZ Restoration Interior Primer

If you're looking to paint a room because you want to spruce it up or you're sick of the color you currently have, a good primer is essential for helping the paint adhere better. You always want to prime walls before painting, especially if you plan on painting the entire room. If you only plan on touching up a small spot, then you don't need a primer. However, Sharper Impressions Painting still recommends priming walls since the product itself is only getting better as time goes on.

And a primer that is getting a lot of love from homeowners is the KILZ Restoration Interior Primer. You can use it on drywall, plaster, ceramic, brick, and more. A good primer helps the paint cover more evenly and with fewer coats. So if you want a strong primer that pulls double time, definitely look into this KILZ Restoration Primer as your go-to product.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Mr. Clean has been around for some time and their products are beloved by many homeowners, but none more so than their Magic Eraser. This specialized product is nothing more than a durable scrubber that targets tough stains, grime, and more. You can use them dry or wet, depending on the type of stain you're dealing with. You have the option to buy the generic Magic Eraser or get the variety pack that includes dedicated room scrubbers.

What makes Mr. Clean Magic Erasers so powerful? Well, according to Maid Sailors, most magic erasers are made of melamine foam, which was actually used for insulation and soundproofing. But when their cleaning power was discovered, they began selling them as scrubbers to remove stains and grease. They're helpful in removing sticky residue, can help make a fiberglass shower door shine and brighten up white shoes. And since they last a while, depending on how often you clean with them, they give you the most bang for your buck. 

Nature's Airsponge Odor Absorber

If you're planning on doing some construction to your home or if you recently had some done and still have that "new construction smell," you'll want to look into a specialized odor absorber. And one of the most popular in the market is Nature's Airsponge Odor Absorber. This small but mighty product contains charcoal that targets odors and eliminates them while purifying the air at the same time. It's perfect for ridding your home of any lingering smells you can't seem to get rid of.

If you're wondering why getting rid of that construction smell is so important, it's mainly because of possible health hazards. According to Hayward Score, construction involves a lot of chemical-based products like paint, and the installation of sheetrock, flooring, and other materials produces Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Long-term exposure to VOC can cause headaches, kidney damage, asthma attacks, and more. So once construction is completed in your home, set out a few of these soap-based odor absorbers. They'll get your home's air clean and purified in no time.

Performix VLP Liquid Vinyl Repair

Certain fabrics and materials tear or get stained easier than others. And depending on what you prefer to have in your home, having a product that helps repair issues like this is an essential addition. This is especially true for leather or vinyl material. If you own furniture that's made of either of those fabrics, you'll want to get the Performix VLP Liquid Vinyl Repair tube. This clear gel helps to repair small tears and holes, and blends with whatever color you're putting it on.

Having this powerful product around will help, particularly with leather care. Furniture made of leather requires a bit of maintenance every now and then, according to Sofas By Saxon. You'll want to periodically check for any little tears that might be forming. While you'll use the Performix to fix minor repairs, you'll still want to clean your leather or vinyl furniture with specialized cleaning products every two or four weeks. This will help you note any issues before they get out of hand.

Rust-Oleum Appliance Touch-Up Paint

Our appliances handle a lot throughout the week. In fact, some handle a lot on a daily basis. Something like your coffee pot or fridge that's used frequently is built to handle consistent use, but there will come a time when wear begins to show on their surfaces. When that happens, you can use the Rust-Oleum Appliance Touch-Up Paint to bring it back to life. This product looks like White Out and is, in fact, applied in a similar manner.

Simply use it to touch up the areas that have scratches or stains you can't remove and they'll look brand new. Because appliances tend to get used on a daily or weekly basis, it's important to maintain their cleanliness by making sure they remain in good working order. House Logic recommends a cleaning schedule to ensure you're keeping them that way. How often you clean an appliance will depend on how often you use it, but you should still give all of them a once-over at least once a month. If anything, this routine will help you stay ahead of issues before they get worse.

Scotchgard Fabric Protector

We mentioned leather and vinyl earlier, but what about the other items in your home not made of those two types of materials? You'll want to get an all-purpose product that not only protects your furniture but is safe for kids and pets. That's why you'll want to add the Scotchgard Fabric Protector to your list. This water-repellent spray works great on furniture, curtains, bags, and more. It's fast drying and even safe on delicate materials.

According to Home Glow Design, many professional designers know how hard it is to keep furniture clean, especially with kids and pets around. That's why they'll use preventive sprays ahead of time. By taking the time to spray your sofas once a month, you'll stay one step ahead of spills. This way when they happen, and they will, they will come out easier since you've done the work of caring for them beforehand.

Kusufefi Plastic Razor

Isn't it annoying when you buy a new travel mug and the price sticker doesn't come completely off? Sticky residue is one of the toughest things to clean because of the adhesive material and its refusal to budge. While there are plenty of products designed specifically for sticky substances, you should pair whatever you use with these Kusufefi Plastic Razors. These multi-purpose scrapers are perfect for removing sticky residue as well as grime and grease. They're safer than metal razor blades and come with an ergonomic handle for easy use.

The amazing cleaning power of these razor blades is unmatched. They can literally be used anywhere in your home and boost some incredible results. In fact, The Kitchn has used plastic razor blades to clean crumbs out of hard-to-reach spaces, remove stubborn stains from windows, clear dried paint splatter, and much more. What makes them so powerful is their ability to get completely under the stain you're after and, with a little elbow grease, you'll be able to get rid of something that's been plaguing you for months.

Tide To Go Stain Remover

Stains happen all the time and not just inside your home. For many people, most stains happen on the go. You could be at work and you spill coffee on your shirt. Or maybe your child spills jelly on their favorite stuffed animal. That's why you need the Tide To Go Stain Remover Pen. Tide is already leading the charge in keeping clothes clean and this handy little pen is small enough to keep in your purse or in your pocket. When you spill something, use the pen to instantly clean it up and get on with your day.

According to One Good Thing by Jillee, the longer you leave a stain untreated, the better chance you have of ruining that article of clothing for good. Stain remover pens are perhaps the quickest and easiest way to deal with on-the-go stains, but you can also use a knife or spoon. In fact, the two combined can help lift stains from your clothes, which is your primary goal when attempting to remove them. And since the Tide To Go Stain Remover Pen is the size of an actual pen, you should have no issue adding it to your bag or purse.

Titebond Original Wood Glue

In almost every single household there will be some type of wood furniture. Whether it's natural wood, plywood, or some variant in between, even solid wood will begin to fade as the years go by. That's why you want to keep some type of glue strong enough for wood in your home. This will help with quick fixes until you can either repair it professionally or replace it with something new. And one of the best tools of that trade is the Titebond Original Wood Glue bottle.

This glue is specifically designed for wood and can be useful if drawers come apart or shelves need an extra boost of support. It works great against any type of finish and produces a thick bond to keep things together. If a wooden piece in your home needs some repair, Lowes recommends cleaning it with dish soap and warm water. Not only is this the first step to refinishing wooden pieces, but it's a great starting point to see what needs repair and helps the glue form a stronger bond, since it removes any dust or debris. So if you notice a shelf coming loose or a table leg acting wobbly, give it a quick clean and then add some Titebond Wood Glue.