Is The Monochrome Trend Going Out Of Style?

Those who desire a peaceful home environment may have stumbled across the monochrome trend. According to MyMove, using just one color in a room can bring in zen vibes, as the viewer won't feel overwhelmed or overstimulated by lots of possibly clashing tones. Other benefits of using this trend include that it's easy to design, it typically provides a space with a professional and well-thought-out appearance, and, since it greatly limits your decoration options, it may benefit those who struggle with decision-making. 

Some may wonder if this trend is going out of style. This may be because it can be quite polarizing: while some believe it looks chic and interesting, others may become bored or crave more contrast. However, even with the controversy, it's clear that monochromatic spaces are still very popular. Below, you'll discover some of the reasons why this trend is still well-loved, as well as how it has evolved in recent years.

Why monochrome spaces are still in style

Many agree that monochrome is actually becoming more and more popular, including MyMove and Pinoy House Designs. And, just because these spaces only use one color doesn't mean they're boring.

A huge reason for the appeal of this look is that it can be used in a number of differently styled homes. For instance, you could create an entirely warm neutral design in a rustic, farmhouse, bohemian, or modern home to provide a more minimalist and balanced appearance. In fact, perhaps the only style this trend wouldn't work for is colorful maximalism. 

To add more interest, many use lots of different shades, textures, and materials in monochrome designs. Further, FCI London recommends bending the rules and sprinkling in just a dash of another color. And, no matter what base tone you choose, you can always add in neutral whites, grays, and blacks, as well as natural elements like different wood tones and stone pieces. Further, plants can always be used as decorations, even if your main color isn't green.

How the trend has evolved

While all-white spaces with cool tones used to dominate the interior design world, they've recently taken a step back. In fact, some say that they should be gone for good, including Forbes and Seattle Staged to Sell. This is for a number of reasons, including that all-white can appear stagnant, is difficult to keep clean, and may feel unwelcoming. Further, many people are craving more cheerful and maximalist designs. Because of this, the future may see an increase in bold monochrome spaces that utilize colors like blue, green, yellow, or pink.

Warmer tones are also taking center stage. Whether it's earthy neutrals like brown, beige, and tan or bright tones like red, orange, and yellow, these colors are becoming increasingly popular, and some are using them in monochromatic spaces. Another popular choice? Designing with only black and white. In fact, according to LuxDeco, this classic choice isn't even a trend, as they predict that it will never go out of style.