Why All-White Bathrooms Are Going Out Of Style

All-white bathrooms are finally taking a back seat in the world of interior design. They may have been popular in the past, but interior designers are speaking up about their dislike for this crisp bathroom aesthetic. The stark, white walls, countertops, and appliances were heavily sought out because white brightens up a space, which is why it's been a favorite choice for windowless bathrooms, SR Sunrise explains. People also love the look because the color white is much less expensive when it comes to tiles and other bathroom accessories.

In the last few years, according to The Coastal Oak, we saw newer, fresher bathroom trends, such as textured and patterned tiles, jeweled tones, and organic materials. Of course, trends come and go, but all-white bathrooms seemed to stand the test of time, so the question is, why are they going out of style? What is it that pushed them out of the spotlight and onto the back burner? Keep reading to find out.

The all-white aesthetic is uninviting

This look was created with the idea that a bright, all-white bathroom equates to cleanliness; however, neglecting to add any warm colors or textures in space quickly turns it from bright and clean to cold and unwelcoming, says Modern Mrs. Darcy. Hospitals almost always come to mind when you think of an all-white space. They lack warmth and a sense of welcoming, and rightfully so — a hospital is designed to treat patients in a sterile environment, not host dinner parties. But what about all the inspiration photos for this look? The bathrooms don't look sterile in those.

You might be tempted (or were convinced) to choose this aesthetic because of photos you saw online; however, the problem with photographing an all-white bathroom is that it typically looks better in pictures than in real life. Filters and photoshop can make a dull, sterile bathroom appear much more lively on social media, and that's where the problem lies. So what do you do if you have an all-white restroom that you'd like to make a bit more welcoming? You bring in a touch of color.

How to balance things up

When decorating your bathroom, be sure to add different colors, textures, and patterns. Feel free to leave the white here and there, but don't let it become the focal point of the space. Some of the easiest ways to include color are by adding bold bathmats, shower curtains, and towels, MyMove suggests. On a larger scale, consider an accent wall, which you can create using paint or funky wallpaper. Not only will this décor change bring excitement to your bathroom, but it will also add depth and personality.

To achieve a cozier vibe, opt for warmer colors and fluffy towels. You can also incorporate matching hardware to get a similar vibe, Modern Bathroom states. For those of you with a green thumb, add some greenery to the space. If your bathroom gets a lot of natural light, opt for houseplants that do well with direct sunlight, but if you're afraid of keeping real plants in this space, faux greenery works just fine (we promise not to tell).