The 5 Best Neighborhoods For Singles In Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is an up-and-coming location in the United States. Extra Space notes that it's the fifth largest city in terms of population and one of the most exciting places to live in the U.S., mixing outdoor living and natural vistas with a booming employment sector that plays host to some of the nation's largest companies.

It's no wonder that so many young people are moving out west and calling Phoenix home. Job opportunities, a favorable climate, and a nonstop social schedule full of things to do make Phoenix and its many suburbs an excellent option for a recent graduate or any other type of single person looking to make a splash in a new community. For all these reasons and more, Business Insider reports that Phoenix was the fastest-growing big city of the '10s decade. 

But where might be the best place for you to call home when considering a relocation to Phoenix as a single individual? After all, the city is widespread and encompasses an enormous suburban sprawl that rolls out into a plethora of unique neighborhood communities (in the same way that London's 32 boroughs are all a part of the fabric of the city but communicate a unique set of attributes that set each one apart from the next, via LondonHut). These five key neighborhoods should be at the top of your list as you plan to move to this bustling singles' metropolis.

Paradise Valley Village

Paradise Valley Village is one of the best places for nearly anyone relocating to or around the Phoenix area. It's particularly worthwhile for singles and young professionals seeking out a vibrant community with lots to do. Niche reports that the median rent in Paradise Valley Village is $1,473 while median home values sit roughly at $342,000. With a population of 179,694, the neighborhood is busy enough to attract a thriving commercial sector, but still lacks the same manic density of other cities and communities found throughout the country.

Zero Down notes that restaurants, bars, and other routine attractions are found in abundance throughout this part of the Phoenix area, so young singles are constantly able to meet up with friends and bump into new people with ease. Similarly, Paradise Valley Village is just a short hop north of the downtown area of Phoenix. This neighborhood is in a prime location for those hoping to get the most out of their lifestyle in the city, and in Arizona more generally. Paradise Valley Village is centrally located but also benefits from nearby scenic additions such as the Phoenix Mountain Preserve and a few local golf courses.


Encanto is another thriving microclimate of the Phoenix sprawl. Located centrally and in the area just above I-10, Encanto is a historic community that incorporates a larger set of subsections lumped together as Encanto Village, according to Launch Real Estate.

Trulia reports that locals in the Encanto community often speak highly of bars and restaurants throughout the area and notes that the community is incredibly dog-friendly, while many residents take great care of their yards and homes. Bungalow points out that because Encanto sits centrally in the Phoenix community, it represents one of the largest magnets for employment in Arizona. Encanto sports an amusement park, huge park areas, multiple golf courses, and even a lagoon. This part of the city always has something going on and as a centrally positioned reservoir of young professional talent, it has become somewhat of a hub for new arrivals in the Phoenix community. Encanto is an excellent neighborhood for singles looking to make the most of their lifestyle in Phoenix.

Camelback East

Camelback East is another phenomenal spot for those looking to take advantage of all that Phoenix has to offer. Like many other neighborhoods on this list, there is ample golf to be played in Camelback East. But golf isn't the only outdoor activity that residents can take advantage of at will. Camelback Mountain is a favorite stop for residents of this eastern slice of the Phoenix suburbs. Camelback East is sandwiched between Tempe and Scottsdale, and Phoenix central to the west. This community is fantastically positioned as part of the larger citywide community. Phoenix is a city of neighborhoods, to be sure, and Camelback East is perhaps one of the best options for someone looking to take in a wide variety of different sites, sounds, and community activities.

Climb Camelback reports that the mountain has an elevation of just over 2,700 feet and makes for a wonderful experience for tourists and Camelback or Phoenix residents alike. The mountain and its surrounding environment have been a Phoenix city park since 1968, and Climb Camelback notes that TripAdvisor has ranked this hike as one of the top 10 things to do in all of Phoenix.

For young singles who love exploring the outdoors and seizing the day when they have time to themselves, Camelback East is centrally positioned around all of the excellent sights and community spaces of Phoenix while offering up a unique set of activities to boot.

Central City

A list of excellent places for singles can't be completed without speaking about the downtown area of just about any American city. Phoenix is no different, and the downtown area within Phoenix is known as Central City, a haven for activity, fun, and mingling with other like-minded individuals. Bungalow notes that the downtown section of the city is home to one wing of the Arizona State University Campus (AZ Central reports that the University of Arizona, located in nearby Tucson, was ranked as the fourth best party school in the country, and College Gazette notes the illustrious history of ASU in the same context), making for non-stop entertainment opportunities for young professionals and recent graduates (or current students).

Central City and the larger downtown area of Phoenix are bustling with sporting events, bars and restaurants, and much more. There is always something to do in the heart of the city, and it's for this reason that so many young, single people flock to this urban oasis in the Arizona desert.


Finally, Alhambra is a must-include on any list of fabulous places to live in and around Phoenix. Alhambra is close to just about everything and includes many community staples that young professionals are looking for. The community has lots of parks and coffee shops, it welcomes farmers' markets and luxurious dining options, and Bungalow notes that virtually the entire Phoenix area sits within a 25-minute commute via I-17 or public transit on the light rail or local buses.

Niche gives Alhambra an A+ and A-, respectively for diversity and nightlife, noting that most residents rent their homes here and that the median rent sits below the national average, at $1,025. Alhambra can be found along the edges of both Encanto and Camelback East, continuing with a theme of centrally located neighborhoods that offer residents an excellent experience for their decision to call this part of Phoenix home. It is chock full of restaurants, bars, and a variety of other activities that single individuals may want to experience on their own or within the dating scene in their community. Just like many other places across Phoenix, Alhambra is an excellent magnet for young single people looking to make the most of their time in this community.