The Best Place To Live In Virginia

Are you planning to move to Virginia? Perhaps it's time to buy a new home, but this time you want a new environment that's ideal for you and your family. Virginia has much to offer, including a significant amount of American history, excellent outdoor amenities along the coastline, and even a dedicated wine country, according to Uphomes. You'll also find the state has some of the country's best healthcare providers, is just over two hours from the historic and vibrant D.C. metro area, and has a thriving economy.

Virginia offers a variety of lifestyle options, too, whether you want to live in a big city or a more remote area. For example, you could spend time in the mountains along the Appalachian Trail or explore the Blue Ridge Parkway. It's even a state that gets to experience all four seasons and offers lots of great restaurants, shopping, and theme parks. But, of course, you'll have to narrow down your options to know the best place to live in the state.

Innsbrook takes the top spot

Innsbrook is a small census-designated place just a short drive from Richmond, the state's capital. A unique mixture of residential and commercial areas, this neighborhood is a lovely place where people can live, work, raise a family, and choose from numerous high-quality schools for their children (via Innsbrook). It's located just off I-295, providing easy access to the region. It also links to I-64, providing residents with a quick way into Richmond and a gateway to the Hampton Roads area. In addition, Springfield Park, Hickory Park, and smaller neighborhood parks dot the beautiful landscape, providing residents with pleasant places to enjoy the outdoors.

Innsbrook is home to numerous restaurants and bars, including Boychiks Deli, Capital Ale House, and Burgerworks. It also features summer concerts held at a popular local community venue. Locals also adore nearby Lake Rooty, which makes for a fantastic place for walks and a bit of fishing (per AllTrails). With many tree-lined streets, there's a lot to love about this location. What's more, it's home to less than 10,000 people, helping it to maintain a suburban feel, as noted by Niche.

Cost of living in Innsbrook

Deciding where to buy a home also requires careful thought in terms of how affordable it is to live there. Although the cost of living in Virginia tends to be higher than in other states, Innsbrook is more affordable than many of the state's most desirable cities. Sperling's Best Places offers some insight into the affordability here. On a scale where a score of 100 represents the national average, Innsbrook scores a rating of 109.5, which outperforms other popular Virginia destinations such as Fairfax and Leesburg. While housing and grocery costs tend to be higher than the national average, healthcare, utilities, and transportation costs are more competitive here than in other regions.

Because of its location within driving distance to Washington D.C. and the region's many amenities, living in Innsbrook may cost a bit more, but the quality of life makes it a fair compromise for many. Thus, buying a home here is an attractive option for families of various backgrounds.

Real estate costs in Innsbrook

Another factor to consider when buying a home is how affordable the real estate market is. Though market conditions change often, the cost of a home is a significant factor when deciding to rent or buy, which neighborhood is ideal, and what your money can get you overall. Innsbrook offers a variety of home styles and sizes, including some new construction and open land to purchase to build. In addition, apartments and condos are available, though single-family homes dominate the real estate market here.

The median home value here is $362,700 as of December 2022. That's higher than the national average of $229,800 but more affordable than many other cities in Virginia. The median rent is $1,221, also above the national average of $1,096, based on Niche data. About 59% of people here own their homes. Realtor reports that in November of 2022, the real estate market in Innsbrook was a seller's market, with significant demand from buyers and home spending about 48 days on the market before being sold.

The local economy

Being able to find a job close to home that meets your financial needs is an essential factor for many when choosing an ideal place to set down roots. Thankfully, Virginia has a diverse economy and is home to growing industries. For example, IBISWorld states that some of the largest industries in the state include IT consulting, new car dealerships, hospitals, and management consulting.

On a more local level, Innsbrook offers a diverse workforce and a range of businesses, including small startups and established corporations. Additionally, the community developed a mixed-use, corporate-focused, 630-acre business park to attract new and established companies to the area (via Innsbrook). This area has more than 8 million square feet of office space spread through several multi-tenant and owner-occupied spaces. Currently, over 22,000 professionals are working in this area, providing a wide range of services. A large part of the community's appeal to these corporations is its convenient location in central Virginia and its relative proximity to both the D.C. metro area and Virginia's coastal port cities. Unsurprisingly, the attractive location provides local businesses with easy access to talent and resources.

Culture and lifestyle

Innsbrook is a modern, welcoming city with much to offer to those who call it home. Some areas are more remote, and others developed into vibrant, mixed-use communities. Several new developments and established projects have helped to make the community more appealing, especially to young professionals. For example, the condo-inspired apartments at Innslake Place are situated in the heart of the community, allowing people to access their workplaces easily. Another prominent location is Silver Hills, with modern living spaces and onsite amenities to create a wellness-focused lifestyle.

At the same time, many of the newer components of the city are focused on luxury and a higher quality of life. Metropolis at Innsbrook is a prime example, offering 37 acres of outdoor space with a luxury living environment. It serves as a place for people to live, work nearby, and enjoy the numerous amenities onsite and within a short walk. The city also offers many events and activities, including live music and holiday celebrations alongside numerous artisan shops, national retailers, and service providers, all with an urban, all-inclusive vibe.