This Lighting Trick May Be The Key To Making Your Home Look More Modern

Looking to make your home more contemporary? One often-underlooked method of modernizing your home's interior will make all the difference in transforming the entire space. No, it's not getting all new floors or redoing your kitchen; in fact, you can start incorporating it into your home with the affordable purchase of a simple LED light strip. Hidden lighting, such as the aforementioned LED strips, recessed lights, and other clever setups fade into the background, allowing the room's illuminated features to shine in their stead.

Take a moment to consider the way that your light fixtures interact with their surrounding space. Do they complement the room's design, or simply serve a utilitarian purpose? If the answer is the latter, it might be more impactful to remove the source of light from view altogether. According to Homebuilding & Renovating, this lighting method will be a big trend in 2023 interior design. "There is a considerable and noticeable move away from downlighting to LED and hidden lighting," Detail Lighting founder Piero De Marchis told the publication. Intrigued? Allow us to shed some light on this futuristic trend.

The impact of hidden lighting

Wondering what this innovative lighting trick can do for your home? Depending on where you decide to place hidden lighting throughout your home, it can emphasize the best features of a room, provide the perfect mood lighting, or simply allow the rest of your space's design to speak for itself. LivingEtc backs up the prediction that hidden lighting will dominate as one of the top lighting trends of 2023, specifically singing the praises of recessed LED lights and the calm mood lighting that they are capable of creating. In addition, they recommend using a few lamps scattered throughout the space to complement the glow of your hidden lights, making for an especially cozy setting.

As a bonus, many products used to create this trend offer smart capabilities, so you can program them to your exact liking and even set them to turn on and off at certain times. No matter what benefit of hidden lighting appeals to you, the bottom line is that this unexpected lighting method will make your home look more modern and sleek.

How to incorporate hidden lights into your home

One of the simplest ways to get started with hidden lighting is with the use of LED lights, which are often quite affordable and easy to install. There are tons of products on the market, so it's easy to find something that will work just right for your space. LEDs that come in a strip, for example, can be quickly and simply installed under kitchen cabinets or wall shelves to provide lighting that is both atmospheric and practical. Another great place to try this trend is in the bathroom, where hidden lights around a mirror or behind a cabinet can provide a calming spa-like atmosphere.

If you are building a home or doing a bigger renovation, you have the freedom to incorporate recessed lighting, tucking it into a hidden opening or flush with the surface that you install it on. The result is seamless, allowing the room itself to shine instead of just your fixtures. Design Life recommends utilizing this method to emphasize the best architectural features that your home has to offer, such as columns, archways, windows, a kitchen island, or even some favorite decor items. Place hidden lights underneath these showstopping design elements to further emphasize them while setting the right mood for your space.