Top 5 Color Schemes For Your New Year's Eve Dinner Party

Are you hosting a dinner party this New Year's Eve? Consider setting your home's neutral color scheme aside for the night that sets the tone for the upcoming year. Colors bring about various moods and sensations when showcased within an interior design, such as on accent walls, furniture, and décor. They can also serve as a bold form of expression that reinforces the occasion's theme or mood. So whether your end-of-year affair is elegant or casual, showcase a combination of colors with purpose and meaning.

What are some of the best color combos for NYE entertaining? Classics like black, gold, and silver are chic and sophisticated, like a party right out of "The Great Gatsby," or you may choose something more serene and inspired by using whites, blues, greens, or purples.

Rich, prominent hues within dinnerware, glassware, napkins, and tablecloths will stand firm amidst shiny, festive metallics (per Emily Henderson). Whether simple and rustic or explosive and posh, there are so many color options to consider when hosting a dinner party to remember. Keep reading for some of the best color ideas for your New Year's Eve tablescape.

Glam Gold

Brilliant and gorgeous like a glass of bubbly, gold is a timeless color to showcase around the dinner table when the clock strikes twelve. A strong and enduring color, like the precious metal, it can emanate success and wealth for you and your guests. For an earthy yet minimal appearance, complement gold with cream, brown, silver, and white colors. 

You might incorporate the modern vibe of silver, enhancing the brilliance of your pieces. Also, showcase a shimmery gold runner across a white tablecloth, including sparkly ornaments, gleaming candlesticks, or plates. You may also make a centerpiece with thick, cream-colored candles on a tray, including various sparkling ball ornaments and glistening gold décor.

Gold also goes great with candlelight and string lights for those wishing to achieve an unforgettable evening glow. Also, many colors complement gold, so it won't stand in the way of your tranquil blue tablecloth or the green from your decorated Christmas tree.

Opulent onyx

Keep midnight celebrations sleek and sophisticated with a formal dark place setting by using colors like onyx or black. The most prominent neutral color, black, is a versatile shade that exudes elegance and mystery for a simple, uncomplicated vibe (via Smashing Magazine). Leading with an obscure tone within a tablecloth may increase the vivid contrast of golds, creams, whites, and silvers throughout the elements of your table. Like yin and yang, find balance and class with black dinner napkins resting upon pristine white plates, or include gold or silver silverware and glassware as undertones. You might also add some red to a centerpiece for a hint of opulence and passion.

Utilize metallic ornaments or décor within the table scheme for a vintage-yet-romantic night like the image pictured above. You might also integrate green branches for a rustic flare amidst classic elements like trays, dinnerware, and champagne glasses, along with the glow of candles.

Prosperous purple

Luxurious and regal, purple is a color that represents prosperity and transformation, making it the perfect hue to greet the new year. A dinner party theme highlighted with purple, whether dark or light, can add mystery and romance to the occasion, especially when paired with metallics like silver and gold.

Showcase lavendar tones using a tablecloth, napkins, or other linens as seen pictured above. Throw in some silver tones for the table to appear extra dreamy and festive. To create a magical feeling, you might also include sparkling elements through crystal candlesticks or glitter décor. White, snowy elements also go well with this color scheme and can soften up the ensemble.

Darker shades of purple are great for complementing gold elements when used alongside silverware, dishes, and candlesticks. You can also establish liveliness and abundance with fresh green plants in small vases, as the natural color complements and contrasts with purple, depending on the level of intensity.

Scintillating silver

Look to the future during New Year's night with the shine and vigor of silver. This natural, precious color encompasses a stellar polish for a modern, sophisticated quality (via Signet). Like a dazzling disco ball, make your table setting brilliant with a monochrome tone through silver candlesticks, glass ball ornaments, silverware, bowls, and dishes. 

Silver complements light gray, white, black, and bronze pieces, but don't be shy about adding another pop of color for a surprising twist. Enhance the dynamics of the table through contemporary and rustic themes with a gray linen napkin amidst a sparkling candleholder and other décor, including pine branches or other snow-dusted greenery. Include white plates with metallic trim for a modern flare.

Add brilliance by utilizing shiny, stainless steel serving dishes, utensils, or a beverage dispenser. Consider incorporating a clear glass tabletop for added gloss, like in the scene pictured above. You can display even more luster with metallic candleholders.

Winter white

Like a fresh beginning, ring in the new year with a calming, snow-white ensemble. Often associated with innocence and spiritual purity, this color can also chime in with peace and hope for the coming year (via Verywell Mind).

Elegant and serene, white can accompany neutral colors like taupe, as seen in the image above, with the cloth napkins and chair. Also, add a little shine with silver napkin holders or silverware. The sparkling crystal candlesticks complement the tapers, while clear champagne glasses dazzle against the subdued setting.

Celebratory colors to combine might also include black or gold. For example, display white and black plates with gold flatware or white plates with gold trim with a decoratively folded black napkin for high contrast. If leading with a primarily neautral setup, you might incorporate a little sparkle with crystal etched glasses, a chandelier, or within textiles like a runner, pillows, or wall hanging.