15 Royal Shades Of Purple Paint That You'll Want To Use In Your Home

Want to feel like royalty? If you're exploring color palettes for your home project, you might ponder the majestic sides of purple. Rich and regal, purple comes in a multitude of shades to choose from, but royal purple is well established as being a color suited for nobility. A cool-toned color, purple is the result of combining primary colors red and blue, which contributes to its depth and intrigue. Often associated with high rulers and spiritual leaders, royal purple stems from Tyrian purple, a rare dye originally found among mollusks within the Mediterranean Sea (via Live Science). Mysterious and elegant, softer purple hues might spawn feelings of femininity and sensuality, as opaque tints may tend to be more masculine and vigilant.

Which colors might complement an imperial purple? According to the color wheel, suitable paint colors found directly opposite purple are yellow, orange, and green, among the various shades within them. Other tints akin to purple might work as well like blue, indigo, and pink. Neutrals like beige, gray, gold, silver, and white would also create a dynamic contrast. With its sensual, yet influential vibe, a royal purple would display well in many places throughout your home, especially the bedroom, living room, and dining room, plus the kitchen or bathroom. Depending on how much sophistication you seek, you might showcase a royal shade on an accent wall or focal point, or cover a room completely. Keep reading to discover some of the best stately purples to showcase within your home.

1. Noble lilac

Delicate and airy, a faint shade of purple that resembles lilac flowers takes focus within this home. The breathtaking kitchen features a lilac-colored island with matching walls that extend to the encompassing areas. Brilliant white doors, baseboards, and marble backsplash contrast the significant hue, including the gray cabinets, tan wood floors and stools, and gold pendant light trim.

2. Luxurious lavender

A beloved flowering plant, lavender emits a refreshing fragrance used for soaps and flavoring. This romantic bathroom features a vintage bear-claw bathtub painted in a soft, luxurious lavender purple on the bottom. While the curtains closely match the tub, the brown window frame, gray flooring, and white tile deftly contrast the delicate hue.

3. Prestigious purples

If you can't decide which purple captures a room's most regal essence, you might mix and match various shades. Vivid yet friendly hues are seen splashed above on the walls of a student's cozy bedroom, including a royal purple chair cushion. Elements of brown, white, gray, and green all complement the different tints.

4. Smoky opulence

Providing a regal atmosphere, this unique shade of purple appears smoky and textured in a bathroom. The faint hue is opulent against the white sink, circular mirror, and toilet, including the light wood and black countertop.

5. Valiant violet

Stemming from nature, violet is a spectral hue present in flowers that represents wisdom and modesty. Often purple in appearance with a hint of blue, violet radiates a rich and warm vibe. Here pictured is a wall covered in violet with a matching dresser. The black and white rug contrasts with the vibrant color and the neutral chair.

6. Royal grape

Within this modern living area, an assortment of colors like orange, red, and green accompany the appetizing, grape-colored walls. The vibrancy of the living scape balances out the room's furnishings, including the neutral rug, gray couch, wood table, black and white picture, Roman blinds, and large glowing pendant lights.

7. Purple orchid

Lush and robust, this purple wall resembles an orchid flower, as it draws attention amidst a mid-century modern style dining room. Simply designed, the brown wooden table and orange chairs are distinguishable against the luscious wall, while the light, delicate curtains, tan wood floor, and silver and gold elements complement the entire look.

8. Majestic mauve

A sweet blend of pink and purple, mauve can appear light or dark depending on its intensity. Pictured above is a lavish shade painted over a decoratively ornate, 18th-century style wall paneling with a tufted couch of a similar color. The rich and powerful combo is balanced with a silver metal side table, light wood flooring, and white and green Christmas tree.

9. Regal plum

Elegant and graceful, this living space showcases a deep plum-like purple shade on the walls. The design features old-world influences from the tufted furniture and massive chandelier while blending modern furnishings with the lamp and pillows. Complementing shades and colors of silver, white, gray, ivory, and black make the regal color pop.

10. Amethyst aura

A bedroom fit for a royal, this image features amethyst-colored walls with a unique patterned texture on one. From dark to light, the extravagant room also has matching and accent purples in the bed linens, curtains, and floral mural above the metallic gold headboard, all providing a tranquil and intelligent ambiance.

11. Wine goblet

Like a glass of red wine, this bedroom showcases a succulent purple shade throughout the scale of the wall. With an aura of opulence and prestige, the purple shade is well balanced between the natural light and dim closet. White and gray from the bed also give contrast to the hue, including the light wood flooring and rug.

12. Meaty eggplant

This rustic, yet modern bedroom is covered in a deep eggplant-like shade that's featured on the walls, including a section of wood paneling. Silver elements from the lamp and other décor complement the substantial shade while the massive gray fireplace contrasts the darkness of the purple present throughout the room, including the bed linens.

13. Vintage purple

A dusty purple with a hint of gray, this eclectic living room space features decorative molding on the stately colored purple walls. Browns, tans, pinks, and purples accompany the subdued shade with an eye-catching bookcase and comfy pink velvet couch.

14. Dusky purple-gray

An epic blend of purple and gray, this shadowy shade takes control of the room. The romantic hue is showcased on the walls and fireplace among classic and modern decor, including the deep purple couch and pink pillows, which make the decorative mantel stand out.

15. Russian violet

Earthy and tranquil, Russian violet is one of the deepest and darkest purples. Nearly black, this scene features an enriching version of the color as it fully covers a background wall amidst a table with massage stones and cherry blossom branches; it's a suitable shade for a home massage, spa, or bath area.