The Stars Of HGTV's Listed Sisters Reveal Their Favorite Tips To Sell Your House Fast

Alana and Lex LeBlanc combine their prowess as a Realtor and a designer on the HGTV show "Listed Sisters" to help homeowners prepare their residences for the market or unearth their dream homes. The competitive twin sisters are in it to win it, which for them means getting their Nashville-area clients the quickest and most-profitable sale possible or acquiring their new digs at a great value. 

The seasoned professionals know without a doubt that most homes require at least a little bit of cosmetic updating and freshening before they're listed, even if nothing major is amiss. Minor changes can disguise or distract from some pretty big shortcomings, such as small rooms, awkward architecture, or substandard finishes. In that vein, a minimal investment can garner significant financial returns via multiple or fast offers.

According to Homelight, the longer a property sits on the market, the less appealing it is; and exceeding 90 days is a red flag. Buyers will expect price reductions or feel emboldened to negotiate more aggressively for a lower sale. Speaking with "Today," the sisters LeBlanc offered their top tips for a successful and speedy turnaround, and we've shared them below.

Declutter your home

The very first thing you'll want to do before showing your home is to declutter it, according to Alana and Lex LeBlanc. Personal items, such as family photographs, collections, and sports memorabilia, for example, can hinder a buyer's ability to imagine themselves living there. Further, seeing crammed and messy spaces creates the feeling that the house isn't amply sized to be comfortable and practical.

In their segment on "Today," the Listed Sisters noted it is especially important that closets appear organized and spacious since large closets are such a desirable feature. This could mean a thorough and strict tidying Marie Kondo-style; if you don't want to move an item with you to your new place, divest yourself of it. Things can be (neatly) packed in boxes in the garage or basement. However, while potential buyers will expect to see some storage in these areas of the home, make sure not to negatively impact the impression of these work-horse areas either. Renting an off-site storage unit isn't a bad idea; though an expense, it could pay off in a quick sale. Further, unless you're strapped with a quick deadline, making the effort to carefully store and label excess items will help when it's time to move.   

Once the home is free from clutter, it's much easier to assess any design and layout liabilities that could pose an obstacle to your home fetching the price you want. In addition, it makes transformations simpler to achieve. Painting projects and rearranging furniture, for example, will go more smoothly in a decluttered space.

Rearrange and style the spaces

Another consideration for selling your home quickly: furniture arrangements. Analyze how your furniture is arranged to ensure there's ample floor space and walkways within each room (for an open house) — don't park a dresser in the aisle between the bed and en-suite bathroom door, or place the back of the sofa facing the room's entry point, for instance.

According to Alana and Lex LeBlanc, consider removing as much as half of the furniture in the house to create a feeling of expansiveness; if an affordable house seems big, that's perceived value. Not only will this make the rooms look larger, but it'll also improve the flow. However, the rooms' functions should be absolutely clear, so don't take away essential pieces, like the home office's desk or the living room's sofa.  

Regarding floor plans, symmetrical layouts are classic and just feel right to most people. Picture a headboard between two bedside tables and a sofa flanked by an accent chair at each arm; these are effortless and enduring furniture arrangements. Lastly, invest in a few details to make rooms look fresh and pulled together. A clean, neutral bed cover, dent-free lampshades, updated accent pillows, and cozy unsoiled area rugs will make your home seem inviting and move-in ready to potential buyers.

Freshen walls with paint

Painting is an amazing way to transform your home. It's budget-friendly, not difficult, and has a major impact because the walls are such a significant portion of the interior surfaces. The LeBlancs recommend a light neutral palette as an empty canvas that allows potential homebuyers to envision their own ideas. To fashion some dimension while maintaining neutrality, select a few paints from a swatch card that has tints and shades of one hue.

Ashley Banbury, color designer at HGTV Home® by Sherwin-Williams explained in Architectural Digest, "When you have rooms that connect, and you want to create a nice flow, choose a color that is a few shades lighter or darker within the same color family and tones," adding, "It is easier on the eyes when you transition from room to room." 

Additionally, adhere to either a warm or cool temperature scheme to facilitate design cohesion and prevent clashing. Finally, freshen trim with one shade used throughout the home; tones of white are a timeless and safe option, though subdued neutrals look chic, particularly on interior doors.