The Best Neighborhood In Denver, Colorado

There is always more to Denver than what you read on the internet. To get the full experience of what it is exactly like to live in the Mile High city, you need to immerse yourself in the culture. The city of Denver is fairly large with a population of about 711,463 according to data from the United State Census Bureau. Colorado is the second fastest growing country and Denver has a huge contribution to this population increase, mentions the World Population Review. Denver is a well-loved city and it's all for the right reasons. To begin, the outdoor scene in this city is second to none. 

While there are many beautiful mountainous regions in the U.S., it is hard to beat the beautiful combination of the urban and mountain setting in Denver. The Rocky Mountains not only provide an all-year-round activity for the residents but also create a beautiful backdrop for the city. There is no doubt that Denver is a great city to call home, especially if you love plenty of sunshine and beautiful views. However, this city has plenty of beautiful neighborhoods to choose from, which can get confusing for anyone new to this destination. So, if you are unsure about what neighborhood to choose in Denver, here are a few options that should help you get started, ending with the best.

Capitol Hill

If you want to immerse yourself in the action, there is no better neighborhood to call home other than Capitol Hill, better referred to as Cap Hill by the locals. With a population of over 30,000 people, it is the most populated neighborhood in Denver, according to Undercover Colorado. It is one of the most cosmopolitan neighborhoods with urban trendy vibes thanks to the string of restaurants, shops, bars, and even museums. The Denver Art Museum is a spectacle of its own, from the architecture to the expansive collection of over 70,000 pieces of art. 

Like most other populous cosmopolitan destinations, Capitol Hill can appear quite busy and chaotic sometimes. However, while this is true, the several green parks within this neighborhood remain peaceful and undisturbed. Being one of the oldest cities, the architecture in this neighborhood tells the whole story. There are plenty of several old buildings from the Victorian era, and also modern architecture from more recent constructions. There are plenty of good things to say about Capitol Hill, however, one downside that is common in this neighborhood is finding a parking space; therefore, when looking for a place to live in this location, be sure to find one with a dedicated parking space.

Lower Downtown

Care to live in a big city with high-rise buildings? Well, the Lower Downtown neighborhood in Denver might be your ideal destination. Depending on who you ask, Lower Downtown, better known as LoDo by locals, has different things for everyone. For some, it is a business hub where most of the job opportunities are concentrated in Denver. However, it is also a hip area with endless entertainment options to experience. It is ideal for anyone looking to pursue a professional life and also for those after the electric nightlife and fun experiences. 

Here you will find the best bars Denver has to offer, not to mention most of the attractions; for instance, Union Station and Larimer Square. Another thing worth mentioning is that Lower Downtown's prime location means that the cost of renting an apartment is not cheap. The average cost to rent an apartment in this neighborhood is about $2,560 per month, according to RentCafe. Essentially, this neighborhood is ideal for young professionals who might want to take advantage of what this town may offer.

Cherry Creek

Bordering Capitol Hill in the southeast corner, these two neighborhoods have a lot of similarities, especially when it comes to the conveniences of daily life. Nonetheless, there is a lot to admire about Cherry Creek. This neighborhood is nestled close enough to Downtown for an easy commute yet far enough from the hustle and bustle. Cherry Creek is known for its posh and luxurious vibe. The popular Cherry Creek Shopping Center is home to over 160 luxurious boutiques. If you are looking for exclusivity within the greater Denver region, a good place to focus your search is in this neighborhood. 

What's more, there are plenty of luxurious apartments and condos for those looking for the finest accommodation Denver has to offer. It is also located in a prime location, making it easy for you to move in any direction. In fact, this neighborhood is perfect for anyone working in Downtown Denver and interested in all the luxury Cherry Creek has to offer. It also happens to be popular for its art scene, which is so important that people flock to this neighborhood during the Cherry Creek Arts Festival (via Denver).

River North Art District

River North, better referred to as RiNo by the locals, is one of the most interesting places to live in Denver. It's an understatement to mention that art is central to the culture of this district. You can only understand the significance of art in this neighborhood once you get to experience it firsthand. RiNo is one of the most developed neighborhoods in the whole of Denver. Once only a warehouse city, this neighborhood has since morphed into an interesting destination with cool shops, active nightlife, and plenty of other good things. 

The old, unsightly industrial buildings that made up this area have been converted into beautiful studios, restaurants, and even art galleries (via The Denver Ear). The beauty of living in RiNo is that art is not limited to the art galleries alone — there are several wall murals that help to define the identity of this neighborhood. Other than art, another special thing about this neighborhood is the string of food markets and mobile food trucks. This is the perfect neighborhood for foodies who want to have a taste of different cuisines and popular local brews.


Located not too far away from Lower Downtown, Highland is one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Denver. This particular neighborhood is perfect for anyone looking for a relatively quieter space with a real neighborhood and community vibe. The median age of the people living in this neighborhood is about 32 years, according to Undercover Colorado. The greater Highland neighborhood is divided further into three different smaller regions: Tennyson Street, Highlands Square, and Lower Highland (LoHi). Regardless of the district you choose to live in, you will find Highland to be a truly unique neighborhood. 

To begin, Tennyson Street is just 15 minutes away from Downtown and is known for having an active art scene. There are several art galleries for all the art lovers in this district. Highlands Square, on the other hand, is situated right at the center of the larger Highland neighborhood and is popular for having dozens of salons, restaurants, and trendy boutique shops for fashion enthusiasts. To sum up, Highland is arguably the best neighborhood in Denver for all that it has to offer.