The Best Neighborhoods In Denver To Buy A Home

Between the majestic mountains and stellar hiking trails, Denver, Colorado is a unique city that blends urban life with nature. Beautiful wildlife, wilderness, world-class skiing, and other natural attractions are just a couple hours drive from the city, making it an attractive place to settle for those who love the outdoors. According to Denver Colorado Vacations & Conventions, Denver is home to several vibrant neighborhoods, each offering something completely different from the other. For example, those seeking to be surrounded by artists and creatives might enjoy living in the Art District on Santa Fe, while families looking to get out of the city might prefer the upscale and charming Cherry Creek neighborhood. Highland is a bustling area with plenty of shopping and restaurants and South Broadway offers an eclectic mix of edgy taverns and vintage shops.

Whether you're a young professional looking to lay down roots in a new city or a seasoned city-dweller who loves having access to nature, Denver is a premier place to live and own a home. Families will also find a perfect neighborhood to call home in the Mile High City. While some areas are more expensive than others, there really is something for everyone and nearly every price range in Denver. That said, we've put together this list of the best neighborhoods to buy a home in Denver.

Cherry Creek

Known for its premier shopping and local boutiques, Cherry Creek is a charming neighborhood in Denver. According to Cherry Creek North, this beloved community is home to more than 300 retail shops and many delicious restaurants. Upscale hotels like Hotel Clio have encouraged tourism and travel, bringing Cherry Creek into the spotlight for luxury living. Residents of Cherry Creek have access to many great activities, events, and businesses. For example, you can grab renowned ceviche at the sleek and chic Toro Restaurant and Bar and attend the annual Cherry Creek Food and Wine Festival every August. There's also plenty of art galleries and independent shopping boutiques with one-of-a-kind jewelry, home goods, and fashion.

With a population of around 11,500, Cherry Creek is busy without feeling too crowded. The suburban feel and highly-rated public schools make it a wonderful place to raise a family and set down roots (via Niche). That said, it is a more expensive place in Denver to call home. The median home price in Cherry Creek comes in at around $955,000, but it is a peaceful, upscale, and community-oriented neighborhood that suits a variety of lifestyles (via Zillow).

Capitol Hill

Located in the heart of Denver, within walking distance from the downtown district, Capitol Hill is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the region. According to Uncover Colorado, the neighborhood covers only 0.6 square miles, yet it is home to over 16,000 people and a slew of beautiful residences. While most of this small neighborhood is residential, there are still plenty of shops, restaurants, and other local businesses within walking distance for residents to enjoy. While historically, Capitol Hill was home to luxurious mansions and upper-class families, younger millennial residents have moved in, turning Capitol Hill into a bustling, hip, and funky neighborhood full of working young professionals. Most of the population is between the ages of 25 and 40.

The median home cost in the Capitol Hill neighborhood falls around $375,000, and homes are only on the market for an average of six days due to the neighborhood's popularity (via Redfin). Capitol Hill is the perfect neighborhood for young professionals looking to purchase their first home in a vibrant, fun, and safe area for a relatively reasonable price. However, the housing market here is competitive, so it's best to do your homework and work with a good real estate agent during your housing search.

Five Points

Are you looking for a vibrant, bustling, and artistic neighborhood in Denver to call home? According to 5280, Five Points, nestled right between River North Arts District and North Capitol Hill, hosts some of the city's most creative businesses, bustling restaurants, and stylish coffee shops and breweries. Known as the Harlem of the West, legendary jazz players would frequent some of the neighborhood's iconic bars and clubs and perform. Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis are just a few of the iconic names that played in this area. Five Points is one of Denver's most historic and culturally diverse neighborhoods and retains the same lively culture of its early jazz days (via Denver Colorado Vacations & Conventions).

The median age of residents in Five Points is 33, creating a bustling culture of young creatives and professionals throughout the community. The median home price falls just under $650,000, and homes in this neighborhood tend to sell quickly due to high demand (via Redfin). Five Points offers the perfect blend of relative affordability, bustling cultural relevance, and prime location, making it an ideal spot to purchase a home in Denver.


Located on the hills above Downtown Denver, the Highland neighborhood offers luxurious living, bustling streets, a wealth of restaurants, and incredible historic architecture. According to Visit Denver Highlands, the architecture in this unique neighborhood varies greatly, featuring classic cottages, bungalows, Victorians, and Denver Squares, as well as a selection of modern new construction projects. Denver Squares are typically two-story homes with brick construction and a distinctive box shape (via Vintage Homes of Denver). The variety of architectural styles gives every street a unique character and allows potential homeowners to find their preferred style at any point in the area. With friendly locals, cozy tree-lined streets, and regular farmers' markets, Highland is a lovely place to take an afternoon stroll, sip on an expertly-mixed cocktail, and enjoy gourmet cuisine.

This wave of new construction for both homes and businesses, including restaurants, shops, bars, nightlife, and galleries, has encouraged an influx of young adults and families with children, creating a new, younger community demographic as the area has grown in popularity (via Uncover Colorado). The median home price in Highland is higher than many other neighborhoods in the area due to its ever-growing popularity, coming in at around $807,000 (via Realtor).

South Broadway

Per the Washington Post, the eclectic South Broadway neighborhood offers one square mile of unique restaurants, businesses, and homes between Downtown and South Denver. The bustling district is known for its quirky, funky vibe. It boasts some of the city's coolest taverns, vintage clothing stores, unique eateries, bookstores, art galleries, international restaurants, craft shops, movie theaters, and live music venues (via Denver Colorado Vacations & Conventions). Attractions like the Littleton Museum and The Denver Art Museum are perfect for rainy days, while the Denver Botanic Gardens and Chatfield State Park provide plenty of outdoor green space. The SoBo district is also famed for what locals refer to as Antique Row, a seven-block stretch of almost one hundred antique shops, craftsman and artisan workshops, and old-school merchant's rooms, further adding to the neighborhood's eclectic energy.

In addition to offering an incredible range of unique shopping and dining options, South Broadway is the transportation hub of Denver, making a commute to any other neighborhood a breeze from your home in South Broadway. The median home price in the area falls around $693,000. Homes are on the market for an average of 14 days due to the area's popularity (via Redfin).

Washington Park

Are you looking for a safe, spacious, and family-friendly neighborhood that still offers access to Downtown Denver? Washington Park is the perfect location for those looking for a neighborhood with highly rated schools, the city's most expansive green space, and spacious high-end homes. According to 5280, Washington Park is home to a variety of beautiful home styles, including early 20th-century Victorians, brick bungalows, and impressive new luxury builds. Most properties across the neighborhood are markedly more spacious than in surrounding areas.

The neighborhood's namesake park covers 165 acres and boasts two lakes, over three miles of running and biking trails, tennis and basketball courts, and multiple newly remodeled playgrounds (via Uncover Colorado). The community is designed for families, offering some of the city's highest-rated public and private schools, safe streets, and a strong feeling of community, especially in the park. Families make up about 63 percent of the population and the average income is around $162,606. It is no surprise that the median home cost in Washington Park is one of the highest in the city, coming in at just over $1.2 million. However, Washington Park is absolutely worth the higher price tag for those with a more flexible budget.

Uptown Denver

Located just three miles east of Downtown, Uptown Denver offers visitors and residents lively, safe, and affordable living. According to USA TODAY 10Best, Uptown Denver is recognizable by its historic streets lined with Queen Anne and Victorian style homes, with newly constructed condos and apartments mixed in. The neighborhood is also home to the expansive City Park, one of the city's largest green spaces that offers free jazz in the park every summer Sunday. It also hosts some of the city's most popular family attractions, including the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (via Denver Colorado Vacations & Conventions). Denver's famed Restaurant Row, a stretch of some of the highest quality restaurants in the city, is also in Uptown. Residents of this neighborhood enjoy easy access to a wide range of incredible cuisine.

The median home cost in Uptown comes in at just over $668,000, which is relatively on par with the median home cost in other similarly desirable neighborhoods in the greater Denver area (via Redfin). Houses tend to stay on the market for an average of 10 days before selling. If you're thinking of making a move to Uptown, strike while the iron is hot!

Art District on Santa Fe

One of Colorado's first Certified Creative Districts, the Art District on Santa Fe neighborhood is one of Denver's most unique and creative communities. According to Denver's Art District on Santa Fe, the Art District on Santa Fe was established in 2003 and has since become a nationally recognized art and cultural district, hosting over a hundred artists, galleries, theaters, studios, and unique homes down Santa Fe boulevard. The neighborhood takes pride in its history and proudly displays art and community space dedicated to its thriving Latino culture. The Art District on Santa Fe neighborhood hosts a monthly First Fridays Art Walk, which provides an opportunity for residents and working artists to connect, further strengthening the sense of community in the area. Stroll through studios, galleries, and museums before enjoying the area's renowned international cuisine.

The median home cost in the Art District on Santa Fe is $297,000, notably less expensive than many other creative areas in Denver (via Realtor). This price is a steal for those looking to purchase a home in a unique, community-oriented, and creative neighborhood in Colorado's capitol city.

Platt Park

Located near the beloved Washington Park, Platt Park is an up-and-coming Denver neighborhood rapidly growing in popularity and vibrancy. According to 5280, the area is recognizable by its eclectic mix of original 1920s bungalows, craftsman bungalows, Tudors, and stylish new townhomes, giving the neighborhood a distinct sense of eclectic charm. Platt park offers the perfect mix of adorable homes and ample outdoor space with the convenience of living in a downtown area. The neighborhood is home to two highly rated schools and its namesake park, making the neighborhood ideal for those looking to settle down and buy a family home (via Lifestyle Denver Real Estate).

Platt Park's main drag Pearl Street offers over seven blocks of commercial area, providing residents of the neighborhood with easy access to an impressive range of shops, restaurants, breweries, bars, and entertainment (via Trulia). There is a local farmers' market and regular First Friday walks on the main street. The median home price falls around $920,000, making it one of Denver's priciest spots (via Redfin). However, for buyers with a higher budget, the charm, location, and access to outdoor spaces, schools, and shopping make it worth every penny. Houses typically spend around five days on the market before selling.

Central Park

What was once home to the Stapleton International Airport was renamed and redesigned in 2020, creating the unique neighborhood of Central Park. According to The Denver Post, the design and construction that began in 2001 have transformed the former airport into a thriving community with tree-lined streets, newly constructed homes, and business centers with water-efficient landscaping. There are also energy-efficient designs, playgrounds, swimming pools, shopping, and other new, carefully designed features and attractions (via Niche). The neighborhood is pedestrian friendly and extremely safe, with a slightly more suburban feel than some of our previously listed downtown neighborhoods.

Central Park offers a prime location just twenty minutes from the Denver International Airport and twenty minutes from Downtown Denver. The newly constructed community allows homeowners to travel and commute with ease. The median home price in Central Park is $565,000. However, the community offers homes for a wide range of prices. Some condos in the area sell for somewhere in the low $100,000 range, while other larger newly constructed homes can go for over a million (via Redfin). The rapidly growing neighborhood is soon to be one of Denver's most sought-after neighborhoods making it an ideal place to purchase a home.


Are you looking for a more suburban area to settle down and buy a home around Denver? According to Uncover Colorado, the city of Lakewood, located just west of the metro Denver area and spreading toward the base of the Rocky Mountains, provides the perfect balance of suburban peace, quiet, and safety. It also hosts a lively downtown area and provides easy access to downtown Denver. Lakewood offers some of the most beautiful outdoor attractions in the area. Bear Creek Lake Park has hiking, biking, swimming, boating, and fishing, with some stunning views of the beautiful Colorado Rockies and the lush surrounding landscape.

Lakewood is one of Colorado's biggest cities, boasting a population of just under 156,000. This larger population, even amongst a less dense, more spacious suburb, allows a diversity of culture and income to flourish throughout the community (via the City of Lakewood). The median home price in Lakewood lands around $640,000 (via Zillow). This price includes convenient access to Denver, unmatched natural views, and outdoor activities. Purchasing a home in Lakewood is a worthwhile investment for young professionals and families alike.


The city of Littleton invites residents and visitors alike to enjoy the serenity and charm of a historic suburb that feels like a retreat from the urban bustle of downtown Denver. While it is still only a short drive, light rail, bike, or even hike away from the city, Littleton feels like an oasis of calm. According to, Historic Downtown Littleton is home to a wealth of distinctive historical buildings, giving the city an almost fairytale-like charm. The downtown area takes pride in hosting a wealth of locally owned boutique shops, restaurants, breweries, and galleries showcasing the incredible works of local artists. Historic Downtown Littleton even has a Merchant's Association dedicated to ensuring the preservation of the city's characteristic old-time constructions (via Historic Downtown Littleton). It also works with local business owners and residents to foster a sense of community engagement and support.

With a population of just over 46,000, Littleton offers residents a classic suburban, small-town feel yet also has enough diversity of business and culture that there is always something new for residents to discover. With a median home price of $745,000, Littleton is the perfect retreat for those looking to purchase a home just outside of Denver with charm and a distinctive sense of character (via Zillow).