How To Steal Rita Ora's Vintage And Artistic Home Style

Singer Rita Ora is known for living a fast-paced, energetic, and bubbly lifestyle. From her many hit singles to her roles in popular films such as "Fifty Shades of Grey," her life is anything but simple. Yet, many fans would be surprised to know that her North London home is exactly that. According to Architectural Digest, the estate is located in the Primrose Hill neighborhood and was built in the late 1870s. The home once belonged to illustrator Arthur Rackham before Ora purchased it in 2021. Listed as a Grade 2 home, the actress was not allowed to make any major changes to the structure or layout. However, she did give the residence some much-needed upgrades, such as reinstalling the electricity, remodeling the floors, and giving the kitchen a new and updated look — just to name a few.

When it came down to designing the interior of the estate, the singer-songwriter enlisted the help of her sister and manager, Elena Ora. Together, the two, along with interior designer Joanna Plant, combined the "For You" singer's taste for vintage items with her West London roots. Many of the pieces within this residence were items that the star had already owned for other homes. However, she stated that she was able to find a few pieces at a local London market as well. From all the greenery this home displays to unique thrift finds, here is how you can steal Rita Ora's vintage and artistic home style.

Make it green

As per YouTube, one of the biggest aspects that you'll notice in Ora's home is tons of greenery. This is London, after all. There are many subtle hints of live plants within her home, such as the vase of flowers on her table in her living room and a few plants in the corner. However, through the windows of this area is where her large garden resides. Within this garden are many varieties of flowers and numerous types of trees, including a weeping willow tree. Over in her bedroom are several more potted plants and a bathroom with a fireplace that has a leafy plant flowing from the mantel down to the floor.

Turning your home into a green setting can be simpler than one might think. For starters, decide if you want faux plants or live plants. Faux plants are easier as you can place them wherever you desire and they don't require any attention. However, live plants need to be placed in certain areas that contain light and need to be watered regularly. Nonetheless, these plants can make a room feel cozy and casual. Plants can be placed near fireplaces, as Ora has, or in other decorative areas, such as bookshelves. To add subtle pieces, consider placing a vase of flowers or small shrubbery on the dining room table or fireplace mantel.

Keep vintage pieces and add more

When buying a home that someone else has lived in, specifically homes older than a century, there are bound to be a few vintage designs within the residence. As for Ora's house, according to YouTube, there is a fireplace in the dining room that has been there since around the 1800s. The living room contains an older traditional radiator that Ora states gives the room some grit. Within the primary bathroom are two stained glass windows and an old chute. Out in the garden resides a big traditional sundial on the grounds, as well as the original sundial that came with the home in another location.

Keeping vintage pieces already intact in a home is one of the most effortless things you can do when decorating. Usually, you can leave these items as they are; however, sometimes, you may need to spruce them up a bit to bring them back to life. Consider painting it for a modern aesthetic if you have an older fireplace or archway. This keeps the history it contains but provides an upgrade at the same time. Similarly, when it comes to adding in items, Paolo Moschino recommends finding a vintage item and repurposing it as something new, just like with built-in pieces. They also advise pairing them with modern pieces to give them more functionality rather than separating each item into old and new categories.

Wooden basics

Another equally big aspect of the singer's home is all the wooden tones this estate naturally incorporates. As per YouTube, a large wood divider separates the kitchen and dining room that has never been repurposed since the estate was built. The fireplaces in the sitting area and many other rooms have the same wooden aesthetic. Additionally, quite a few of the doors within this estate are built using wood. In the entryway, there is a bench and a coat rack that is made of dark brown wood. To round it off, almost all the floors are also made of a wooden tone. However, this flooring is slightly lighter than the other features.

To add wooden features to your home, you should first consider any features that already contain this aesthetic. Usually, door frames, baseboards, and doors have these designs. If your home has these, be careful if you add any more. You don't want to add too much brown, as it will take over the room. On the other hand, if your home doesn't have any wooden features, there are a few ways to add them. Consider replacing the baseboards and trimming with this aesthetic. Of course, one of the easiest ways is to add wooden laminate flooring. This design is relatively simple and can fit in with many other themes should you decide to switch it up later on.

Large open windows and doors

Many of the larger rooms within the residence contain large open windows and doors, via YouTube. Most notably seen within her bedroom, residing behind the actress's bed, is a large window with a black frame that spans up to the second story. A few small windows and large dual doors are on the wall adjacent to this. Over in the living room, there are floor-to-ceiling windows along with matching sliding doors identical to those in the bedroom. While there are curtains hung up within this area, Ora chooses to keep them pulled open, at least during the day, to let in the bright sunshine England offers. There are also large standard windows elsewhere within this room.

This is, perhaps, one of the most complicated home styles of Ora's to steal; however, it is still doable. First, consider any and all windows within your home. If they're too small for your liking, you can replace them with larger models. According to Angi, this can cost anywhere from $800 to $5,000. Of course, this greatly depends on several factors, such as size, location, and the material of the window frames. Likewise, you can take windows out and replace them with a door. Just make sure it is glass to give the room an open feel. If you already have large windows and glass doors, keep them open by removing any curtains or blinds.

Touches of femininity and personality

Finally, another key style to Ora's home, according to YouTube, is touches of femininity and personal aspects. The room the actress calls her "woman cave" is painted a vibrant shade of pink. This area also contains curtains of a similar pink shade and many personal aspects of Ora's, including a few of her awards and some of her favorite books and records. Additionally, there are several other musical influences, including a couple of guitars and photos of famous musicians such as Elvis and Elton John. Elsewhere, the star has a room specifically designed for her team to do her hair and makeup. The space contains a large mirror with a pink frame that houses LED lights and an art piece that showcases a butterfly of many colors.

Adding this style to your home is quite simple and easy. Take a look around your home and see what you can change out for a more feminine and girly feel. If you want to go above and beyond, paint the entire room a pink shade. Or, if you want subtle touches, consider adding an accent wall or painting smaller areas such as bookshelves. Don't forget to make this area about you as well. For Ora, music is a big part of her life — hence the guitars and musician posters. To personalize a room or area, think about who you are and what you love.