The Best Products At The Container Store To Help You Organize Your Kitchen

When organizing your kitchen, multiple areas need storage containers to help make things more accessible and easier to find. Disorganized spices, packaged food items, kitchenware, etc., can make a space look cluttered. The Organised You claims many benefits to having a systematized kitchen space. For example, storage containers maximize the area in the pantry or refrigerator, making room for more items and finding everything you need easier. Plus, if you keep your food products in containers instead of their regular packaging, your food will stay fresher for longer. It's a great way to prevent bugs from invading your food since they enjoy the glue from the bags (via The Organised You).

You can use different storage containers to fit your pantry, cabinets, and refrigerator. The Container Store offers various options for your space at different prices and in multiple colors to match the kitchen's interior. Finding the best storage baskets can be challenging, so we rounded up a few of the best products from The Container Store to help you organize your kitchen.

iDesign Fridge Bins

Organizing the fridge can be tricky when it already has a few storage bins and tight-spaced shelves, but there are many tips and tricks to help keep it in tip-top shape. Nature Fresh Farms suggests using storage bins in the refrigerator to group similar items together. For example, combining your dairy products, such as milk, yogurt, and cheese, in one tray helps keep it centralized. Similarly, grouping snack packs, such as Lunchables, fruit medley, or cheese and cracker packs, will make it easy to grab and go when you're in a hurry. Instead of soda cans taking up two rows on shelves, narrow trays make it simple to stack them on top of each other for a layered look. In addition, it'll show you what foods are running low so you can restock them promptly.

The Container Store clear fridge bin trays are available in narrow and wide to fit in cramped areas and have a 4.8-star rating. The trays are made of Resipreme plastic for $15.99 each. You can stack them in the fridge by sliding one over the other, per the website. Customers who bought the trays claim they're easy to use, keep food organized, and hold leaks in the containers rather than seeping onto the shelves.

Elfa White Cabinet-Sized Pull-Out Drawer

Lower cabinets are often built to have ample open space to fit as many kitchenware items as possible, but you'd have to bend down and reach deep to take out a specific one. Sometimes you might have to take out every pot or pan to get to the one you need. Bloggers The Brain and The Brawn claim that kitchen drawers make it effortless to organize pots and pans without rummaging in the back of cabinets. Drawers allow you to split pots, pans, and lids into different sections or keep them in one place.

While most homes have traditional cabinetry, renovation might not be a priority to get those updated drawers. However, The Container Store has pull-out drawers you can place in your lower cabinets to give a similar effect. The Elfa White Mesh Drawers, selling between $25.55 and $32.55, are available in three widths and heights and glide in cabinets effortlessly. The mesh detail allows you to place various-sized items without small products falling through, and each drawer can hold up to 25 pounds. Customers who bought the storage containers gave them a 4.9-star rating and said they're easy to install and glide smoothly.

Utility Medium Stackable Plastic Bins

Like lower cabinets, under-the-sink cabinets are prone to get cluttered with cleaning products, so having a storage container can help keep every item organized. However, since there are pipes and drains under the sink, finding a proper size for a storage bin is challenging. According to The Tidy Life Blog, measuring around the pipes from various sections makes it easier to determine which container size will fit. 

Depending on the number of items you have will also determine which size bin you can buy. The Container Store has multiple options, but customers ranked the Utility Stackable Plastic Bins higher than their other containers, with a 4.4-star rating. You can purchase the bins separately or together — their prices range between $3.49 to $21.99. The plastic crates are durable and versatile. Customers said the plastic wasn't flimsy and maximized their storage in the places they used them.

iDesign Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers

A few places we might not think to organize are our kitchen utensils and gadgets. Finding a proper place for your knives, cutlery, and spatulas makes them more accessible; you'll be able to cook stress-free when you know exactly where everything is placed, per Lesiurley Does It. In addition, you'll be able to save money organizing your utensils because these units prevent you from losing items and replacing them.

Since there are so many pieces of cutlery, there are a few mistakes to avoid when organizing them, but it's best to have a drawer organizer to keep them together in one place. The Container Store's IDesign Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers are available in various sizes and sold individually, their price ranging between $5.49 and $9.99. They're made of clear unbreakable resipreme plastic. Because they come in different sizes, you can buy a few of the same ones to fit your spatulas or other kitchen gadgets. The shallow drawers received a 4.5-star rating; customers claimed the adhesive from the labels was challenging to remove but stored everything they needed.

Multi-purpose bins

Tackling the pantry can take some time, but once it's done, you'll need to keep up with putting everything in its place. The pantry can be scary with everything inside, such as snacks, cereals, food cans, and soda or juice bottles. You can try to have certain items on specific shelves, but once one thing is out of place, the system falls apart. Even though blogger The Organised You recommends placing the contents of the packaged items inside closed containers, sometimes all you need are storage bins to keep everything in one place. If you group similar items, like inside the fridge, you won't have to worry about bugs getting into the bags.

Clear storage bins allow you to see inside without rummaging through each bin. In addition, adding labels will make it easier to tell which food items are in what container. The Container Store has Multi-Purpose bins that are sold individually or in a pack and are available in different sizes. The individual bins range from $5.99 to $8.99, while the cases of 12 containers range from $83.88 to $95.88. The bins received a 4.9-star rating; the customers claimed the bins made organizing easy and provided their pantries with more space.