Why You Should Think Twice Before Adding Open Shelving To Your Kitchen

Enough storage in your kitchen is imperative to a functional space, and there are loads of options to choose from. Drawers, pantries, cupboards, and shelves offer a unique way to store your utensils, supplies, and cooking necessities. If you've been considering open shelving for your kitchen, there are a lot of benefits to this type of fixture. However, some factors must be remembered to make your space look aesthetically pleasing and provide an accessible layout.

Open shelving adds character and style to a room; using them in your kitchen can breathe new life into the floor plan. According to Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, they are also a warm, welcoming addition. These units make it easy to see and grab whatever you need, taking out the extra step of opening a door or drawer or having to think about where something is located. There are many reasons why open shelving has become a popular addition to people's kitchens, and if done correctly, it can be a focal point of the room while still being useful. Think of these options as functional d├ęcor. Here are a few factors to consider before implementing open shelving.


Investing in open shelving creates copious amounts of space within your kitchen, which can be great, especially if you have many items to store. Placing shelves next to cooking areas like the stove, oven, and even the microwave will allow you to quickly access your pots, pans, plates, or any other supplies. Important spices or utensils can be within easy reach, saving you time while preparing meals. Open shelves also help you quickly locate what you need, removing the strain of sifting through cupboards or the pantry. Kitchen Magic notes that they are also low-maintenance elements and can be cleaned with a quick wipe or dusting.

With so much space, you might find open areas that can't always be filled with the number of items you own. In this case, spread things out to make the shelving look fuller without appearing cluttered. On the flip side, if you have too much to store, it could be beneficial to declutter and throw out anything you don't use regularly. Once you've sorted through your kitchen supplies, place the ones you use the most on the open shelving and keep other items in cupboards or drawers to avoid these open units looking chaotic or messy.


Another perk of opting for open shelving is the cost factor. Because these are basically slats of wood or varying versions, you don't have to worry about the intense process or installation that comes with drawers or cabinets. These can be expensive, especially depending on the make and models you choose. The shelves can be added in a day, and according to A House We Built, the process is straightforward and only requires a few supplies.

An important point to remember when installing open shelving is that it can look fantastic if done right, but it can also look cheap. Looking for good, solid materials for the shelves is a must, and high-quality choices will provide effortless style and charm to your kitchen. Because these storage spaces are so noticeable, keep in mind they will likely become a key focal point in the room, which is why using impressive materials is highly beneficial. Rather than using open shelving throughout the entire space, limiting them to one wall or area will also increase their "wow" factor and keep your cooking area from looking cluttered.