Sunroom Makeovers That Will Inspire You

Sunrooms are very popular, and, according to Joyce, it's certainly easier and cheaper to add a sunroom to your home than splashing out on a full home extension. A sunroom also brings the beautiful outdoors indoors and provides a way of enjoying your garden and outside space, even when it's extremely hot or cold outside. Another fantastic use for a sunroom in today's cost of living crisis is that it can help to warm up your home, states Enviro Inc. The excess of windows allows the sun's heat and rays to penetrate the room, and a sunroom can harness that heat and use it to warm up the rest of your house. 

If you already have a sunroom, there are tons of ways to use this living area and utilize the space in your home. For some serious inspiration to get it looking its best, here are some sunroom makeovers to help you get on track! 

Before: Drab and bleak

This sunroom is extremely dreary and dismal, making the aura of the room very gloomy and somber. You can see the exposed brick walls and the low ceiling, and the room is quite dimly-lit. The panels and furniture are old and worn, and the carpet is in tatters.

After: New and luxurious

Here, it has been marvelously transformed into a beautiful, well-furnished living area. The aura is very peaceful and serene, with the room feeling bright and modern. It's nice, airy, and a good place to curl up with a book.

Before: Plain and small

This room is just a simple, desolate box. Although the plain white walls make it look bright, with insufficient lighting and decorations, the room would be quite dark and obscure at night and during the evenings or early mornings.

After: Natural and cozy

It has been transformed into a gorgeous, natural living space. This brand-new, furnished room has a lot of greenery and decorative plants, perfect for bringing the outdoors inside. It gives off a cozy and chic vibe, an ideal space to settle down and relax.

Before: Simple, unadorned sunroom

The sunroom featured here is extremely lifeless and dull, both internally and externally. It is solemn and sunless, uninteresting and blank. The plain walls and bricks emphasize the coldness of the room. It needs some color, warmth, and décor.

After: Modern, chic sunroom

This new, modern sunroom has been amazingly transformed into a cute, comforting living area. Its homely décor and warming looks are just what you need in a space like this. It has an airy feel and is perfect for a nap or simply a place to escape.

Before: Old and unhomely

This sunroom is making bad use of its space and looks old-fashioned, and the lack of furniture makes it appear quite depressing and cold. You can see that the tiles are bare and old, and the walls are off-white and plain.

After: Furnished and stylish

The room has been completely modernized and turned into a comfortable and fashionable room with pink walls and chic décor. The layout of the room gives it perfect lighting and a nice warm feel.

Before: Boring and bleak

This plain and boring sunroom looks cold and dreary, given its large size. It has a lot of potential and needs some color, warmth, and furniture. The flooring and paint have been updated, but it still needs furnishing. 

After: Colorful and warm

Transformed, this now looks fresh and new, and the color scheme makes the room feel cozy and home-like. The greenery gives it a natural touch, and the fairy lights around the ceiling help produce a feel-good vibe.

Before: Old, run-down sunroom

The sunroom pictured here looks very small and plain and is not making the most of its very usable living space. It needs some warmth and better lighting. The floor is bare, and the room lacks that comfortable feel.

After: Relaxing, appealing sunroom

This space almost doesn't look like the same sunroom! It makes use of the space for a dining table and couch, and the feel of the room has turned from cold and dark to a warm, cheerful atmosphere. 

Before: Messy and old fashioned

This sunroom is obviously very unfinished and behind the times. With its exposed wires and dated furniture, the room looks small and worn. It needs a little something to tidy it up and make it look more welcoming.

After: Warm and inviting

Completely renovated, this has turned into a warm, cozy room to sit and relax, read a book, or do a puzzle. The wood burner makes a great addition, and it looks very inviting. The color scheme fits perfectly with the lighting in the room, and the paintwork looks clean and fresh.

Before: Empty and useless

This large, spacious sunroom, although big, with a good amount of windows, is extremely dull and empty. The floor is hard and cold, and it looks grey and dirty. The room needs to be mellowed. 

After: Spacious and contemporary

This sunroom is a great place to hang out with friends, eat dinner with family, or chill out and relax by yourself. It has been completely turned around with modern-looking furniture and a brand-new ash-colored floor that fits in beautifully with the scenery, highlighting the greenery and nature outside.

Before: Chaotic, disheveled sunroom

This area has obviously not been used as a living space, and it is unfinished and messy. It's a big space, and the windows provide adequate lighting, but the incomplete state of the room makes it unusable, especially with unfinished floors. 

After: Secure, relaxing sunroom

The large, furnished sunroom has become a lovely, warm living space. This looks perfect for sitting and hanging out, and the wooden-style flooring paired with the baby-pink walls really make the room much more bright and cheery.

Before: Empty and lifeless

This room looks very dry and bare, with the plain, dusty-looking wood and the empty spaces on the floor. It looks quite boring and could do with some colors and some more greenery, and perhaps some warm lighting.

After: Cute and cozy

The space looks much fresher now. The plants in the room complement the pink and white sofa decorations, and as a whole, it looks very aesthetically pleasing. The rug on the floor is very natural and cute, plus the ferns and decorations hanging from the windows look really homey.