How To Decorate A Sunroom

Sunrooms are more than just an open, airy addition to one's home. They're an outdoor patio surrounded by mesh screens, letting in the sounds of crickets singing their nightly songs. They're glass-encased walls that showcase bright backyard views. Called Florida rooms by some and Arizona rooms by others, they are homeowners' favorite amenities that offer boundless options for use and styling, as per HomeLight.

No matter where your home can be found, sunrooms are home additions that can be built and customized to help accentuate your house's best features. Every sunroom is different and can be made unique to its particular owner. From beautiful natural foliage to your favorite aspects of your neighborhood, sunrooms give the best of both worlds, all from the comfort of the indoors. And dependent on the type of sunroom you have, there are many options for utilizing and decorating this space. Here is how to decorate your sunroom.

Add plants and greenery to your sunroom

A typical sunroom is usually encased in glass to allow as much natural light as possible. For homes in locations where sunlight can be sparse throughout the year, this abundance of light can be optimal for those interested in keeping indoor plants. Most often, these spaces do not share a home's heating and cooling systems, making them a great greenhouse setting right inside your home, says Better Homes and Gardens.

Though the type of plants to keep will depend on the style of sunroom you have, those looking to spruce up their sunroom will have beautiful natural foliage to do so. From tropical flowers like hibiscus and orchids to low maintenance hanging plants like Boston ferns and spider plants, sunrooms allow a wide variety of plants to thrive throughout the year, according to Gardening Know How. Want more to love? These plants can also become style inspirations for these spaces. Try out a bohemian, desert vibe with some easy-care cacti. Or, if you lean more toward foliage that makes a statement, a few gorgeous wide-leaf Monsteras can help bring the jungle to you.

Sunroom design helps sharpen your designer tool set

A sunroom's nature is to be open and mindful of its surroundings, meaning that decorating this space is also open to creativity. For some, it's an easy decision to extend your style into a new space, acclimating it to the rest of your home. However, it's not every day one has the opportunity to let their inner interior designer loose. One option for decorating a sunroom is to design the space in a completely different style than the rest of your home, as if the room was its own style oasis.

Since white vinyl or wood is typically used to build sunrooms, as per Better Homes and Garden, a white theme would be an easy way to decorate the space. This choice creates a sophisticated and simple atmosphere. However, for those unafraid of playing with daring color palettes and looking for something different, feel free to go wild with your paint swatches.

Focus on the smaller details that make your sunroom unique; perhaps the effect sunlight plays on certain patterned wallpapers, suggests NextLuxury. Or how the setting sun brings out the warmth in your decorative pillows. Having the options to discover what styles speak to you, without compromising the decor of your entire home, can only build confidence and excitement within a homeowner/aspiring interior designer.

Interpret your favorite designers in your open sunroom

Want a place to emulate your favorite styles or designers? The sunroom is the perfect place to let out your inner Bobby Berk or Joanna Gaines. Take the Traditional style design of this Seattle sunroom on Houzz. It has a shingle-style exterior with a classic white, clean look. It channels a beautiful Cape Cod look that says "Martha Stewart," and can easily be achieved without going to the beach. Or, if you lean more toward Kelly Wearstler's playful use of modern and vintage furnishings, a sunroom is a great place to mix and match your antique or thrifted decor with modern pieces.

Not only can you support icons in the industry, but their ideas can spark design stylings of your own. For instance, Melanie Emmen, senior designer at AvantStay, told Martha Stewart to choose furniture that enhances the advantages of your outdoor views, rather than distracts. "If a coastal view is the center of attention, clear the windows, use low-height furniture and natural materials, and keep the décor and clutter to a minimum," she shares. One can also add an oversized rug, sufficient lighting, throw blankets, and ample tables to elevate a room further.

Convert your sunroom into what your house needs most

Just as important as style is function, and for sunrooms, there are so many possibilities. For those unsure how to begin, the best place to start is to look at what fills your needs. This could be as simple as upgrading your storage, but perhaps with pieces that also show off the perks of having a sunroom. The ever-popular block shelving units can fit great under large windowed walls. Tailor your sunroom's space by fitting in furniture that doubles as secret storage, as per Elle Decor. This can include lift-top coffee tables, storage ottomans, bar carts, and creative wall racks and shelves.

Another simple use for this open space could be fitting in specialized appliances that might not fit anywhere else. A wine fridge or coffee bar not only gives you conveniences you wouldn't expect, but also grants your sunroom a casual identity that makes your home feel more special and unique. Not to mention that it can also give you bonus entertaining or dining space. Who doesn't love having a cup of coffee in the warm morning light or a cocktail after hours?

Transform this space into a guest room

Any easy alternate idea that is also rooted in utility is to transform your sunroom into an additional guest room. Take this renovated Malibu farmhouse with a classic yet modern aesthetic featured on Savvy Home. The built-in benches and windowed walls offer a cozy view into the outdoor area, while remaining just as inviting inside. The designer's main goal was to increase the home's openness and flow — this new guest sunroom does that twofold.

To further help the transition, The Spruce notes that adding details to ensure comfort and privacy are key, including furniture options for sleeping, shades or curtains for windows, and entertainment. Customize it with open storage options, allowing you to gain additional storage for guests that might not be available elsewhere in your home. Your guests will appreciate the accommodation and find delight in sleeping under the stars. This simple design idea is perfect for any homeowner, especially those living in more temperate climates.

Create the ideal indoor-outdoor library

Another perfect, quaint function? Transition your sunroom into the perfect reading nook. Whether you like reading with your morning tea or catching up at the end of a long day, the windows of a sunroom already allow ample sunlight to entice avid readers. According to The Spruce, incorporating a library into a home might seem daunting, but there are many ideas, both big and small, to transform this space into your ideal haven.

The design of a sunroom library gives creative freedom to decorate. Apart from the typical shelves and bookcases, The Spruce comments that reading nooks with lots of natural light might benefit from adding low-standing furniture, such as a squat chair or side tables that won't block the light. Also, with plenty of space for shelving and seating arrangements, you can bring any library style to life. Surround yourself in plush pillows on a soft, sink-into couch if that's what helps your imagination thrive. Do you prefer a space without distractions? Try styling the room in neutral tones with minimalistic furniture and greenery for a simple splash of color.

Start some fun in your sunroom

Any homeowner who loves to entertain knows the importance of space, indoors and out. A great choice for utilizing a sunroom is marking this space in your home as a key entertainment zone. Depending on your home's layout and time of year, you can change the nature of this space like a chameleon changes color — giving you and guests even more of an excuse to utilize this space meant for fun.

For example, you can turn the sunroom into a drinking lounge, with a dedicated drink station and added seating, says Good Housekeeping. From a simple bar cart and patio chairs to a full-on Tiki bar, wet or dry, go as far as you'd like. Take it even further with your furnishings, with cohesive shelving, bar seats, an audio setup, and more. Want to take it one step further? Throw down a fun carpet, throw up some light fixtures, and create an open concept feel, perfect for conversation or dancing. You never know what the night will turn into.

Ditch the membership and enjoy working out in your sunroom

Especially in today's times, getting the time or motivation to get to the gym isn't as forthcoming as we'd like. For those looking for the perfect motivation, outfitting your sunroom into the ideal home gym is a perfect solution for those looking to get back into or enhance their fitness journey, says House Beautiful.

Whether you have a three- or four-season sunroom, screened porch, or solarium, ventilation is required for any style, making it an ideal space for airing out during strenuous workouts, says Home Partners. Get excited to work out by tailoring the sunroom to your regimen. If you love to practice yoga, invest in an aesthetically pleasing mat that you can keep unrolled the entire time. Add sheer curtains to the windows so you can watch the sunlight filter through as you stretch. If you prefer weight training, invest in chic weight stands or matching equipment, so the room looks both efficient and design-worthy.

Create a musician's paradise

Practice space can sometimes be hard to find for musicians, so why not customize your sunroom to be that special outlet? Whether it's a piano, band practice, or a string quartet, you can transform the room into a studio for that special music lover in your home.

In terms of decor, go with what speaks to the artist in question. Instruments as grand as a piano are statement pieces all on their own, as noted by House Beautiful, but that doesn't mean the room should be plain. For various musicians, bright, fun colors and warm lighting look great when practicing for the next big break. Or, for those still working on skills, a soft, warm palette might encourage longer practice time, which we know leads to perfection.

As a detachment from the house, sunrooms are even more desirable as a musician's space when practice leads to performance. In daylight or the evening, such a beautiful space is perfect for holding performances, even if it's just amongst family.

Turn it into a home office

As noted previously, the character of a sunroom is reflective of its owner. The same can be said when transforming a sunroom into an at-home office. Everyone dreams of an office with a view, so turning this space into your office sounds almost too good to be true.

The sunroom is ideal for getting away from home distractions, so it's a perfect hideaway for focus. Depending on your preferences, you can adjust the space based on workflow. For instance, early risers who are most productive in the morning will benefit from setting up anything with a screen facing the sun, avoiding glare while soaking in some crucial vitamin D. This Old House suggests installing shades depending on sun exposure, as well as highlighting the views to use the sunroom to its full potential.

Regarding style, you can never be too bold. Pick something unique to set this place apart from the rest of your home, such as utilizing a luxe chair or perhaps a standing desk. Going to work in your sunroom won't feel as mundane as working in a cubicle. Instead, it will feel like a focused hideaway where work can get done.

Enjoy a staycation in your own sunroom

Speaking of hideaways, a sunroom is a perfect place to create one's ideal oasis from work. No matter who you are, everyone knows what lies in their ideal vacation, whether it's drinking on the patio or movie night around the fireplace. Recreating those moments in a staycation setting, in your own sunroom, is more than just a perk — it's a pleasure.

This is easily attained through a cool, calming aesthetic, relaxing details/amenities, and comfortable seating. You can see this in action in this transitional style sunroom of a Tudor classic home, per Houzz. However, there are those whose favorite vacations require a long drive or plane ride. To channel those vacations in your sunroom, envision your favorite aspects of this destination and recreate that inside your sunroom through paint, wallpaper, and furniture. Bring souvenirs you've gathered, photos you've framed or saved, and bring that vacation home with you.

Create a wonderful playtime getaway

Are you in need of extending your kids' play areas? Using the sunroom as an extended play area is a great use of the bright, light space. Designating space for kids lets them feel like they're in charge of their day, while mom or dad catch up on whatever is pressing within earshot. The indoor-outdoor feel gives kids the feeling of being in the sunny, open yard, but just within reach and with less mess to clean up.

You can design the sunroom to transition day to day with attention-grabbing furniture, decor, and activities made readily available. Open floor space with lots of natural light keeps the kids safe and gives them plenty of room to play, as per White Aluminum. When someone feels a creative idea coming on, this space can transform into a young artist's studio with easels and supplies at their fingertips. A collapsable tent can turn playtime into a nightly camping trip, all from within your home. The possibilities are endless, and kids won't want playtime to end.

Give your sunroom the 'wow' treatment

Unorthodox use of a sunroom is just that: unorthodox. What better way to wow guests, as well as yourself, than to make your sunroom an unexpected treat? For example, one sunroom on Houzz included a statement-making koi pond. A unique choice is rare in everyone's eyes, making it one of a kind and special to you. However, for those who might not want to go so far as to involve aquatic creatures, there are other ways to bring a unique flair to a sunroom.

To add a bit of fun to your home, outfit the space with unique pieces, such as swinging chairs or hammocks. Or, if furniture or amenities don't give you the same feeling, start with a theme and run with it. Your theme can be everything from "beach vacation" to "cabin in the woods" to "Halloween all year long"; it's up to you. The point is to do the unexpected, but in a way that makes you proud of what you've created. Even if that means decorating with skeletons more than once a year.

Treat them to a night out — from your sunroom!

As much as we'd all love a night on the town, sometimes we love a date night at home. What better way to do so than to make your sunroom your date night spot? In this case, the idea is to incorporate the elements of your favorite date atmosphere within your sunroom. Rather than focusing on paint and overall style, focus on furniture and activities. That way, you can evoke your favorite restaurants or bars.

You can arrange your sunroom in stages. You can set up a quaint bistro-style table in the corner to eat dinner by candlelight, which you can finish with drinks on a cozy couch. You can enjoy your wine in front of the fireplace or under the light of the stars around you. Perhaps date night comes in the form of family, which is even better! Play a game, watch a movie, and enjoy time better spent together than apart. If you want to create a game room in the space, This Old House recommends getting a round dining table, so it's easier to play board games and fit more people. You can also include shelving units to house all of your favorite games and puzzles.